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Kurukulla Mantra Benefits – Goddess of Love

Kurukulla Mantra lyrics:


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Kurukulle or Kurukulla, also called Rigjedma, is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Love, Lust, Sex, Magick, Enchantment, and Liberation.

She is very well known among Tibetans for her magical function of enchantment and the bewitching of the people in order to bring them under one’s power.

She is pre-eminently the Buddhist goddess of witchcraft and enchantment however, in a real sense, she represents the empowerment of the feminine in a patriarchal milieu.

In Tibet, she additionally is called upon when commencing the building of the new monastery, undertaking new business or enterprise, e.t.c. to subdue and subjugate all demonic and human strengths that stand in ones’ path.


According to the writings, Kurukulle is 16 years old because sixteen is the ideal number signifying perfection. She has a wonderful face with a voluptuous body and alluring. She is red in color for her magical function of enchantment and magnetism.

She is single-faced because she embodies non-dual knowledge beyond conventional distinctions of good and evil. She is naked is because she is unconditioned by discursive thoughts.

She has 4 arms because of 4 immeasurable states of mind, namely, love, empathy, joy, and serenity. She holds a bow and arrow entwined with flowers because she can give rise to thoughts of desire in others’ minds.

On her other hands, she holds a hook that attracts and summons them into her presence and nose to bind them to the will.

In addition, She wears human bone ornaments signifying the 5 perfections, and she herself embodies the 6th perfection of wisdom.

She wears a necklace of 50 freshly served human heads as she vanquishes 50 negative emotions. She is seen dancing as she is very energetic and active.

Her compassionate activity manifests in both Samsara and Nirvana.

She dances, treading upon a male human corpse as she enchants and subjugates demons of ego.

Moreover, She stands on the red sun disc because her nature is hot and enflamed with passion, and she stands upon the red lotus blossom because she is the pure vision of enlightened awareness.

The Benefits Of Chanting Kurukulla Mantra

She will help you with working with your desires in this world. 

Additionally, She reveals all your desires, magnetizes them to you, and makes them manifested in your real life, so you get to see the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly parts of your own mind!

You should, therefore, have excellent support and see a psychological counselor (or a spiritual teacher) once a week during this time to discuss your desires and wishes deeply.

Your internal conflicts will come out at this time, you cannot brush them under the carpet, all your desires will come to your mind at once!  Do not attempt this practice without support!

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