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The Dark Side Of Empathy No One Talks About

The Dark Side Of Empathy No One Talks About

The word “empathy” is a term used to describe the ability to recognize, live, share someone else’s feelings, sadness or joy, whether or not explicitly expressed.

Without it, a person cannot be capable of compassion, that is, an emotional reaction to someone else’s suffering.

In current language, empathy is often referred to as “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” and should not be confused with altruism, neither with compassion nor with sympathy, in other words, the sharing of similar feelings or emotions.

Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychotherapist and founder of the school of individual psychology, explained:

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.”

15 Signs Of An Empath 

#1 You Have An Open Mindman practicing a meditation in nature

Empaths have no problem learning new things about the world and actively seek out information not found in the mainstream news, TV shows, or movies.

They want to learn things considered weird or underground by society as a whole and find the everyday way of living too boring and restrictive.

”I find television very educating,” Groucho Marx said. ”Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

If you got restless and easily distracted in school and always felt like there was so much more out there to learn, you are most likely an empath.

#2 Inquisitive

You truly care about everything and everyone, so you are instinctively driven to ask questions or to do research to understand things and people on a deeper level.

#3 You Are Sensitive To Light And NoiseRead People’s Emotions

City noises, loud sirens, traffic, bright lights, and anything which carries with it a feeling of intensity, chaos, or possible confrontation puts you on high alert.

You may feel an aversion to city living, particularly if you find yourself surrounded by concrete and huge buildings without easy access to greenery or nature.

#4 You Are Fascinated By Metaphysical Topicshands cross energy sun

Whether unconsciously or consciously, you are interested in stuff like tarot, intuition, meditation, past lives (reincarnation), energy healing, or mediumship, etc. 

#5 Being in Crowded Places Overwhelms Youman alone in crowd rainning

You don’t like being in sporting events, malls, airports, or other public places with crowds of people.

You feel overly-excited and suffocated. You can’t wait to leave.

Important note – being in these crowded spaces is like being in a vortex of emotional chum. It takes real effort to remain calm and find your center.

#6 Downtime Doesn’t Feel Unproductive To Youwoman reading a book

One of the most fundamental characteristics of an empath is that you need time alone to recharge your batteries.

Whereas you get bored or antsy spending a day at home alone with a stack of magazines and tea, this sort of downtime feels satisfying and necessary to you.

#7 You’re Often Told You’re “Too Sensitive”emotional woman

Friends, partners, and family members will frequently say you are ”too sensitive.”

This will be over your emotions and feelings surrounding other people and their problems, how you think others feel about you, or global issues.

#8 It’s Unbearable To Watch Cruelty, Violence, or Tragedy on TVdo not watch tv

Since you take on others’ feelings, watching movies where people or animals are being hurt or violent movies can feel unbearable to watch.

Note – exposure to violent and negative media may have serious and long-lasting psychological effects beyond simple feelings of disapproval or pessimism.

British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey said:

”Viewing negative news means that you’re likely to see your own personal worries as more threatening and severe.”

Dr. Graham Davey later added:

”When you do start worrying about them, you’re more likely to find your worry difficult to control and more distressing than it would normally be.”

#9 KnowingClairsentient woman meditation silent

You have a deep sense of knowing that is unquestionable and unwavering that comes with pinpoint accuracy in its description.

In addition, you are capable of reading others without obvious cues and can describe what’s really going on beneath the surface.

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#10 Excellent Listenerman listening to a friend

You won’t talk about yourselves much unless it’s to someone you really trust. You love to learn and know about others and genuinely care.

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#11 People Feel Inclined To Offload Their Problems Onto Youman attentively listening a woman

Probably because you are a compassionate listener and have difficulty telling people “no.”

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#12 Love Of Animals And Nature

Being outdoors in nature is a must for you and pets are an essential part of your life.

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#13 You Have A Need For Solitude

The background noise of another person’s energy is always palpable to you, even if no one is making noise or talking, which makes occasional solitude essential to your clearing and recharging your own batteries.

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#14 You Can Tell When Someone Is Lying And Spot Fake Peopleliar man looking at woman

You can easily see beyond masks and find the real intentions of a person.

You also can tell when people are lying but you will not say anything about it.

#15 You’ve Been Known As The “Peacemaker” Among Your Family And Friends

Bad energy is particularly draining for you, therefore, you will do what you can to keep the peace. Additionally, since you are in tune with others’ emotions, you are probably a pretty good mediator as well.

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The Dark Side Of EmpathyThe Dark Side Of Empathy

Unfortunately, empathy has some dark sides as well. Everyone thinks that the life of empaths is all butterflies and rainbows, that these people enjoy certain benefits, but it simply isn’t true.

The positive sides of empathy come together with other less good ones.

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3 Negative Aspects of Being An Empath:

Empath individuals are generally deep thinkers. These people think a lot in order to solve problems and usually consider that the solution to a problem lies in the problem itself.

They are the kind of people who do not fall asleep at night until they find an answer to the question that worries them. Often, the problems they think about are not even theirs.

Empaths get exhausted much faster than ordinary people and they often act like a sponge: they absorb the emotions of others.

This ability helps them understand other people, however, at the end of the meeting, instead of letting go of these emotions, empaths tend to keep some of them inside.

In addition, the ability to empathize with another person so intensely, continuously self-improving by trying to transpose oneself into that state, and then make efforts to find a solution to others’ problems, involves a lot of energy.

It is also a lot more complicated than it sounds and it’s unlikely to happen without leaving any sequelae.

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Sunday 3rd of January 2021

I am empath to the highest degree. I have just come to realize that my father is a narcissist. He has become very dark and quite a challenge. He had my emotions running and my stress levels were off the hook because of having to deal with narcissistic traits. I almost had another “nervous breakdown”. Setting boundaries for toxic people can mean life or death to me. Because I’m an empath. I can feel the plants and I can feel the animals. I can’t even watch one of those humane society commercials hell I can’t even hear it without crying. If someone tells me a true story of an unfortunate animal it replays in my head over and over. There are no horror movies aloud in my house. If I make the mistake of watching evil I feel like it’s etched in my brain. This is going to sound strange but I can watch someone get killed in a movie as long as it’s not an animal or even sea life for that matter. Forest fires make me feel sad for the trees and plants or possibly animals caught in it. When I fall in love I seem to feel it one hundred times more than others and when I get my heart broken I experience the pain ten fold. I have to be very careful with stress because it will kill me. I can’t have a relationship because I am too sensitive and it really bothers people. I love myself but to others I have been labeled weird and oversensitive and very emotional.

Monique Theobald

Saturday 26th of December 2020

wow yes, a gift and a curse, God is telling us something? after this year, we need to wake up.


Wednesday 1st of July 2020

I seem to tick all these boxes, except I feel closer to animals and nature more than people and being in large crowds doesn’t always make me feel anxious. I am also more social than this seems to indicate and love horror movies and movies about true crime.

Monday 22nd of June 2020

I have always known I was different, and never really seem to fit in. In the last several years, I have been working to embrace and understand me. I am an empath with other gifts as well. It runs deep on both sides of my family. My daughter is also and empath. I believe her baby daughter is gifted as well. The more I learn, the better I feel. I am not weird, I am me.


Monday 12th of October 2020

All my life I knew I was different, and it's only been about the last 5years I knew there was a name for it . My biggest problem with being an empathy is when I can look at someone and know everything coming out of their mouths is a lie. I don't know how to disassociate. It makes me angry , I feel betrayed if I'm not close to the person it's easier to let go of but I have a lot of trust issue's anyway,if anyone has advice on how to let go of some of the anger . Thanks

Denise Viar

Thursday 18th of June 2020

I have become a recluse, or as what most people call me, an anti social bitch. I choose to stay away from people because I know when they are up to no good. I can't explain how, I just know, and I have never been wrong. I can walk past someone and I know. And it saddens me that the bad people now seem to outnumber the good. The only positive point is that I can defend myself from bad situations. Other than that bring an empathy is a curse, it's destroyed my marriage. My husband, who blindly believes that everyone that's nice to him is his friend, felt that I was trying to keep him from having any 'friends' and eventually left me. I was only trying to protect him. He is currently serving time in prison now, for the second time, because he chose to believe his 'friends' over me. But i am thankful to know, thanks to these articles, that I am not crazy, like I spent my whole life being told. And I may live alone, but I'm not alone.