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Aura Colors & Meanings – Purple, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Gray, Brown, Silver

Aura Colors & Meanings:


Colors can be destructive or constructive.

They can stimulate or attract, inhibit, or reject.

They may even have a female or male character.

When we distinguish them in the aura, they provide clues about an individual’s state of mind, personality, maturity, and health.

We will examine the main colors and their corresponding energies.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings:

Silver Aura Color Meaning:

When this color appears as flashes or extended on larger surfaces, it is a sign of creativity and fertility. It may also indicate overflowing imagination, the pleasure of traveling, dreaming, or contemplating.

In its negative aspects, it is an indication of the desire for material accumulation.

Brown Aura Color Meaning:

When it appears clear and shining, this color illustrates a laborious character and organizational spirit. It also indicates the setting of new roots and the desire for fulfillment. When it appears above the head or around the feet, brown reflects growth.

However, this color may also indicate a lack of energy or imbalance. When it appears around the chakras, it means that these energy centers need to be purified because the energies are blocked at this level.

Gray Aura Color Meaning:Gray Aura Color Meaning

Gray is a color of initiation and can indicate the awakening of innate abilities. When gray invades a color, it indicates a weakness in health and character. Gray bands or gray points on other colors above an organ show that the organ is suffering energetically and that it will soon become ill.

People with a gray aura have a conformist and conventional behavior, with a lack of imagination. They are cold beings characterized by vulgarity, pettiness, and mediocrity.

Black Aura Color Meaning:

Black is not a color but has the meaning of the absence of light.

Black is a protective color that acts as a shield against external energies and can reflect a state of self-defense or the fact that the person has secrets, or it indicates the imminence of a new understanding of debts or sacrifices.

Black can also indicate an imbalance on the physical level and give precise indications of affected areas by identifying spots in the aura.

White Aura Color Meaning:

white aura meaning

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White is not a color but a quintessence, the incorporation of all the colors of the visible spectrum. Therefore, it represents the absolute presence of light.

A white aura indicates a state of exceptional purification, an amazing ability to transcend the material world, reflecting truth and purification.

Interesting fact – most infants are thought to begin with a white aura.

Golden Aura Color Meaning:

golden aura meaning

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Gold is the color that reflects the dynamic spiritual energy and cosmic powers, the highest energies of devotion and restoration of universal harmony. It also reflects the time of revitalization.

Cloudier shades indicate that the person in question is in the process of awakening high aspirations, working to transform her existence into gold.

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Purple Aura Color Meaning:

purple aura meaning

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Purple is the color of warmth and permutations; it is the color that results from combining the mind with the heart, and the physique with the spirit. It indicates a person who is active, constantly searching, well-balanced, equally reflecting lucidity, and thoughtful action.

Physically, it indicates an intensification of cardiovascular activity, accelerates breathing and positively influences the heart and pulmonary resistance.

Lavender purple (purple + white) is characteristic of people who spiritually guide other beings.

The pale yet clear purple shades can reflect humility and spirituality.

Reddish nuances can indicate passion or strong will, or the need for more individual effort.

Dark and cloudy shades indicate the need to overcome a particular situation or show intense erotic imagination, the tendency to be extremely patient, the need for sympathy, or the feeling that the person in question is not understood.

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Blue Aura Color Meaning:

Dark Blue Aura Meaning

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Blue is the second color that can be easily seen in the aura, behind yellow. It is the deepest, the coldest, and the purest color.

It is often considered the color of the spiritual world, of pure, lasting love and unconditioned affection. It is the color of calmness and serenity, of reverie.

Dark blue belongs to people who progress through their own efforts.

Ultramarine blue in the form of a ray indicates a certain capacity to extract information from the deepest layers of consciousness.

Cloudy shades of blue can reflect blocked perceptions, melancholy, rush and worry, domination, oblivion, fear, and hypersensitivity.

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Green Aura Color Meaning:

green aura meaning

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Green rejuvenates, regenerates, soothes, and cools.

Bright green color with shades of blue in the auric spectrum indicates the healing power.

Green color with dark blue spots shows that the person is in the process of evolution on an intuitive level.

Green, accompanied by a beautiful red, reveals a competent surgeon. The emerald green expresses the desire for research, logical, clear, and profound thinking.

Dark or cloudy shades can reflect uncertainty and greed. The yellow-lemon shades of the green shows the tendency of the person to lie, also the cunning and deceptive aspects of her character.

People with a greenish hue in their cheeks lack imagination, and subtlety and do not know how to distinguish the nuances of opinion.

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Yellow Aura Color Meaning:

yellow aura meaning


It is the color that can be easily observed in the aura and is the color of mental activity and sunlight. Moreover, yellow is a color that offers stability.

People who have a golden yellow color in their aura manifest intelligence, intuition, pure love, inner harmony, and high spirituality. All the saints have a golden hallo.

Bright yellow indicates an honest and straight forward person you can trust.

Pastel shades, especially pale yellow with a whitish hue, reflect enthusiasm for great ideas, spiritual development, and powerful ideas.

Darker, cloudier shades can indicate excessive analysis and thinking patterns, with exaggerated criticism, dogmatism, and the feeling of ingratitude.

Yellow color with a reddish hue strongly expresses an inferiority complex. A dirty yellow belongs to a fearful person, and the reddish-yellow belongs to physically shy individuals.

A yellow-brown reveals unclean thoughts and is found in the auras of alcoholics, homeless people, and losers. A yellow aura with predominant brown striations is a sign of mental illness.

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Orange Aura Color Meaning:

Orange is the most intense color of all, a mixture between the physical plane (red) and the mental plane (yellow).

Its presence indicates a tendency towards balance and harmony, solid love, and fidelity. People with a beautiful orange hue in the aura are fundamentally kind and often help others. This color can also reflect the fact that the person is open to new subtle domains.

The energy of the orange color is a fundamental constructive force that maintains the physical body in good shape.

Orange with a green shade is associated with choleric people, those who discuss endlessly just for the sake of talking.

Orange with a yellow hue shows self-control, while brown-orange belongs to lazy people and indicates sick kidneys that have calculi when gray shades appear.

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Red Aura Color Meaning:Red Aura

Red is the fundamental symbol of life with great dynamics. It is the color of power, fire, and primary creative force. It is the color that influences the body’s circulatory system.

Vivid red incites to action. It expresses impulsive force, wealth, dynamism, youth, and health.

Pure and bright red encourages, incites, and dynamizes.

Brown red shows that the person faces a state of fear, and dark brown shades express sensual satisfaction of the senses. When red is pale, not bright, the person is nervous, unstable, and overly active. Red shades in the sternum area indicate problems with the nervous system.

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