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How to Recognize an Angel in Human Form?

How to recognize an angel in human form:


When we think about heavenly objects, the most common place to start is with an angel.

Angelic forms and figures have been a part of human history for millennia.

Ever since religion became a key part of human culture, stories of people seeing angels in various forms have existed.

Therefore, it does not stretch the imagination too much to imagine that you might believe you have witnessed angels in human form.

You might be wondering, though, how to recognize an angel in human form.

If that is the case, this article will hopefully help you appreciate when you might have witnessed such a divine being.

Angels are said to have watched over individuals to ensure they can live prosperous, happy lives.

To ward them from potential danger and harm.

To guide them through tough times and ensure they can overcome difficult personal challenges unscathed.

What we see as an angel can differ from person to person.

Some of us believe that we have witnessed an angel as an animal.

For example, you might find that you keep seeing what appears to be the same avian in your garden or perched on your windowsill; for some people, that can signify an angel watching over them.

For other people, it might be an angel witnessed in a human form instead.

To help you understand how to recognise an angel in human form, here are some useful tips and ideas that might make this easier.

Angels, naturally, go out of their way not to be seen. With that in mind, how can one be sure they have truly seen an angelic figure taking the form of a human?

An angel in human form: what are the clear signs?how do you know if you re an angel

The challenging part of telling an angelic figure apart from a human is that there is no discernible difference.

They will not walk around with glowing, white eyes, nor will they have wings.

An angel can appear in human form and look just like a normal person.

They will act, move, and dress just like a normal person. They will not wear glorious white clothing or float on water.

This can make it hard for us to determine whether we have just seen an angel.

If we use religious scripture as a guide, though, we will most likely see an angel take the form of an individual person. Therefore, it is not a visual cue we are looking for; we are looking for tells in their personality and way of being.

To see an angel in human form, their actions as opposed to their appearance will stand out. Seeing someone carry out kind deeds that go beyond what you would normally expect can be a sign that you are looking at someone who is more than a person.

Prescient Knowledgeangel in human body

One of the clearest signs you are dealing with someone divine is the knowledge they showcase.

They might tell you something that no stranger should know.

Or, they might be able to impart wisdom that seems absolutely perfect for your current situation. Although this person should know nothing about you, they can tell you personal details about your current situation.

A common example of this can be found in the Bible, specifically in Genesis.

Abraham and Sarah meet a trio of angels, who appear to them as men.

They are informed that they are to have a child together, which seems incredulous given both are of a fair age.

When Sarah laughs off this message in her head, she is asked by the angel why she laughs – a sign of prescience and an ability to see things clearly.

The most common sign that you are dealing with an angel in human form is that they can provide the perfect knowledge and wisdom.

They understand exactly what you are thinking and what your situation is.

They can offer insight and detail that goes beyond what you would normally consider. Naturally, meeting someone who knows so much about you can seem quite a daunting experience.

However, this is a clear sign for many that you have just dealt with an angel in human form.

If you meet someone you have never met before and they seem to know a huge amount about your situation or can instantly tell your issue, then you are likely dealing with an angel in human form.

Acts Of Kindnesshuman angels signs

Another clear sign that you are dealing with an angel in human form comes from their deeds instead of their appearance.

If you encounter someone who carries out actions that you deem heroic, saintly, or simply kind beyond typical expectation, then you can say that you are likely dealing with an angel in human form.

For example, if you find that you have prayed to your savior recently, help might arrive in the form of an angelic presence. This can naturally be quite energizing, seeing someone appear to you who appears to have answered the very prayers that you uttered.

It could be something as simple as taking a moment to pass on advice or giving you something that you have been searching for in your prayers.

Every angelic meeting in this way will be different, but the general consensus is that they will offer advice and information that solves a problem in your life. Or, they will step in to help you and provide aid when you might have otherwise been in an impossibly difficult situation.

While humans can also participate in acts of incredible kindness, you will know that even the best people have their limits.

When we see someone go completely above and beyond the norm to help someone in a challenging situation, there is a chance that they have been acting on divine order.

Sometimes, these interactions will come and go without you even really noticing what has just taken place. However, these incredible acts of kindness are often the clearest signs that we have dealt with someone of a divine nature.

Hospitality To Othersam i an angel in human form

Have you encountered someone who appears to offer kindness and hospitality far outside the norm?

For example, have you ever seen a homeless person provide a homeless person with blankets, water, and food – all without being asked or working for an organization that does this?

Many charitable organizations exist to give those who truly need help the assistance they require.

That being said, many others go out of their way to offer such kindness and care just off their backs.

When we see someone produce these acts of utter kindness, it can be incredible to witness.

It can also push us to be inspired to do the same. Seeing someone going out of their way to help another person can inspire you to follow that same path. If they can find the time and the decency to do it, why can’t you?

Seeing an angel in human form often comes from the fact that they help people out when nobody asks them to.

It can then inspire others who witnessed that act to follow suit and do the same themselves. Sometimes, the best thing that an angel can do is inspire others to take positive action and find the best version of themselves within.

Small acts of kindness can encourage large groups of people to follow that path and help others.

Going Above And Beyond

angels in human form

An angel in radiant light announces the birth of Christ to three shepherds, depicted at the left rear, vintage engraving.

Another symbol that you might have witnessed an angel in human form is someone going above and beyond their means to help someone else.

For instance, you might see someone commit long periods of their personal time to assist someone they barely know to resolve a problem.

This is quite common when you are dealing with a new neighbor, for example.

They might always be keen to go above and beyond to help you and others in the community. They seem always to find the time and the limitless patience to step in and resolve matters that previously did not involve them.

These angels in human form make their reputation because they spend so much of their personal time helping others.

They go far out of their way to assist someone with finding something they need or resolving a problem. It could be a material problem, like fixing a broken car or resolving an issue in their homes.

It could be personal, like helping them find peace in bereavement. It could even be professional help, like finding someone a chance at work when they otherwise could not find employment themselves.

Seeing someone so willing to go above and beyond the norm can be a sign that they are an angel in human form.

When we come across a human who is so willing to reach into their compassion to help people they barely even know, it can be a clear sign that this person contains an inner divinity.

Embracing Challengessigns you're an angel

How often do you see someone in a good position in life overwhelmed by a negative change in circumstances?

This can break even the most resilient and powerful of minds. It can leave people otherwise doing well in life in a hellish place.

When we see that happen, we can empathize.

We also frequently struggle to deal with the issues that life throws at us.

When life is up and down, it can be easy to get swept up in the moment.

The euphoria of the good and the dread of the bad. Some people we meet, though, appear to embrace the good and the bad equally.

They have no problem at all in embracing negative situations, as they see it as another part of the personal challenge of life.

When we meet someone who can take the rough with the smooth with equal pleasure, we deal with a truly angelic being!

Humans often find it hard to overcome the challenges we face in life.

We cannot accept that once-good things are now bad. However, people who could potentially be angels in human form tend to be very philosophical on such matters. They accept that life is a series of challenges and opportunities.

Nobody enjoys a life that is a straight line; we all must overcome our hurdles.

Incredible Resiliencesigns someone is an angel

Similarly to the above, how often do you come across people who are utterly unreceptive to change in your day-to-day life?

Who cannot face off against difficulties, personal or professional?

We sometimes, though, meet someone who is incredibly resilient.

They face off against the most damaging of issues with a sense of calm.

They are always willing to be resilient, fight for the right outcome, and give 100% effort to ensure that the best result for everyone can be achieved.

These can be people in your workplace who fight to help others enjoy better workplace conditions.

It can be people who overcome the odds in a physical or mental challenge to inspire others to do the same.

They are people who show a sense of incredible resistance to life’s challenges.

Such a sense of strength and resilience is rare in a human being. It can be a sign that we are dealing with someone angelic in nature – but sharing time as a human.

Wisdom Beyond Their Yearshow to recognize an angel in human form

Lastly, a sign that you are dealing with an angel in human form is when they appear to retain wisdom and experience beyond their young years.

Most appearances of angels in human form in scripture talk of young people, not aged individuals.

But, these young people also appear to bring wisdom and experience far beyond the ken of someone of their life experience and age.

Meeting someone like that can feel quite inspiring – it can also give us the feeling that the person we are dealing with is not quite of this world.

If you ever come across someone who appears to be able to give you the kind of wisdom you would expect from an experienced and wise sage, they might be angelic.

While some people possess great intelligence and learning, some advice and insight can feel so out of kilter with what we would expect.

Final Thoughtshow to tell if someone is an angel

There are many ways to spot an angel in human form; the above can give you a good idea of where to begin that personal search.

If you ever meet someone who feels so inspiring and unique that they make you question their divinity, you might just have met someone truly special.

Within that special individual might be a unique personality; an inner divinity might also propel their very being.

So, ask yourself this: have you ever met a person who meets these lofty standards? Have you ever encountered someone who makes you believe they are more than flesh and bone?  


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