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Cinnamon Ritual – First of the Month

What is the cinnamon abundance ritual?


If you are someone who holds ritualistic and spiritual beliefs, then it is likely that you have your way of bringing in the month.

The start of a new month heralds new opportunities, challenges, and difficulties to overcome.

Therefore, preparing for the start of a new month means using whatever rituals make you the most confident and comfortable you can be.

With so many rituals starting the month, it is easy to lose track. Have you ever heard of the cinnamon ritual on the first of the month?

This has become a common ritual for many who believe cinnamon can be a great way to start the month.

Today, many people blow cinnamon in their doorway – the entry to their home – on the first day of the month.

Why people do this and what the benefits are can be something that is discussed and spoken about at length.

Why do people do this? The main reason is that cinnamon is supposed to help promote abundance and success.

Though many have found out about this ritualistic beginning of the month through social media platforms like TikTok, the actual ritual is centuries old.

Cinnamon for abundance has become a common theme within rituals and spiritual thinking and has been part of the spiritual community for millennia.

Let us take a look at why this ritual has blown up so much in recent months and why it has become a starting point for a new month for a large number of believers.

Blowing Cinnamon In Your Door On The First Of The Month: How Does This Work?Cinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

Use A Cinnamon Ritual For Promoting Abundance

  1. So, at the start of the month, the cinnamon abundance ritual suggests taking a tablespoon of cinnamon into your palm.
  2. Now, step outside your front door whilst leaving the front door open. Now, turn around and face into your home, turn around, and blow the cinnamon into your home via the doorway.
  3. As you do this, you should think about thoughts of abundance and success. Think about the things that you want a lot of this month.
  4. It could be a success in your workplace or success with someone you are trying to befriend.
  5. It might even simply be an abundance of opportunity or an abundance of new challenges for you to overcome as you seek your next adventure in life.
  6. Whatever you are looking for more of in your life, think about it!
  7. Cinnamon for abundance has become a common mantra for people to use to promote a sense of more in their lives. You might even wish to think about promoting a little mantra – many exist online, or you can develop your ideas.
  8. Cinnamon for abundance, though, when accompanied by a thought of abundance and wellness, can work for many people in shifting their mood to focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

What Do You Say When Using Cinnamon On The First Of The Month?Cinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

Everyone has their little mantra that they might speak, but many little mantras might exist that you choose to say.

Some of these can be basic statements like “Everything is well, and more will come” or “I already have an abundance of goodness in my life.”

Focus on making statements that promote positivity, open-mindedness, and a commitment to seeing what is there for you.

Even simple things like saying, “I have everything I need; it is already mine,” or “Abundance flows through me in every step I take” can be a good way to help set the mindset and mood that you are looking for.

These little mantras and sayings help to provide you with a sense of attraction to this abundance.

You feel like you are better connected to the idea of having more.

This is why, for many, using cinnamon for abundance as a ritual on the first of the month is so prevalent.

It helps to set us in the right frame of mind needed to attack the day.

To help us look for opportunities to take us to the next level.

In short, this abundance ritual using cinnamon is often built around changing your mindset so that you look out for the goodness and abundance in your life.

Without this mindset, it is easy to overlook the many things in your life for which there is a plentiful supply.

Why Does Blowing Cinnamon In Your Front Door Work?Cinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

While many rituals for abundance exist and do not all use cinnamon, cinnamon has been linked to the concept of abundance and plentifulness for millennia.

Some prefer to use something like ground herbs or flower petals, but there has always been a connection to cinnamon and abundance.

The secret, many believe, is to ensure that your mind is filled with thoughts and desires of abundance as you blow the cinnamon through the door.

Of course, there is also the idea that this works due to a psychological factor.

You have committed to seeing more abundance in your life; thus, you are more likely to notice the things in your life that actually are abundant.

When we are not paying attention to these signs, though, it is for this to go over our heads and for us not to realize how much we have in life.

Even if you do not believe in magic, cinnamon rituals have become extremely common, with good reason. As much as anything, it is a mantra and a commitment to yourself.

To be more open-minded about the things in your life of which there are plenty.

These little thoughts and feelings can help to inspire you towards a sense of abundance and the presence of how much you have in life already.

Historical Beliefs Around Cinnamon Rituals For Promoting AbundanceCinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

Using cinnamon to attract more into your life is not a new idea.

It is a concept that has existed for a long time.

The use of cinnamon in such a practice is not something that has become a fad, nor has it been grown through the ‘TikTok generation’ – there is more to this than meets the eye.

One of the main reasons why cinnamon and abundance are so instinctively linked is that cinnamon is seen as an abundant spice.

The cinnamon tree has been used in spiritual programs for thousands of years.

Indeed, ancient Chinese practitioners of the spiritual arts have often leaned on the cinnamon tree as one of their most important elements.

Cinnamon itself is a very strong spice.

It has a very distinct, fiery flavor.

For that reason, many find it as a spice abundant in its taste, flavor, and warmth. Therefore, it is often associated with a sense of power and strength.

If we want to have things in life, we often need the strength to put ourselves out there to attract these opportunities.

This is exactly what cinnamon can help to do.

For example, many people associate the concept of using cinnamon to promote abundance due to the fact that cinnamon itself is naturally associated with a sense of well-being, wealth, and success.

Cinnamon Promotes An Abundance Of HealthCinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

Another reason why so many people have cinnamon down as a deeply powerful herb is that it can promote wellness in our physical health.

Cinnamon is used in many different health practices, both old-school medicinal care and general wellness campaigns.

For that reason, cinnamon is often used in health tonics and drinks, especially as we look back through history when natural medicine was more prominent. As such, cinnamon is linked with abundance in physical health as it is commonly used as a tonic.

For years, cinnamon has been used in anti-inflammatory medicines.

It has also been noted as a potentially useful treatment for reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Therefore, cinnamon has long had a strong connection to health, wellness, and an abundance of physical well-being. For that reason, it is easy to see why so many people associate cinnamon with vibrancy and well-being.

Can Cinnamon Really Bring Abundance?Cinnamon Ritual - First of the Month

This is a commonly asked question as people research the topic: can cinnamon make your life more abundant?

For many, it is more the spiritual belief of putting yourself in that frame of mind.

Abundance is there for us all to seek out and discover, but it is easy to be blinded to abundance. In the wrong frame of mind, you can ignore the things you have in your life in plentiful supply.

Instead, you can spend more time resenting the things you have in minimal quantities – or that you might lack entirely.

This mindset produces a more jealous, negative way of viewing the world.

While this cinnamon ritual is often associated with things like magic and spiritualism, it is also a mantra that ties in with things like the Law of Attraction. You start your month by trying to change your mindset.

Now, when you find your mind drifting to focus on the more negative aspects of your life, you might find yourself wanting more.

You might find that you spend a lot of time – perhaps too much – focused on the things you do not have as opposed to the things you do have present in life.

By having this little mantra carried out at the start of the month, you create a more positive frame of mind.

You are more likely to remind yourself of this ritual when you allow your mind to wander and focus on the things you do not have.

Really, this mantra helps you focus on the abundance already present in your life in massive quantities.

It can create gratitude where you only have a negative attitude at the moment.

Why The First Day Of The Month For This Cinnamon Ritual?

The start of a new month is also the start of a new opportunity.

It means that you are in a position to try and look at things from a new perspective.

The previous month is gone – those four weeks or so are over.

Now, you face new trials and tribulations.

You have new opportunities to succeed or fail. You can enjoy a plentiful supply or have minimal quantities of what you desire.

Just as many of us start a new hobby, interest, project, or commitment at the start of a new week, starting the new month with a new mindset can be incredibly healthy.

It can make it easier for you to focus on the positive change you wish to create and the optimism you wish to bring into your life.

Using cinnamon is a useful way to create the mantra and use a product that feels topical to abundance.

Cinnamon is often seen as an abundant and powerful spice, so using it as part of your rituals makes sense.

For that reason, using cinnamon for abundance as a ritual to start the month can make a lot of sense.

It is a matching spice that pairs well with having more in your life.

Starting the month with this ritual creates a sense of optimism that might have otherwise been missing.

This can be incredibly beneficial to your mood and mindset during the month.

It can make you more perceptive to the things you have lots of in life, but it can also make you more appreciative of opportunities that might open up the door to have even more in your life.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, cinnamon is something that pairs up very naturally with the concept of abundance.

There are reasons why people turn to using cinnamon as part of their abundance rituals.

It is a natural substance that feels like it combines well with the idea of having more in your life.

That being said, you need to make sure that you stay attached to this mindset and mentality as the month progresses.

Cinnamon might make it easier to spot abundance; you now need to make sure that you grab that sense of more with your own two hands!


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