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Every 7 Years Your Consciousness Changes

The 7-year cycle of consciousness:


Life is an ever-moving experience where things never stay the same for long.

Things change when we feel like we might have reached a point of happy balance and equilibrium.

At the same time, things can change for the better when we feel like we have reached a low ebb in life.

Life changes and adjusts constantly to the point where it is hard to keep track of all the changes.

The changes we tend to focus on are often the changes in our material lives: our jobs, relationships, etc.

However, are you aware that every seven years, your consciousness changes? This is one of the most prominent changes that we will face in our lives.

This is known as the ‘7-year cycle’ and is vital to life development.

The spiritual cycles of life that we go through are known as:

  • The 7-Year Cycle of Consciousness
  • The 11-Year Cycle of Intelligence
  • The 18-Year Cycle of Life Energy

These three phases help to determine a major part of our lives, but arguably, the most important is the 7-year cycle of consciousness.

Within 21 years, you can find that your consciousness has shifted thrice. Is that not a little strange when you think about it?

However, as we all know, life changes at a rapid pace. Seven years is a lifetime for some of us – our lives can shift and change dramatically in seven years.

Is it so surprising that our consciousness could change in that time, too?

Let’s investigate further and determine what this specific ‘life cycle’ represents.

The 7-Year Cycle Of Consciousness: What Is It?

At its very base layer, then, the 7-year cycle of consciousness is a critical part of determining who we are. We often speak about the fact that we change as we get older. Our views on topics can usually change radically, as can our views on culture, society, and life.

Therefore, it is normal to accept that we change – but we do not often think about our consciousness changing. The 7-year consciousness cycle, though, proves that we do, in fact, adjust at the deepest internal level.

This seven-year cycle is crucial to forming our identity. It helps us to understand our views on everything in this world. It plays a vital role in determining our values and the things we feel strongest about.

It even helps us further understand what we are attracted to, dislike, and more.

In short, then, the 7-year cycle of consciousness plays a massive role in determining who you are. We often think that our tastes have changed as we age – it is more than this.

Our very state of consciousness has shifted, which has happened numerous times.

It can be hard to go back so far in life, but think about when you were a 7-year-old.

Your worldview has drastically changed from age 7 to age 14, age 14 to age 21.

Of course, this period in life also revolves around things like puberty and maturation. However, your consciousness continues to change, grow, and adapt as you age later in life.

We often think, especially as teenagers, that by age 21, we will be fully formed adults who ‘get’ the world.

Think about how you felt at age 21 versus 28, though – quite the difference, right?

We never stop adjusting our consciousness and view of the world – even your opinions on the world, age 60 to 67, will change!

Where Does The 7-year cycle of consciousness Come From?

The concept of the 7-year cycle of consciousness comes from yogic philosophy.

Yogic philosophy has been around for millennia, with it being one of the major schools that make up a large part of Hindu philosophy and cultural thinking.

Yoga has been mentioned as early as the first millennium CE, so it is not a new thought: it has been around for far longer than any of us. Far longer than seven years, anyway!

This philosophy is built upon two particular trains of thought: Purusha and Prakriti. Both are essential to making sure that yogic philosophy sticks with you.

The idea can be simplified: every living person is connected to both Purusha and Prakriti. Every individual is a connection of both body and mind.

Prakriti stands for “matter,” and Purusha means “pure consciousness” – bringing both together is a crucial tenet of yogic philosophy. This is where aspects and ideas like the 7-year cycle of consciousness come from.

These are not new-age ideas; they have existed for thousands of years. They have helped inform and structure people’s lives worldwide for a long, long time.

If you are worried that this is some strange modern philosophy, fear not; the 7-year cycle of consciousness has thousands of years of thinking behind it.

Why Does Our Consciousness Change Every Seven Years?

If we look at nature as a whole – not just human nature – we can spot little ‘signs’ that help us spot the significance of certain events and occasions.

For example, the number seven has a prominent role in nature and human culture. In addition, the number seven comes up a lot in religious and spiritual thinking.

Think about this: there are seven days of the week.

There are seven directions that we head in life.

The very cells in our body recreate themselves every seven years.

Some experts in astrology even believe that major shifts in the cosmos happen on a seven-year cycle. So, seven is extremely prominent in many parts of our lives.

Even something as simple as how our world is constructed – seven seas, seven continents – helps us to understand that the number seven is highly significant within nature.

To some, this can sound quite strange. Why the number seven?

That is the question that is harder to answer.

What we do know, though, is that seven appears to be highly important to the laws of nature, culture, and even astrology.

The number seven is also deeply prominent within the religious text – from the seven deadly sins to the seven deals in the Book of Revelation, the number seven is everywhere around us.

So, what can be tough is working out why the number seven. On this, you will receive many different theories and concepts – each of which can sound as plausible as they sound ridiculous.

What is a factor, though, is that we tend to experience things in this seven-year cycle.

It can be hard to grasp at first, but there is genuine validity in the idea that things happen in this specific cycle.

The best that you can do is prepare for these seven-year cycles and do the best you can to see each cycle as a new opportunity.

What Is The Most Important 7-year cycle of consciousness?

The most important seven-year cycle comes in our first seven years of life.

This, to many, sets the very tone for who we are. In those first seven years, we can set a huge amount of ‘rules’ for how we view the world and ourselves. From our very birth, we continue to grow and change as people.

These changes are most physically visible in childhood when we grow from being a baby to a toddler, toddler to teenager, and teenager to adult.

However, that first 7-year cycle of consciousness will set so many different personality traits into motion. It sets the very foundation for the kind of person we are.

How you come out of that first seven-year cycle will have a massive impact on determining the person you become.

While we all grow and mature with age, we have certain personality traits and attributes as children that remain with us for life.

How you come out of this particular life cycle can have a huge bearing on the person you will become in the years to come. Therefore, you should do as much as you reasonably can to discover what you were like as a newborn up to age seven.

Because if you investigate, you might find that many of the personality traits you love – and loathe – about yourself were set in stone at such a young age.

That can seem daunting, but to those who believe in yogic philosophy, it is certainly – at least in some ways – relatable to your personal experience.

Why Is This Important?

One of the main reasons many people view this seven-year cycle as so important is because it can inform their very view of their life.

If we view our life as a series of cycles as opposed to one continuous whole, it can make our personal development much easier to attune to.

Think about it like this: in a seven-year cycle of consciousness, your life will change quite dramatically. In many ways, nothing will be the same as seven years ago.

For many people, seeing the world through the prism of ‘birth, education, work, death’ is quite depressing. It can make it hard to attain greater meaning in our lives. However, as yogic philosophy shows, our life is a series of unique cycles.

These seven-year cycles are seen as the perfect time to take stock, to look at how your life is progressing, and to see where you could potentially make some big changes in the future.

You can use these cycles to try and reinvent yourself.

For example, you might find that life needs to change as you reach age 49 and move into your 50s.

You may need to be more creative, for example.

You might even feel like you need to transform what you do for a living entirely.

Everyone is different, but you will find that if you try and break your life down into moments, some of the most important happened every seven years.

You do not have to try and focus on making these changes every seven years – they happen as time goes on. Your mind will adjust for you.

These cycles mark opportunities to change your life and embrace the upcoming change and opportunity with excitement.

Using This Knowledge To Your Advantage

The main way many people who believe in yogic philosophy will use the 7-year cycle of consciousness is to look at their development across three cycles.

So, instead of looking at how things change in seven years – sometimes, it can be hard to perceive major changes in yourself in that time – look for changes across three cycles, i.e., 21 years.

The person you are aged 21 completely differs from who you will be aged 42.

You will change from ages 42 to 49 – but it will not be as drastic as the person you become from 21 to 42.

Your entire life view can change. What you do for a living, how you spend your time, and your views on events, culture, politics, etc., can all transform that life cycle.

Understanding these crucial junctions in your life can make it easier to accept change. Have you ever been told by someone that ‘you’ve changed’ since you last met them? Well, yeah, we all have!

Nobody – not a single person – stays the same across a seven-year cycle.

So, you will not be the person you were twenty-one years ago. How could you be? Think about everything that can happen to you in a single year.

Well, extrapolate that across a twenty-one-year cycle, and if your life hasn’t changed, then something has gone drastically wrong!

You will notice that in each cycle, you have a greater understanding of how you perceive the world, the people most important to you, and the emotional connections you hold.

These seven-year cycles are a wonderful time to work on the person you are and the individual you wish to become.

Use these cycles to look back on how you have changed. Look at the changes in your wisdom, maturity, and actions. Seven years ago, you were probably more impulsive and more emotionally driven.

Seven years from now, you will be a wiser, more spiritually connected individual.

You will better understand the path you need to take in life and who you truly are. And that can only be a good thing! Who wants to stay the same all their lives?

Final Thoughts

The 7-year cycle of consciousness is real for people who are attuned to looking at their lives.

You might feel like ‘nothing has changed for years, ’ but if you look closer, you will see how wrong this is!

Our lives – and our very personalities – change as time passes. This is just how the world works. No matter how wedded you are to one period, constant change and flux will occur.

These seven-year cycles represent the ideal time to look back and view that flux from a different perspective than you might at present.

Using those cycles to reflect on all of the changes – good or bad – can be a great way to become more appreciative of your journey in life so far.

Feel like nothing has changed?

Just think back to the start of your last seven-year cycle.

If you evaluate your life from then until now, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a significant list of changes.

Do not fear that change: embrace it!


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