What Is A Mystic? 15 Signs You Are A Mystic

Mysticism is the identification with, pursuit of, communion with, or conscious awareness of Divinity through direct insight or experience.

A mystic is an individual who believes in the possibility of attaining or claims to attain insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge.

Here Is A List Of 15 Signs You Are A Mystic:

#1 You See The Bigger Picture

Like a small cog in a big machine, mystics realize that they are a small, but integral part of life.

They see from a higher perspective when approaching life, realizing that they are one with all that is as they aim to align themselves and their actions with that of the highest good.

As troubles confront the mystics, they simply see each as a passing cloud which will only reveal the sun once more.

This helps lead them through life with a placid nature.

#2 You Feel A Sense Of Separation From Yourself And The “Real World” At TimesClairsentient woman meditation silent

There is the way you think about life in terms of relationships, possessions, money, etc, and then there’s the conventional approach to life most people have.

You don’t believe either one is better, just different.

#3 You Understand The Importance Of Forgiveness, Kindness, And Letting Go

It is not easy for many to forgive, let go, cater to the need of others before oneself.

But, in case of a mystic, it isn’t that hard to understand that the whole essence of peaceful existence is to let go, to forgive, and to impart kindness to all that you meet in your life.

It is good karma which paves way for our soul’s journey, and mystics understand that.

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#4 You Purify Your Soul Of AttachmentsThe Most Important Spiritual Awakening Signs And Symptoms

Because you now know that trying to cling to the very transitory nature of life is a cause of great suffering, you don’t cling on to anyone or anything.

You love people, you love the world around you and all that it holds, but you don’t create attachments.

Basically, you live in the world, but you are not of the world.

#5 You Have A Loss Of Interest In Competition

You realize that competition brings suffering and conflict and that the only way to live in harmony with others is by having a compassionate and loving attitude towards them.

#6 Your Wisdom Is Your Ownman practicing a meditation in nature

The things you know, you know them from your soul; your wisdom is your own. Your wisdom does not come from what others have spoken or written, but rather from deep within yourself.

#7 You Can See Through People

You might be hanging out with a new friend who seems charming or out on a date, however, your intuition is totally on point if you can see through the fake smiles.

Of course, everybody deserves a chance, but maybe a snide remark registers and it will make you feel like a person is performing as someone they are not.

#8 You Didn’t Fit In With Children Your AgeList Of 12 Characteristics of Star Children

A mystic is not as absorbed in the interests of others in their age group, hence, he finds it more difficult to make friends with them, that can occasionally be problematic for them because they can feel like an outsider.

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Additionally, he is frequently misunderstood by others. For example, some people may have just considered you to be awkward or shy.

But, your intelligent and inquisitive nature attracted you toward people who display more wisdom and intelligence than those in your age group.

#9 You Like Being Alone10 Kundalini Mantras With Their Meanings

You continually seek out higher understanding and are incredibly introspective about life.

You enjoy solitude and use it as a time to reflect on your life and everything going on in it.

#10 You Aren’t Materialistic

You don’t drive a luxury car to work, you don’t have the need to spend a fortune on branded clothes, you don’t take loans, and you don’t fancy the most expensive gadgets (especially smartphones).

You understand that all these things are just a means to display one’s shallowness, and don’t add to life’s true essence in any manner.

These are not the things which constitute life – spirituality, actually, they detach you from the true core of mankind.

#11 The Past And The Future Lose Control Over You17 Major Signs You've Met A Love From A Past Life

You understand that the past and future don’t truly exist, and the only moment that was, is, and will ever be is the present.

In addition, mystics recognize that there’s no sense in trying to predict where you will be in the future, therefore, you can’t try to control it either.

#12 You Do Not Fear The Future

Most of the time, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and confronting change is one of the hardest things an individual will ever have to do.

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Mystics see change as a good thing since with change comes opportunity and growth.

#13 Inner Strengthwoman meditation energy

A mystic has great inner strength. He no longer has a need for the power struggles that most of us engage in.

The mystic has learned healthy ways of connecting with the sources of mindfulness energy – through healthy interactions with people, and within.

Note – a lot of us already have inner strength, we just forget that we have it.

#14 You Don’t Need To Follow The Social Norms

You recognize that your lifestyle may not be the most popular choice or something that everyone else wants to do, however, you prefer it that way.

Mystics gain validation from within, rather than through what the masses are saying or doing.

#15 You Are Not Self-Centered

A mystic person is not self-centered since he has lost the sense of a separate self.

He can see the interconnected nature of our existence. To the mystic, this is a reality and not just a concept.

Moreover, the mystic realizes that all physical manifestations depend on each other for their survival.


2 thoughts on “What Is A Mystic? 15 Signs You Are A Mystic”

  1. I had SEVERAL mystical experiences since I came in Hawaii…
    with 4 Kahunas (Hawaiian Shamen) that made me believe that
    reincarnation is Plausible & that changed completely my Philosophy of Life …and I am writing a Book about them.
    There are nothing among the said 15 Signs I disagree,
    ….bien au contraire (we say in French)
    I just want to remind to every Body that in life, every thing is either given or learned…..and EARNED…of course !
    and as long as we did not experience ourselves “The Mystic”
    we would not have any idea of what that really…. means…
    and more than likely unable to explain it….
    It is like pushing a car, or learn a foreign Language
    ……the first push is the most important
    and then our life itself unveil mysticism after Mysticism,
    and even could “launch” to “decode” Synchronicities
    What I would like, also, to add is that any individual inclined in Art
    has an advantage …because, it is before all ………AN ART
    It seems also to me that who ever cannot transcend or going beyond
    his own beliefs could not become Mystic
    and I believe that the sure way to become a Mystic,
    is first to become “Psychic”…(Easier to write than to do)

  2. Wow you’ve covered it all , am l a mystic , maybe , but you didn’t mention the surrender , the most important thing .


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