Causal Chakra (or Past Life Chakra) Meaning and Location

Causal chakra (or past life chakra) is located 3 to 4 inches behind the center back of the head. The color is white and it vibrates at the fourth dimension.

This chakra is governed by Archangel Christiel (you can ask him for help with silencing the chatter of your mind, so Divine guidance can be better and more clearly received) and twin flame Malory.

Note – in the case of Archangel Christiel, the energy is undoubtedly feminine. Some people consider her to be the female embodiment of Jesus Christ, thus, the similarities between the names.

This chakra has feminine qualities of compassion, love, and intuition, as well as purity.

When you open to the higher consciousness of the great feminine energy, this chakra comes into relevance.

Through this chakra, we receive messages, information, and inspiration from the higher spiritual realms. To facilitate this we need to be able to detach ourselves from our learned beliefs.

Once information comes into this chakra, it is sent down into the lower energy centers for distribution throughout the whole body.

Meditation and exercises, which still the mind, can assist in the activation of this energy center. Also, kyanite (a blue silicate mineral) is especially helpful here.

You can tuck a stone behind your head when lying down or a helper can hold a stone a little off the back of the head at the point if sitting or standing.

The past life chakra is the center that accepts the „dosages” of light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, brow and throat chakras.

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When this energy center is overloaded and out of balance, we are unable to release the memories of old patterns, behaviors, and experiences. We continue to attract similar experiences into our lives and get caught up in self-judgment, guilt, and regret.

When causal chakra (or past life chakra) is activated:

When the causal chakra is open and activated, it is a gateway to the angelic kingdom so that we can communicate with beings of light on the Gold Ray.

Moreover, when this chakra is open, it deals with the exploration of spirit and higher wisdom.

It opens when the right brain is active because it enables us to see the big picture through the power of intuition and creativity.

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