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15 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack

What are the 15 signs you are under spiritual attack?


In the bustling streets of our everyday lives, filled with the humdrum of work and the chaos of the ordinary, we often overlook the subtle undercurrents of the spiritual realm.

However, this unseen world can sometimes manifest itself in ways that disrupt our normal routine, leading us down a path of uncertainty.

A spiritual attack is one such manifestation, frequently presenting as a series of inexplicable hardships that seem to defy logic. This article sheds light on fifteen signs that may point to a spiritual attack.

Note – the purpose here is not to instill fear but to empower you with knowledge.

Before we inquire into our topic, let me explain what is a spiritual attack.

What is a Spiritual Attack?

A spiritual attack is a series of adverse events or feelings believed to be caused by negative spiritual forces.

It’s associated with a significant shift in a person’s energy, mood, or overall well-being that natural factors can’t easily explain.

People who believe they are under a spiritual attack might experience a range of symptoms, including persistent negative thoughts, feeling disconnected from their spirituality, unexplained fear or anxiety, recurring nightmares, or a series of unfortunate events.

15 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack:

#1 The Disquieting DreamscapeSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Dreams are a window to our subconscious and spiritual dimensions.

Frequent nightmares or disturbing dreams could indicate a spiritual attack.

These dreams may be characterized by a feeling of dread or feature recurring themes of conflict and danger.

#2 Energy DrainSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

A sudden, inexplicable loss of energy or constant fatigue can indicate a spiritual attack.

It’s like your battery is constantly low, even after a good night’s sleep or a restful weekend.

#3 Emotional TurbulenceSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Uncharacteristic mood swings, heightened anxiety, or waves of depression that don’t align with your usual emotional state may indicate a spiritual attack. The key here is the inconsistency with your normal emotional health.

#4 Fading FaithSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

If you find your faith wavering or feel disconnected from your spiritual practices despite earnest efforts, a spiritual attack may be the reason.

This is particularly poignant if those practices were once a source of comfort and strength.

#5 The Social Withdrawal SyndromeSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Pulling away from family, friends, or social commitments without an apparent reason can be an indication of a spiritual attack. It’s like an invisible wall suddenly separates you from your social world.

#6 Health HurdlesSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Unexpected health issues or a sudden deterioration in overall well-being, despite a healthy lifestyle, may indicate a spiritual attack. It’s like an unseen force is chipping away at your physical stamina.

#7 Unexplained FearSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Another sign of a spiritual attack is unexplained fear and anxiety.

You might feel a pervasive sense of dread or worry without any apparent reason. This anxiety can be constant or come in waves, and it can be so intense that it interferes with your daily life.

#8 The Unseen Energy VampireSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

A sudden, unexplained loss of energy or persistent fatigue can be a sign of a spiritual attack.

It’s as if an invisible entity constantly drains your vitality, leaving you feeling depleted even after adequate rest.

#9 The Ebbing of Spiritual ConnectionSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

The ebbing of a spiritual connection can be a distressing experience, especially when your spiritual practices have previously served as a source of comfort, guidance, and strength.

This sense of disconnection can be likened to losing a compass, leaving you feeling lost and uncertain.

Amid a spiritual attack, this disconnection might seem inexplicable. Despite your sincere efforts, you may struggle to engage with your spiritual practices as deeply as you once did.

You may find it challenging to derive the same sense of solace or strength from these practices, causing you to question your faith.

This ebbing of a spiritual connection can also manifest as a wavering faith.

You might find yourself doubting your beliefs, feeling disillusioned, or struggling with spiritual uncertainty. This wavering can be unsettling, especially if your faith has been a foundational aspect of your identity.

#10 Unending Cycles of BattlesSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Unending cycles of battles can be seen metaphorically as a spiritual struggle, where individuals grapple with recurring conflicts that persist despite their best efforts to resolve them.

In a spiritual life, these battles might not always be physical or external. They may be internal struggles, such as recurring negative thoughts, persistent temptations, or emotional turmoil.

These cycles might seem endless, with no clear conditions that would lead to their conclusion, similar to the concept of an endless war.

One key characteristic of these unending cycles of battles is their repetitive nature.

You might feel like you’re stuck in a loop, constantly facing the same challenges or falling into the same patterns. This can be incredibly disheartening when you’ve put significant effort into resolving these issues or changing these patterns.

These unending cycles can hinder your spiritual growth, pulling you away from your spiritual journey. They may also drain your energy and leave you feeling defeated.

#11 Drawn Back To Old HabitsSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Old habits and addictions act as familiar territory, offering a sense of comfort and escape, particularly during times of stress or spiritual battles.

This can make them especially alluring when you’re feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed. During a spiritual attack, experiencing a pull to these old patterns can indicate an attempt to derail your spiritual progress.

Regression is a common phenomenon in any change process, including spiritual transformation.

It’s a step back to old behaviors or thought patterns that you’ve worked hard to overcome.

This regression can be disheartening, making you feel like you are losing the battle. However, it’s important to remember that regression doesn’t mean failure. It’s simply a part of the journey, a sign that there are still areas that require healing.

In the face of such a challenge, it’s important to stay vigilant and reaffirm your commitment to your spiritual journey. This may involve revisiting the reasons why you chose to leave these old habits behind, reminding yourself of the progress you’ve made so far, and the benefits of continuing on your path.

#12 Lack of PeaceSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

A lack of peace is often characterized by a state of restlessness, confusion, and discontent.

This lack of peace can impact your ability to make decisions.

You might find yourself second-guessing your choices, struggling with indecisiveness, or feeling overwhelmed by simple decisions. 

Restlessness is another common manifestation of a lack of peace. You may feel constantly on edge, unable to relax or find satisfaction in your usual activities. This restlessness can disrupt your sleep, focus, and overall well-being.

A lack of peace can also create a sense of disconnection from your spiritual self. You may struggle to engage with your spiritual practices or feel distant from your faith.

#13 DespairSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Despair is a profound feeling of hopelessness or loss of hope.

It’s an emotional state where one believes that their circumstances cannot improve, generally leaving them feeling emotionally drained, unmotivated, and, in severe cases, leading to complete despondency.

In the situation of a spiritual attack, this despair can feel overwhelming and seemingly out of proportion to your current life events.

It may seem as if you’re stuck in a negative loop, unable to break free from feelings of hopelessness, regardless of your efforts to stay positive or make changes.

This sense of despair can affect every aspect of your life, making it difficult to maintain relationships, perform at work, or pursue personal interests.

It can also create a barrier between you and your spiritual self, causing you to feel disconnected or distant from your faith.

What differentiates this kind of despair from typical feelings of sadness or disappointment is its persistence and intensity. It’s not tied to specific events or triggers and doesn’t subside over time. Instead, it lingers and can even intensify despite your best efforts to overcome it.

#14 TemptationSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Temptation, as a sign of a spiritual attack, can be an intense and persistent need to engage in behaviors that are contrary to one’s values, beliefs, or goals.

This may involve past vices or weaknesses, such as addictive behaviors, negative thought patterns, or harmful relationships.

One of the ways this might manifest is through an escalation in self-doubt and negative self-talk. You might start questioning your worth, abilities, or decisions more than usual.

These thoughts can create a cycle of negativity that further fuels the temptation and makes it harder for you to resist.

Another manifestation of increased temptation could be believing lies about yourself or others. This may involve accepting false narratives about your identity, capabilities, or worthiness. It may also involve harboring unfounded negative perceptions about others, which can strain your relationships and isolate you from your support network.

#15 Persistent ObstaclesSigns You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Persistent obstacles during a spiritual attack go beyond the typical challenges one might encounter in their day-to-day life.

These obstacles can manifest in various ways, such as repeated failures despite your best efforts, inexplicable delays, or sudden complications that derail your plans.

These obstacles may seem insurmountable and can cause feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and despair. They may also appear targeted explicitly at areas of your life that are most important to you, such as your career, relationships, or spiritual growth.

These persistent obstacles may not only impact your external circumstances but also your internal state. You may experience mental blockages, such as persistent negative thoughts, self-doubt, or confusion. These internal obstacles can make it difficult for you to think clearly, make decisions, or maintain a positive outlook.

Overcoming these obstacles often requires more than just physical or mental effort. It might involve spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, or seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor.

Some people also find it helpful to engage in self-care practices, maintain a supportive community, and cultivate a mindset of resilience and faith.

Final Thoughts

The recognition of a spiritual attack is the first step to countering it.

If you identify with multiple signs from the above list, consider seeking spiritual guidance.

Note – these signs are not definitive proof of a spiritual attack but potential indicators to pay attention to.

Facing a spiritual attack doesn’t mean you’re weak, but it’s an invitation to fortify your spiritual strength as well as to stand firm in your faith and to remember that even in the deepest darkness, the stars still shine.

You’re not alone on this journey.

Reach out, share, and connect, for the power of unity can often illuminate the path through the darkest of spiritual storms.


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