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How To Pray When Under Spiritual Attack

How to pray when under spiritual attack:


If you believe in the concept of spirituality, you will likely think that an individual can be under what we call a ‘spiritual attack.’

Being bombarded by negative spiritual energy can bring us down.

It can make it easy for us to feel like we are not worthwhile or that our lives are not panning out as we had always dreamt of.

Such thinking can be dangerous and damaging to our well-being, though.

For many, trying to fight against spiritual forces often revolves around using prayer.

It is the belief of many that praying can help to ward off spiritual assault. However, you might need to find a way to pray that feels right to you.

In this guide, we will look at what spiritual attacks are, why they happen, and how you can find the right method of prayer to overcome the spiritual assault that you believe you are a victim of.

How can you pray when under spiritual attack?

What works?

Why Am I Under Spiritual Attack?

Unfortunately, there is no one set-in-stone reason.

We can be under spiritual attack for any manner of reasons.

This can make it hard to understand: why are you the one who is being invaded in this way? What have you done to deserve this kind of feeling?

Spiritual attacks can happen to us for any manner of reason.

It can happen because we deal with something immensely challenging in our lives. It could come from a feeling of unease or guilt about something we have done recently. The reasons for your spiritual assault can be numerous – but they are rarely, if ever, positive.

The concept of spiritual warfare and attack is often seen as a presence of evil trying to enter your life.

Whether you believe in a major religion or hold spiritual beliefs, spiritual attacks can come to you anytime.

Sadly, spiritual assaults can happen when you feel you are most optimistic and powerful. They can feel like they have arrived to knock you down and make you feel worse about yourself.

The reason why you are under spiritual attack is going to be different for every person. Most of the time, though, these attacks can feel like they are trying to direct you toward negative thinking.

A common reason you might find yourself under the concept of a spiritual attack comes from our focus in life.

If you feel like you have strayed too much recently and excessively focused on material life, your spirit can feel under attack due to the conflict this creates within your mind.

You might find that you are focusing too much on the pleasures of material purpose; spirituality teaches us that material gains are fleeting and that life’s genuine happiness and success come from spiritual joy instead of material progress.

This can cause us to feel a sense of dread and despair. How have we allowed ourselves to fall so far from our spiritual purpose? At this point, you might feel under prolonged spiritual assault.

What Does A Spiritual Attack Feel Like?

If you are dealing with a prolonged spiritual attack, you might wonder what this feels like.

Most of the time, spiritual attacks will make you feel increasingly defeated.

You will find it hard to lift yourself, to see the optimism in a situation, and to find the will to carry on.

You might focus on negative emotions you usually do not connect with, such as jealousy, anger, bitterness, and even hatred.

Naturally, such emotions can drive you to helplessness and anger.

You can start to feel emotions that relate to the following senses:

  • Negativity – what is the point in trying? This is a common emotion that can overwhelm us when we are dealing with a spiritual attack
  • Tiredness – you feel like you lack the energy to get up and go again. This is commonly associated with people under spiritual assault
  • Reclusiveness – you draw yourself away from the people who mean the most to you and who could help you to see reason
  • Jealousy – you focus on the material gains of others instead of focusing on your spiritual wealth. This furthers material pursuits
  • Paranoia – you start to believe that everyone is out to get you, including even the people who you love and trust most in this world
  • Disconnection – you find it hard to find your spiritual faith and to believe that there is something out there for you after all
  • Patterns – you begin to spiral into unhealthy patterns, such as failing to look after yourself, your loved ones, and your goods
  • Loss of faith – you start to believe that your chosen deity or spiritual connection is punishing you and that you have done an immeasurable wrong

If you find yourself in this consistent train of thought, pulling yourself back out of that hole can be increasingly hard. However, these emotions and thoughts can become overwhelming when you are under spiritual attack.

It can feel hard to escape and to find a sense of relief.

Over time, this can become quite consuming and thus make it hard for you to move on with your life positively and optimistically.

Why Can Praying Help When Under Spiritual Attack?

Praying can be an immensely powerful tool for lifting yourself out of the doldrums and finding spiritual wealth again.

You can find that some, or even all, of the above emotions are taking over your day-to-day mentality.

You might find it hard to escape these thoughts, dread, and negativity. This is a sign that your spirit is under attack – and that you need to do something to ward off this danger.

If you turn to your chosen spirit, though, you can find that you can start to recover your senses.

You can escape that self-fulfilling prophecy of negativity, loathing, and embarrassment. Praying is a great way to help re-evaluate your mind, cleanse yourself of such negative thinking, and find peace again.

Negative spirits like this will often look to convince you that you are hopeless.

That you cannot escape.

That those around you who have found spiritual peace are simply putting a brave face on it.

The spiritual attack can leave you with a nihilistic viewpoint where you ignore the wealth of good and success around you.

Even if it is not your success, it is the success of those around you. And for a truly spiritual person, seeing others succeed is just as gratifying as succeeding themselves.

However, praying can help to bring you back to a sense of optimism. It can help you see that your emotions are clouded and your thoughts are not your own.

It can help you to see that the fog of negativity that has enveloped your mind is a spiritual assault and that, with enough patience, you can overcome that feeling.

It does not matter who you pray to or what your prayers are about. It is about ensuring you take the time to fight against this overwhelming sense of negativity.

How To Pray When Under Spiritual Attack

Find A Sacred Space

Regarding the concept of prayer, we all tend to have the places that we turn to.

You should locate what your safest space is for praying.

For some of us, it might be a local church or a spiritual gathering. It might be a location where you live that provides a space for serenity and spiritual thinking. It might even simply be part of your home – everyone will have their sacred location where they feel truly safe and protected.

It could even be as simple as a quiet space at home where you lay a rug to help keep your knees comfortable while praying.

Again, there is no set-in-stone place to pray when under spiritual attack: it is where you are likely to feel most comfortable praying.

Create The Right Time Of Day

The next aspect of your prayer should be ensuring it is a time of day when you feel energized.

For many, this might be in the morning before going to work. Or it might be in the evening when all of your tasks and chores for the day are complete.

Everyone has their preference. It could even be during the day, such as your lunch break.

Whenever you feel most energized, praying can only help bring that energy and enthusiasm further.

By making prayer something that you do as a habit at a certain time of the day, you make the benefits of prayer more likely to become a consistent benefit to your life and overall well-being.

Express Gratitude

First, you should express a sense of gratitude and humble thanks for the opportunity to pray in the first place.

Think of all the good you have in your life and all the things that have worked out for you recently.

Even in times of darkness and trying scenarios, we can still find positivity. Something will have gone well: you must dig deep to discover what that is!

Try and reflect on your day, week, month, and even year.

Take the time to reflect on the challenges you have faced and overcome—little things like this help to turn your prayer into a more optimistic frame of mind. Instead of praying to ward off negativity, you are praying for an uplift in gratitude for the things that have worked out in your life recently.

Admit To Challenges

One of the easiest ways to come under spiritual attack is to pretend everything is alright.

We all make mistakes in life and face temptations that might be at odds with the person we wish to be. During your prayer, make sure that you face up to this and commit to dealing with it head-on.


Because during prayer, we can use this opportunity to admit to the distance we still have to travel to pursue our desired position in life.

By praying and giving time to the temptations you face, you can build a sense of inner pride that you have not fallen to temptation, or at the very least; you have recognized that temptation is there and has to be challenged.

Praying Based On Your Spiritual Beliefs

The main thing to remember is that prayer is a universal belief – you do not have to follow a certain religion to pray. Everyone can pray.

Therefore, you should find a mantra or a prayer that gives you a sense of spiritual calmness.

For a Christian, it might be wise to look into mantras such as the Psalms Prayer of H.E.L.P.

Other religions will have similar equivalents, so your job is to find what gives you a sense of spiritual uplift. Everyone is different and has spiritual beliefs, so you should look for the mantra and the spiritual focus that gives you the greatest sense of ease.

Over time, this will make overcoming such difficulties much easier regarding your long-term health and progression.

Make Sure You Pray Regularly

By using the above prayer process, you should hopefully feel more confident in overcoming that sense of negativity and dread. However, it would be wise to maintain a sense of prayer even when things are looking good.

The negative forces in a spiritual attack can come at any time. For many, these attacks bring us down when we are most upbeat and happiest.

Therefore, you should make a habit of praying as regularly as you can.

When you use the above prayer method, you can find it easier to break free from the shackles of spiritual attack. It can also help elevate your mindset and mood to the point that you can come out the other side when the spirits attack.

Make sure, then, that you do not allow yourself to fall into the mistake of praying only when you feel under spiritual attack. Regular bouts of prayer can give you a sense of gratification you would have otherwise lacked.

At the same time, regular prayer is also likely to help you maintain a more balanced sense of equilibrium. Now, when the attacks take place, you are in a better place mentally to bat away the threat and danger.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to ignore the mental impact that a spiritual attack can produce.

These issues can overwhelm us and make us feel insignificant and small.

By using the above, though, you should find it a lot easier to positively come out of the other side of such an experience.

It is not easy, but with enough spiritual prayer, you can find it easier to ward off rampant negativity and anger.

Regular prayer paired with this method of prayer is likely to help you overcome these spiritual attacks and feel better about yourself at the same time.


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