Powerful Affirmations to Heal & Balance Your Chakras

The Sanskrit word „chakra” literally translates to disk or wheel. A chakra is a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies, we have 7 of these major energy centers and many more minor ones.

Each main chakra is connected to different organs or body parts.

Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, which is depicted through a specific chakra color and governs specific functions that help make you, well, human.

Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay aligned, open, and fluid.

If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow, and this can often lead to disease. Positive affirmations, when used the right way, are the fastest and most efficient way to balance your chakras.

List Of Powerful Affirmations To Heal & Balance Your 7 Main Chakras

#1 Root Chakra Affirmations

Also known as Muladhara, it is said to be located near the basal end of the spinal column (coccyx), in the vicinity of the coccygeal plexus.

Muladhara chakra influences your physical vitality, physical survival instincts, „flight or fight” response, and the emotions of anger, jealousy, desire, and greed. It is linked to the element of earth, the sense of smell and the action of excretion.

Affirmations: I am safe. I am grounded. I am connected to nature. I know I am truly good. I trust life. I love life. Earth supports me.

#2 Sacral Chakra Affirmations

This energy vortex offers direct access to flow, flexibility, and fun. It is our connection to the element of water and all that we are feeling on an emotional level.

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When the sacral chakra is out of alignment, you may experience ovarian cysts and other reproductive issues, pain during intercourse, chronic low back pain, urinary tract infections, impotence, complications with the bladder and kidneys, financial problems and other pelvic–lower abdominal issues.

It is also a very sacred and potent place to manifest your desires and dreams, as well as work through your fears and boundaries.

Affirmations: I live life passionately, with good health and vitality. I love my life. I love and accept my body. I am confident and I am achieving my dreams.

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Also known as the navel chakra, it is the 3rd of the 7 main chakras. It is located along your spine about two to three inches above your belly button. The Solar plexus chakra is associated with the spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, digestive system and nervous system.

The color associated with the solar plexus chakra is yellow. People with a healthy solar plexus chakra will usually have healthy digestive, muscular and immune systems.

They tend to be free of major allergies, diabetes, hypertension, or adrenal gland disorders. If this chakra is closed or blocked, it can usually be related to feeling unbalanced and being frustrated and fearful.

Affirmations: I value myself and I know what is best for me. I learn from everything I do. I choose the power of life. I can do anything.

#4 Heart Chakra Affirmations

The 4th of the 7 chakras, the heart chakra (also known as the Anahata chakra) is located in the center of your chest.

The Anahata chakra acts as the balance point for all the chakras.

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It controls our relationships and how we interact with other people. This chakra is also where unconditional love is centered. Since the heart chakra is tied to love and emotions, people with overactive heart chakra are ruled by their emotions.

Affirmations: I am love. I am peace. I am calm. I follow the path of the heart. I forgive myself. I am loved.

#5 Throat Chakra Affirmations

The 5th of the 7 chakras, it’s also called Vishuddha in Sanskrit.

This chakra is located in the front at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, with its spiral rooted in the 3rd cervical vertebra at the back, the spine at the base of the skull. Vishuddha chakra corresponds to the ears, thyroid, lungs, nose, and throat.

An under-active or blocked Vishuddha chakra can manifest simply by feeling lost for words.

Other symptoms can be a sore throat, a lump in the throat, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, sinus infections, grinding teeth, earaches, or thyroid problems.

Affirmations: I am at peace. I speak with confidence. My integrity is my word and my word is my truth. Everything I do is an expression of love.

#6 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

Third eye chakra (also known as Ajna or brow chakra) has the indigo/purple color (representing the search and attainment of spiritual purpose) and is the center of spiritual and multi-dimensional vision.

When awakened, it is the center of psychic abilities, telepathy, channeling, higher intuition, non-physical vision, and clear thinking.

Some signs that you might have blocked energy in your Ajna chakra: vision problems, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, trouble finding focus in terms of your path in life, poor memory, confusion.

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Affirmations: I trust my intuition. I am wise. I have a good memory.

#7 Crown Chakra Affirmations

Highest of the 7 main chakras, it is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra (also known as Sahasrara chakra) is the center of an individual’s spirituality, enlightenment, connection to spirit, universal consciousness, dynamic thoughts, and energy – our very essence.

An imbalance in the Sahasrara chakra may result in problems such as coma, migraines, stroke, amnesia, brain tumors and cognitive delusions.

Affirmations: I am divine. I live in the present moment. I accept all that comes into my day with trust and selflessness. I am pure light and love.

Final Words

You can utilize any of these affirmations daily and you’ll see results in your happiness and mood levels in seven days at the latest.

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