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Hearing Knocking—What Does it Mean Spiritually?

What does it mean spiritually when you hear knocking?

Sometimes it is common to hear a sound or voice around you that seems as if it’s real, but for some unknown reason, you aren’t sure if it is.

This may be the form of hearing someone calling your name, a ringing in your ear, a chime or tone, or even the sound of someone knocking.

These sounds with unknown origins can be alerting us or providing us with messages we may be unaware of.

Clairaudience is perceiving what is inaudible or unknown.

All of us have this ability inherent within us, and if you’ve just begun hearing unknown sounds or messages—this may be a sign that your clairaudience ability is becoming activated within you.

One of the most common associations with clairaudience is hearing knocking.

This phenomenon may be as simply explained as a pet in the other room, or a sound from outside—but if this sound truly seems to have no physical origin, you may be hearing these knocking sounds as a form of message.

What does it mean spiritually when you hear knocking?

Time to Wake Up

If you are experiencing hearing knocking while you are asleep, you may be jolted by the sound, causing you to wake up.

This may be a push from your guides trying to wake you up to higher consciousness and awareness.

If you are a spiritual person and you have veered off from your normal path and practice, this may be a sign that you need to recenter yourself and wipe away whatever illusions you’ve been living in currently.

In today’s age, spiritual development is vital in order to maintain a sense of clarity with all of the various levels we exist in.

Sometimes it’s easy to stay in patterns that keep us existing only within the realms of our human egos, and your guides may use knocking to help you break free from these patterns.

The Arrival of Something Newhearing knocking in your sleep

Hearing knocking can indicate that you will receive a new opportunity or gift.

Knocking can be associated with receiving mail or someone at your door, and spiritually this may symbolize a brand new experience making its way into your life.

This is an important time to be mindful and aware of the different things you are being offered.

You would benefit from accepting new plans or opportunities even if they don’t seem ideal or comfortable at first, as they may bring you unimaginable rewards.

On the other hand, pay attention to how you feel when you hear the knocking.

If your intuition is causing you to fear around the knocking, you should be cautious of any offerings you receive in the near future.

Use discernment and don’t jump into any new opportunities without accessing them properly.

Be open to new experiences and changes during this time so you can receive the gift that is being offered.

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A Warninghearing knocks in your sleep

You may also be receiving a message of caution if you hear knocking.

The universe may be alerting you that some of your choices may be leading you down a path you would better not go down.

If this resonates, take a look at your past choices and recognize which of them did not benefit you.

Allow yourself to make better choices for your future and try to align yourself with a higher path.

Sometimes this warning may also be for someone in our life.

If you know of someone who is approaching a new period in life or has been offered a new opportunity, check in with them and make sure they’ve planned for potential problems.

Become More OpenWhat does it mean spiritually when you hear knocking

You may represent the doorway that the knocking is trying to enter.

The knocking represents a message, perspective, awareness, or experience that you’re too closed off to receive.

Take some time to find ways that you may be closed off emotionally or mentally, whether it’s in your relationships, at your job, or your worldview as a whole.

When you begin to hear knocking due to your lack of openness, this is usually because you have been closed off for too long.

Your life may feel as if you’re not in control of its direction, or you are unfulfilled in some way.

Keeping your true nature isolated within yourself makes you feel more disconnected from the world around you. 

When we allow ourselves to be open and unrestricted, life flows through use more easily and brings us experiences that we can receive no other way.

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Bottom Linehearing knocking that wakes you up

Whether you’re hearing knocking to alert you of potential problems, urging you to become more open, or prompting you for a new beginning, take this experience to heart and reflect on what you can learn from it.

If you resist the message you are meant to receive, the messenger may become louder and more unavoidable.

As you allow yourself to tune into the messages from other dimensions and realms, your ability to receive them will become stronger.

Trust your intuition and be open to new ideas and guidance, you may otherwise miss the next great phase of your life.

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Friday 14th of October 2022

Lately I have been woken up to the sound of someone knocking I get up to check there’s no one there I feel like I’m going crazy it’s happened a few times now can anyone help tell me why this is happening