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Diet Guideline According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that the location of the planets influences our life, health, and destiny. It also influences the healing power of plants.

This is the reason why some plants are picked out during the full moon, others at sunrise, or, conversely, when the sun is up in the sky.

Therefore, plants and planets compete in helping us better. That is why, depending on the zodiac sign, a certain medicinal plant has a maximum effect on each of us.

Diet Guideline According To Your Zodiac Sign


FEATURES: Aries are dynamic and adventurous natures who need plenty of physical exercises.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Mars rules the head region, except the nose, including the brain. In addition, Mars is associated with iron, therefore it influences the blood as well. Specific illnesses include: depression, acute headaches, accidental injury, and problems related to blood circulation.
BEST PLANT: Hawthorn. It soothes states of nervousness (especially in women) and regulates blood pressure. Hawthorn is very effective in treating heart problems with the nervous substrate.
DIET: Onions and leeks are recommended to Aries because they have a mild sedative effect and they contribute to blood thinning, and spices. Within bounds, hot pepper and mustard are beneficial, so is beer, because hop strengthens them.


FEATURES: With a calm temperament, but marked by choleric outbursts, Taurus enjoys the pleasures of life.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Venus rules the throat, tongue, lower jaw, thyroid, cervical vertebra, a part of the optic nerve, and in females, the internal organs. Most often, Taurians suffer from stomach illnesses, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and genital diseases. In addition, even if they are calm, it’s recommendable to watch the blood pressure.
BEST PLANT: Mint. It adjusts bowel function and is recommended in respiratory diseases, it fights laryngitis and menstrual pain.
DIET: Taurians are gourmands par excellence, so they have to carefully monitor their diet. Asparagus, artichokes, cereals, and beans of any kind bring many health benefits. Among recommended fruits, we mention grapes, apples, pears, blackberries, and blueberries.


FEATURES: Mercurial persons are agile, dexterous, with great reflexes, but without much physical strength. They have a dynamic temperament and very good communication skills.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Gemini governs the upper airway, lungs, shoulders, sternum, and arms. Therefore, specific diseases include: anxiety, frequent injuries of the shoulders and hands, intercostal neuralgia (a painful disorder of the nerves running between the ribs), lung, and peripheral nervous system disease.
BEST PLANT: Oregano. Ideal in the treatment of respiratory diseases, oregano soothes pertussis and liquefies bronchial secretions; it even generates slight bronchodilation, with beneficial effects in cases of tuberculosis. It is also recommended in treating rheumatism and arthrosis.
DIET: Gemini’s diet should include: peas, broad beans, carrots, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts. Furthermore, almonds are highly recommended as they are very effective against anxiety states. Also, caraway and anise teas have beneficial effects on their health.


FEATURES: Cancer has a sanguineous temperament (long periods of calm, followed by nervous outbursts). It has a sensitive organism, thus prone to attach to diseases.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Cancer governs the lungs and digestive organs. Therefore, he is prone to diseases of the stomach, constipation, also too poor blood circulation and fluid retention.
BEST PLANT: Tarragon. It has stomachic action, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, which is perfectly suited to the predispositions of Cancer. In addition, tarragon helps restore the proper level of minerals.
DIET: In order to tone the body and avoid digestive disorders, persons who are born under the sign of Cancer are recommended to follow a diet based on white and red cabbage, turnips, fish, dairy (low on cholesterol though).

LEOleo zodiac

FEATURES: With a sanguineous temperament, Leos are proud, hiding their suffering with great skill. Counting on their strength, most of the time they neglect themselves.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Sun governs the heart, so this zodiac sign is prone to disorders of the heart, but also to diseases of the joints, chronic rheumatism, and sensitive eyes. Leos are meteo-sensitive people too.
BEST PLANT: Celandine. It lowers blood pressure, fights angina pectoris, tachycardia, heart failure, and arthritis. It relaxes the muscularity of large and coronary vessels. Celandine juice is recommended as an extreme treatment for eye diseases. Sunflowers and marigolds are two other plants that are very effective in treating Leos.
DIET: Leos should eat meat, rice, and honey. Herbs such as saffron, bay leaf, and rosemary are recommended for seasoning food. At least in spring, they should eat iron-rich vegetables: nettles, sorrel, spinach, and saltbush.


FEATURES: Virgo governs blood circulation, lymphatic circulation of the abdomen, pancreas, intestines, and external oculomotor nerve. Virgo’s temperament is a sanguineous type.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Virgo’s health issues are related to the digestive tract: intestinal digestion, abdominal pain, bowel disturbances. Other disorders that occur more often are: diabetes, appendicitis, and pancreatitis. Also, Virgo’s nervous system is very sensitive, especially to stress.
BEST PLANT: Rosemary. Used for thousands of years in the treatment of digestive diseases, rosemary has a guaranteed effect in Virgo’s case. At first, its use in cooking was strictly related to its therapeutic properties, but in time its flavor became popular in gastronomy around the world.
DIET: Beneficial foods recommended to Virgo natives are: potatoes, kale, and celery.
They should include long walks and yoga in their daily routine.

LIBRALibra zodiac

FEATURES: Libra has a pleasant temperament, just like Taurus, but due to the fact that Libra is an air sign, it has a much lower vitality.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Libra governs the kidneys and gall bladder, prostate (in men), and the lumbar spine. Libra’s body tends to retain toxins, leading to kidney diseases. Psychologically, Libra is very sensitive and middle-aged people are prone to neurasthenia.
BEST PLANT: Hot pepper. Capsaicin, the substance contained in chili peppers, is excellent in treating diabetes, prostate disease, digestive disorders, and even against Helicobacter (responsible for a certain type of ulcer). It is an excellent detoxifier and depurative.
DIET: Libras should eat many grains, asparagus, and beans.

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SCORPIOScorpio Zodiac

GOVERNED BY: Pluto and Mars
FEATURES: Scorpio has a paradoxical temperament – apparently very calm, but actually choleric.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Pluto rules the external and internal genitalia, colon, prostate partially, rectum, and anus. Scorpio natives are prone to hemorrhoids, hepatitis, diseases of the sexual organs, violent head pain. They can hardly bear disease and require a long convalescence.
BEST PLANT: Blackthorn. It has laxative, depurative and soothing properties in stomach aches and biliary dyskinesia, and also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Blackthorn fruit syrup helps Scorpios recover from illnesses. They rarely suffer from chronic diseases, therefore acute forms exhaust them.
DIET: Their diet should include onion (for its soothing effect and improvement of blood fluidity), red pepper, avocado, stevia, leek, and nettle. Essential oils of rhododendron and aloe have soothing effects on Scorpio natives.

SAGITTARIUSSagittarius zodiac

FEATURES: With a sanguineous temperament, Sagittarius natives riot in excesses: food, drinks, sports.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Sagittarius influences: liver, gallbladder (in part), pancreas, hips and sacrum, part of the spine, sciatic nerve, blood circulation. As a result, these natives are prone to obesity, pancreatitis, and diabetes. They can also be affected by osteoarthritis and lumbar arthrosis, and other diseases and trauma may affect the femur and the sciatic nerve.
BEST PLANT: Rowan. It is excellent in cases of atherosclerosis and spondylosis.
DIET: Onions and garlic are recommended in big quantities as they strengthen their body; also, celery and bay leaf (is a fragrant leaf from a laurel tree) included in their diet are very beneficial for Sagittarius natives. Citrus fruits, especially grapefruit and red or black currants, can do wonders for a tired liver and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing high blood pressure.

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CAPRICORNCapricorn Zodiac

FEATURES: Capricorn natives have a dark temperament, they are tense and often inclined to depression. Fortunately, they are saved by humor, which should be cultivated, as it is an excellent remedy against stretched nerves.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Capricorn sign governs the skeleton, especially the knees, skin, and teeth. Most specific diseases of these natives derive from the inactivity that characterizes them. Liver disease, dermatitis, pancreatitis, and nephritis are the most common illnesses.
BEST PLANT: Comfrey. Allantoin is the most important active principle of comfrey, as it has anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects and also increases tissue regeneration. In addition, it treats wounds, tumors, neuralgia, fractures, and sprains. Comfrey is also effective in treating digestive diseases.
DIET: Starch-based foods (potatoes, pasta, malt, oats), iron (beetroot, spinach), Kombucha tea, forest mushrooms, and quinces have a comforting effect on Capricorn natives.

AQUARIUSAquarius Zodiac

FEATURES: Aquarians have a dark character and are able to accumulate stress without ever burst. They are known as grumpy people.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: Aquarius governs the peripheral circulation, sympathetic nervous system, cerebral cortex, and spinal cord. Therefore, health issues of Aquarius natives primarily include nervous disorders (depression and anxiety, encephalitis, Parkinson’s disease, varicosity, and arthritis, due to poor peripheral circulation).
BEST PLANT: Valerian. It is very effective in treating nervous disorders and depression.
DIET: Corn, apples, radish, celery, chia, nuts, and citrus fruits are rich in sodium chloride, which helps the body recover faster. Also, dried fruits help Aquarius regain their energy.

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PISCESPisces Zodiac

FEATURES: Pisces have a calm temperament and are adaptable, managing to fit in any social environment.
SPECIFIC ILLNESSES: This Zodiac sign governs the feet and mucous membranes. Therefore, the natives are prone to tuberculosis and microbial infections localized in the mucus. As they are very sensitive to cold, Pisces quickly catch pneumonia or other viruses.
BEST PLANT: Linden tree. It has pectoral, expectorant, anti-pyretic, neurosedative, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. All these make it suitable for treating respiratory diseases, and also strong influenzas and nervous system diseases.
DIET: Pisces natives are recommended a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables containing water: melons, cucumbers, zucchini, pineapple.

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