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What Is A Medium? 8 Signs You Are A Medium

What Is A Medium?

Everyone who feels to some extent the influence of spirits can be considered a medium.

This capacity is inherent to man and, as a consequence, is not an exclusive privilege; therefore, there are very few people who don’t have any psychic abilities at all. So, it’s safe to say that everyone, with few exceptions, is a medium.

However, in practice, this qualification describes a medium-capacity that is clearly characterized and manifests itself through obvious effects of a certain intensity, which then depends on a more or less sensitive organization.

In addition, it should be noted that this capacity does not manifest in all people the same way; mediums generally have a special aptitude for a certain kind of phenomena, making them as diverse as the manifestations they perceive.

The main types of mediums are:

  • healer;
  • clairvoyant;
  • clairaudient;
  • clairsentient;
  • natural;
  • physical.


This category of mediums includes people who mainly have the ability to heal by touch, by sight, even by a gesture, without the help of any medication.

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Clairvoyant people are endowed with the ability to see the spirits.

There are some who have this capacity in a normal state, when they are completely awake, remembering every single detail; others only have it during a somnambulistic state or something that resembles one.

This capacity is rarely permanent; it is almost always the effect of a momentary and fleeting crisis. We can place all persons endowed with third eye vision in the category of seers.

There are also people who can communicate with spirits while dreaming, however, they are not, in fact, clairvoyants.


The ability to see spirits may develop, but its development should occur naturally, without forcing anything, otherwise, we might risk becoming a puppet in the hands of our own imagination.

When an individual holds the right seed, the ability will manifest itself sooner or later, blooming beautifully within his being.

In other words, we should feel grateful for what God has given us without seeking the impossible; the moment we start chasing everything, in our desire to have too much, we risk losing everything we have.


In Jainism (an ancient Indian religion), clairvoyance is regarded as one of the 5 types of knowledge. 

Clairaudientpraying woman

These mediums hear the spirits’ voices. It is sometimes an inner voice that one hears; other times, it is a clear, distinct, outer voice, such as that of a living person.

Thus, clairaudients can start a conversation with the spirits.

When they have refined the ability to communicate with some spirits, they recognize them immediately by the sound of their voice.

Even if you are not endowed with this capacity, you can still come into contact with a spirit using a clairaudient medium as an intermediary.

This capacity is very pleasant when the medium hears only good spirits or at least the ones he calls.

Things are, however, quite different when an evil spirit contacts him and makes him hear the most unpleasant things all the time. In this situation, he must try to get rid of this spirit.

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This person feels the presence of spirits through a vague impression, a kind of light touch on all limbs that one can not explain.

This ability develops through habit and can acquire such great subtlety that the one who is endowed with it recognizes the impression he feels, not just the good or bad nature of the spirit but also his individuality.

Therefore, in relation to spirits, the clairsentient becomes truly sensitive.


Natural mediums are those whose influence is exercised without their will.

They are not at all conscious of their power, and often everything that happens abnormally around them does not feel extraordinary to them.


They are especially able to produce material phenomena, such as the movement of inert objects, noises, etc. They can be divided into facultative mediums and involuntary mediums.

Do you think you have paranormal powers? Did things happen to you that you can not explain?

There seem to be certain signs that indicate you have these unusual powers. Find out which they are and how to recognize them.

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8 Signs You Are A Medium

#1 You Had Strange Experiences After You Lost Someone Dear

After losing a loved one, you can experience unexplained emotions that remind you of that person.

Some believe it’s because the spirit of the deceased person has remained around to assure loved ones that everything is all right.

#2 You See Things Out Of The Corner Of Your Eyesthird eye dangers

When you have hidden paranormal powers, you could see certain things out of the corner of the eyes, like silhouettes.

Some think they might be spirits, while others think they are, in fact, visions.

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#3 You Are Extremely Intuitive

People just can not lie to you as you can easily read faces. You can also feel when something is wrong.

The other person does not even have to tell you anything because you automatically feel low vibrations coming from her, and you know something is not right.

#4 You Hear Noises When Nobody Is At HomeMeditation woman meditation in a room

You can see a shadow, or you could hear noises when no one is at home.

It could be a sign that a spirit is near you.

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#5 You Have Unexplained Feelings When You’re In Certain Places

If you are in a place with a rich history and you have a strong feeling you can not explain, it may mean you have paranormal powers.

The same can happen when you touch an old object. There are some places where energies attract.

#6 You Have A Special Relationship With The Animalsman meditation with a dog

Some connections don’t need words. If you feel you have a special connection with a particular animal, then it can be a sign that you have paranormal powers.

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#7 You Can Feel The Negativity In The Air

When you walk into a room, you immediately realize if there has been a quarrel or misunderstanding before you got there.

#8 Dreams

If you have the ability to interact with spirits during the day, then at night, it can happen the same thing. You can clearly remember what you dreamed and the feelings you had during your dream.

You will remember perfumes, touches, etc. The same thing happens if you have a nightmare.

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