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10 Poses of Yoga for Knee Pain

Hands up if you’re a knee bum patient like me here… I know what you’re going through. So, today, I’ve got you all a way out from that pain. Just keep reading…

Knee pain is known to affect quite a large number of adults and youths alike on a global scale. More than 20M patients live with this acute problem in the US alone. Statistics aside, movement is to the patients what food is to the body. The less we move, the worse our problem gets. So? Coming up with this lifestyle is quite an uphill battle. 

I gave up on “staying cool” to avoid more complications. I then dedicated one room for myself to learn and practice poses that could at least see my knees get stronger and steadier. To cut a long story short, I finally made it! That’s why I have these 10 poses of yoga for you today but first, get to grok the anatomy of our knees below then delve into the real thing. 

Quadriceps, Hamstrings and hip abductors (one group for inner thighs and the other for outer thighs) are the muscle groups that support your knee. These are what should be strengthened if you need your knees active. Here are the apt yoga poses to relieve knee pain naturally

#1 Bridge Pose

Your quadriceps and hamstrings get strength from this godsend pose. Consequently, you’ll love the way tour knees will emerge both strong and stable.

Do it this way: Lie face-up, knees slightly bent upwards and with feet on the floor. Next, place both arms by your sides, positioning them such that your palms are facing down and on the floor. Move your heels backward towards the fingers until your ankles are under the knees. While engaging your abs and glutes and pressing your palms against the floor, lift your hips and stay there. Hold for… 30 seconds. 

#2 Hero Pose

This isn’t for the heroes only as one may think. It’s actually for everyone, except for the fact that it’s quite intense but doable.

Here’s how to go about it:  As you pull the muscles of your calves to your sides while kneeling, try sitting in between the ankles. Then, pull back the flesh of your butt as you also pull up on your knees. Go down and settle again. Hold there for as long as you can, or for 7-9 breaths as recommended. 

#3 Banana Pose

With this pose, deep breathing is highly recommended as it is one of the contributors to pain relief in the knees. So while you breathe to the deep ends, do it as follows:  As you lie face-up, curve your body into a crescent (banana) shape, stretching both your upper body and legs to one side. To stretch better, cross your ankles with wrists clasped.  

Settle, set free your wrists from the clasp, and relax this way for a couple of minutes. Switch sides and repeat for the same number of minutes. 

#4 Horse Pose

Not only does this pose provide your hamstrings, glutes, and core with strength, but also catalyzes your body’s metabolism to aid in faster weight loss.

To do it, follow these simple steps:  Stand normally, then widen your feet apart, almost double a hip width. Then, step one foot ahead to form 45 with the other one. As though you were praying, bring the palms together at your chest.  Now, breathe out while sitting your hips back and down.

While your knees are maintained in line with the toes, ensure that your chest remains lifted as the shoulder blades are also squeezed together. Hold for around 15 seconds and release while breathing in. 

#5 Baddha Konasana

Be seated on a mat for a start. Meet your feet, allowing your knees to stretch out wide. Try bringing your knees closer to you while the knees and hips stretch out even wider.

In from of you, plays your hands down between your legs to get an upright posture. Without interfering with your sitting, walk out your hands slowly forward. You’ll feel the effect on your thighs, hips, and back. Keep on hold for 15 seconds. 

#6 King Arthur’s Pose

Fold a blanket and spread it on the floor, just next to the wall. Have blocks on either side of it. In a tabletop position and in a way that your bum faces the wall, lift the right shin as well as the top of your foot to the wall to press against it. At the same time, be stepping your other foot forward. 

Now, please make use of the blocks by bringing your hands to rest on top of them while you protect your lumbar spine by lifting your chest. Keep that way for 6 breaths. 

#7 Modified Side Plank

Set yourself in a high plank pose, aligning your body in a straight line. Make sure that your shoulders are right above the wrists. Engage your abs.  Move your right foot towards your left wrist, a foot apart.

Now, spin slightly to your smallest right toe edge. Then, Stan tour right foot and hip over the left, shifting the weight on the right over the left. Lifting through the left hip, turn the left foot to point to the forward direction.  Finally, keep in that pose for some…6 breaths and switch sides. 

#8 Revolved Forward Fold

This is the pose that opens up your knee muscles to gain both strength and stability in them.  As you stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width, lower your upper body forward, placing your left palm on the ground. 

Now, slightly bend the left knee with a straight right leg. Breathe in as you lift the right arm. Twist through your chest.  Hold until you feel some stretch on the thighs and knee. Do the same for the other side.

#9 Triangle Pose

As your waist and hamstrings are stretched, this pose gives strength to your quadriceps and inner thighs. You won’t feel much pain in the knees while at it.

Here’s how to go about it:  From the mountain pose, open to one side. Stretch just a stride apart. Now, turn the left toes about 75and the right to 90 Hinge over the right leg and to the freedom. Then, rest one hand on the upper thigh, lifting the other.  Now, using your hips, draw back the body slightly. Putting stress on the legs, draw up your kneecaps. Hold for about 10 seconds. 

#10 Foam Rolling

It’s as simple as the name suggests. What I like most about foam rolling is that it doesn’t just engage one part of the body.

You can do it for the following: Quadriceps. Calves. Glutes, and more. Bottom Line. The persistent practice of this yoga for knee pain makes a difference to the health of our knees and bodies in general.

We won’t realize a change overnight. Don’t allow knee pain to deter your healthy activities. You now know how to send it away. Do something then, now. Good luck, pals.