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10 Signs Your Third Eye Is Starting To See

What are the signs your third eye is starting to see?


Opening up your third eye can be a very exciting experience for anyone with a passion and interest in spirituality.

Those who manage to find a way to open up their third eye will often find that they can face the challenges of life much easier.

With the help of your third eye, it is easier to be wise about the world at large and the issue(s) that you might be facing in life. However, it is not always easy to tell when your third eye has opened.

To help you understand what to expect, we want to break down ten signs your third eye is starting to see.

While fully opening your third eye takes a long time and plenty of hours of practice and meditation, even a slight opening can be life-changing.

If you know what to look out for in your third eye, it can be even easier to spot the signs that your hard work is now beginning to pay off.

Opening Your Third Eye: is it scary?

One of the most common reasons that people do not get involved in opening their third eye is that they feel daunted.

They worry that they might see things they do not like about themselves and the world by starting the journey.

Such trepidation is normal, though; opening your mind to such an experience can be scary. However, those who persevere and open their third eye feel many benefits.

If you are someone who opens up their third eye, you can find that you start to look at the world from a whole new perspective.

You become far more attuned to feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

You can feel like you are more understanding of things that, in the past, would have seemed overly complex.

For that reason, opening your third eye can be a scary experience.

It is opening your mind up to something new.

It is challenging to look at the world from a new perspective – which can be scary.

Suppose you wish to start this journey; the following signs all point to the fact that your third eye has begun to see.

Once you spot these signs, continue!

10 Signs Your Third Eye Is Starting To See:

#1 Looking For A Purpose

In life, many of us meander through the day, looking to get back until tomorrow.

We look to work until we get paid and then use the money we are paid to buy things we want in life – or, more importantly, the things we need, such as essentials, i.e., housing, food, water, heating, etc.

For many who open up their third eye, though, they can find they start to strive for a greater purpose.

What are they here for?

Can they do more to change the world?

Can they help impact life in a positive sense for others?

That becomes a common emotion that can stir from within.

It can make you more willing to do things you might otherwise have never considered.

It can push you to be more open about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

#2 Aches Between Your Eyebrows

If you begin to receive a lot of physical pressure between your eyebrows, then you could be in the process of opening up your third eye.

Pain in that part of your head is a sign that you are beginning to open that third eye. It might not necessarily be a pain, but more a sense of having pressure in that part of your body.

This is a clear sign that you are en route to making your third eye open – or that it is already open to some extent.

That pressure might initially seem a bit uncomfortable, but ride it out. Unless that starts to turn to genuine headaches and pains, do not assume that you need to take some painkilling medication.

This is a symbol that your third eye is starting to open.

#3 A Greater Sense Of Perception

If you find that you are suddenly picking things out before they happen, you are not magically clairvoyant out of nowhere. However, an increased sense of perception and intuition can go a long way to creating a better quality of life for yourself.

After all, the easier you can see things happening in life, the easier you can react to those issues.

You might feel like you are finishing people’s sentences off for them, or even something as simple as knowing what will happen in a TV show or entertainment product you are watching.

You might even have feelings of prescience; moments before someone calls you, you think about that person.

These are small but important symbols that you are on the right path to and truly opening up your third eye. It can seem off-putting when you first notice these signs but do not dismiss or ignore them.

#4 Lasting Empathythird eye feeling

One big sign that your Third Eye is opening is that you are far more empathetic than you were previously.

You might, for example, be someone who typically finds it hard to relate with struggling people–especially those you do not know. You might soon find, though, that you are far more empathetic to the plight of others.

Empathy is a good thing; it is a vital emotion that helps us feel alive and feel a sense of pain and belonging with struggling people.

For that reason, you should not dismiss this emotion.

It is a very powerful feeling and one that should give you a sense of belonging in the world, and having more empathy for people you know and those you see struggling through media is a common emotion that those with a third eye begin to feel.

#5 Empathy In Diet

Another interesting change that can occur as your third eye opens is that you become more sensitive to your food.

For example, are you a regular meat eater? Then you might find that, suddenly, your sensitivity to meat changes.

Now, there can be actual medical reasons for this, so if this is the only symptom on this list that you are noticing, then it might be wise to speak to a medical professional.

For many people, though, having more empathy with the food they eat is a common part of their third eye opening.

You start to feel more sensations, such as guilt for the animals you eat.

This can make you feel more conscious of what you eat, as you are more aware of the world at large.  

#6 Deeper Dreams

Another common sign of the third eye opening stage is that you begin to have really deep and meaningful dreams.

If you are going through a phase where your dreams seem to feel almost lifelike, then it could be a sign that your third eye is beginning to open up in its entirety.

You might think that this is simply a phase, that you might simply be getting a better quality of sleep at night and thus are dreaming deeper. However, many people believe that lucid, vivid dreaming happens because we bring our reality together with another.

Whether you believe that this goes as far as this is up to you, but this is a common belief within the spiritual community.

Having intense and vivid dreams, though, can be a clear sign that you are dealing with the opening of your Third Eye in its entirety. How exciting!

#7 Increased Sensitivity To Light

One of the first and most prominent sensations when your third eye opens is that you might find the lights are far brighter.

Again, this can be a medical condition, so if this is the sole symptom you are noticing, it might be wise to speak to a doctor.

If, along with other factors on this list, you start to be more sensitive to light, it could be a sign that your Third Eye is opening up wide.

You might even find that your third eye starts to create many shapes in your eyes.

When you close your eyes, do you see a lot of shapes and colors floating around in random patterns? That can be a sign that your third eye is working.

Most will see colors like blue and indigo, but it can be different for everyone.

Please do not ignore this feeling; it is a vital sign that you are now en route to giving your third eye that opening it has been waiting for.

You might find that, at first, you need to avoid areas with bright lights; this might even limit when you can drive. At least until you get used to the feeling.

#8 Buzzing Sensations

As your third eye continues to open, too, you might start to feel prominent buzzing sensations in your day-to-day life.

This can be quite awkward at first, and you might even strive to find ways to stop that buzzing feeling.

If this buzzing feeling sits around your eyebrows, it is a clear sign that your third eye is beginning to wake up and do its best work.

You might find that you keep scratching your forehead to try and work out if something is causing that buzzing feeling.

There will likely be nothing there: no bumps, lumps, spots, cuts, or anything of the sort.

That buzzing feeling, though, many believe, is a feeling that you should allow to work its magic.

When you do not concern yourself with it, it can be quite peaceful and relaxing to feel that buzzing come to life!

#9 A Desire For Challenges

One thing that many people who open up their third eye will admit is that they lose a sense of fear.

Fear holds us back in life and prevents us from taking risks that could improve our lives for the better. For that reason, many people who open their third eye will develop a sense of fearlessness.

They will take on challenges and tasks that, a year prior, they would never have considered.

They will put themselves in challenging situations and be far more aware of the benefits of new experiences.

Since our third eye makes us aware of the things in life well beyond our physical plane and understanding, it can make us realize that the experiences we can enjoy in day-to-day life are there to be sampled, not feared.

#10 A Desire To Create

Are you someone who feels like they are not very creative? Then, opening your third eye can change that drastically.

A desire to create through music, sound, art, and writing can become common for those who open their third eye.

You might find you are more likely to tap into your creative edge.

We are not saying that you will magically learn how to draw or play the guitar; you will be keen to try and understand.

In the past, you might have given up because you lacked a wider vision to try and turn into something.

With your third eye open, you are much more likely to try and challenge yourself from an artistic perspective.

Over time, that can make you more creative as you begin to see the intense power of your creative skills.

It can make you persevere through the learning process as you now have a creative vision worth learning how to draw, paint, write, sing, play instruments, etc.

Are you excited for your third eye?

Now that you have started the journey to opening your third eye, the above signs should kick into gear.

Naturally, that is very exciting – but it is normal that if you start to feel these sensations, you might be somewhat unnerved. Rest assured, though, that you are on the right path.

Also, remind yourself that this takes time.

Opening up your third eye is not something that happens instantly. It takes time, commitment, and effort.

Over time, though, that effort will pay off.

The benefits of opening your third eye are there for all to see.

Once you start feeling the above, do not stop – continue! The benefits are remarkable.

Starting this journey opens your mind to many unique possibilities; you can decide which opportunities excite you the most!


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