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When is the last time you took a break from your day-to-day life to just sit in silence, alone with your thoughts? At some point in one’s lifetime there is THAT moment when you ask yourself: “Who am I? What is my purpose here? Where am I going?” This is the moment when you become aware of your Higher Self.

We all face unanswered questions, but how many of us actually seek the answers? We are here to tell you that the precious information is closer than you might think. We were lucky enough to have access to it, so in return we want to pay it forward. Yes, just like in the movie. We would like to share a collection of documentaries, movies, healing music and mantras that touched our souls and changed our lives for good.

Creating Insight state project was just like having a baby. At first you welcome him, you love and nurture him and when the time is right, you share him with the world so that everyone can see how beautiful he is. We hope you will receive it with joy and gratitude so that its purpose will be fulfilled. Let this be a place of retreat where you can find your inner peace and spend some quality time with yourself. Thus, answers will naturally emerge from within as you realize that everything you needed to know was there all along.

So why not join us in our journey of spiritual awakening? We travel light and just enjoy the ride without concerning about the destination.