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Earth Star Chakra – The First Transpersonal Chakra

Earth Star chakra supports the root (Muladhara) chakra. It is not a part of the physical body like the primary seven chakras. It is a part of the etheric body.

The Earth Star chakra is believed to exist four feet (about 130 centimeters) below the feet.

It is a chakra of oneness that is connected to the vast field of All That Is. It is also connected to the collective consciousness of humanity.

The colors associated with this chakra are brown or black, sometimes aquamarine due to the water in the Earth. Because of the high mineral content of the inner Earth, the chakra also has aspects of silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

This chakra forms prior to birth in the geographic location and familial circumstances required by the Soul to achieve the lessons of mastery. The chakra contains the memory of the Soul’s journey and of this life’s innumerable paths.

This energetic center is personal, but it is sensitive to the collective consciousness of humanity, as are all of our chakras.

The role of the Earth Star chakra:

It gives us access to natural healing and transmutes „negative” energy from our body.

It’s our body’s lightning rod, grounding us to the safety and healing available from the energy of the Earth, and transforms the trapped energy in our bodies, restraining us from living the lives we want into gifts we use to be truly awesome.

Just as we are meant to be.

Without this grounding force, we are left floating around, spaced out, feeling like we’re not living in the present moment, in the now.

Without grounding we are like a live electricity cable zapping about, dangling in mid-air.

We are deeply affected by every little thing that comes our way, easily upset, we are knocked off balance, we hold on to negative energy, unable to find a release.

When this chakra is functioning, it allows one to be centered and grounded, by having the ability to do such things as getting and hold a job, get a good education, keep one’s personal finances in order, and stay healthy by getting good nutrition, spend time in nature, getting enough physical exercise, and not needing to use recreational drugs.

Watch bellow earth star chakra meditation.

Thursday 7th of January 2021

SEVEN chakras.!!!!

Dr Ruefli

Saturday 2nd of July 2016

Thank you for the Earth Star meditation. It was lovely & I felt a surge a power from it and Mother Earth. Although I have studied & work with the main chakras, I am delighted to add this one! I especially enjoyed learning the meaning of it and the connection to the crown chakra. Would like to know how to adapt for a child who I suspect needs Earth Chakra attunement.