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Merkaba Meditation Benefits: 11 Reasons Why It’s Good For You

What is Merkaba (or Light Body)?

Merkaba is a 17-meters-in-diameter energy field around the human physical body, consisting of 2 counter-rotating tetrahedrons, spinning with the speed of light. It is comprised of precise sacred geometries that align the body, mind, and heart together.

For the majority of people, these energy fields have slowed down or stopped spinning completely due to a lack of attention and use. When this field is reactivated and spinning properly, it is called a Merkaba.

The two rotating star tetrahedrons shape of Merkaba is considered by ancient and some modern spiritualists followers of mysticism to be an illustration of the invisible energy that surrounds the body.

The word “Merkaba” is made up of 3 words: Mer, Ka, and Ba.

  • Mer represents the Light;
  • Ka represents the spirit of a person;
  • Ba represents the physical body.

The word comes from ancient Egyptian, and it has numerous other pronunciations, such as Merkava and Merkavah.

It was acknowledged in ancient times and even written about by the Hebrews that this energy field could be activated by certain principles in deep meditation.

This also involves breathing changes and heart, mind, and body changes that transform the way a person perceives reality. Ascended Masters use their Merkaba to connect with higher spirits and realms.

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Benefits Of Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation

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#1 Activating this energy field through the 17-breath meditation will result in profound contact with your Higher Self, and it will strengthen every aspect of your life.

#2 This meditation helps you to achieve a state in which you are aware of several beneficial fields of energy around you.

#3 You will be better able to balance your emotions and mind, to relieve stress, and to heal yourself if the meditation is used daily.

#4 Helps you to focus and ground yourself. Grounding is all about the awareness that we are still in a physical body as well as endeavoring to become spiritual beings and workers.

#5 When you start practicing this meditation, you will feel a stronger connection with the living world around you, as well as experiencing an increased feeling of energy and happiness.

#6 Helps you to release your energetical blockages, purifying, balancing, and opening all your chakras, nadis (energy channels), and subtle bodies.

#7 The meditation speeds the process of kundalini awakening by aligning the energy fields in that location and facilitates a better movement of prana throughout the body.

#8 This powerful meditation itself is an excellent technique for any type of manifestation, both physical and spiritual.

#9 This spiritual tool will also make you revitalize, relax, and improve your overall health.

#10 Most importantly, you will remember and experience your intimate connection with the Higher Consciousness in a safe and protective environment.

#11 When you meditate on the merkaba, you connect with this higher dimensional energy field and begin to spin it around your body. This activates a powerful flow of energy that can help to cleanse your auric field and align you with your highest potential.

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Merkaba Meditation Benefits

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During this meditation, there are 18 breaths, where the first 6 breaths are for balancing the polarity and the next 7 breaths for proper pranic (energy) flow through the entire body. The further breaths are for shifting your consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension, and finally, the last of the meditation consists of 3 breaths and is for recreating the rotating Merkaba energy field around and within the body.

This breathing allows you to make contact with your higher self so that a confident and clear spiritual guidance emerges within you.

The 18th breath is not taught. It is considered that the last breath represents the bond between an individual’s current self and his spiritual higher self. This breath is not taught by any spiritual teachers; instead, it is the higher self that teaches this last breath.

It’s important to fully master each part of the meditation before moving on, and so it’s not unusual for a beginner to spend weeks or even months only moving through the first few breathing exercises, as some individuals take longer than others to gain the awareness, practice, and control they need.

There is a workshop called The Flower of Life, which guides this spiritual process through a meditation, bringing you not only to an intellectual understanding of this process of Kundalini awakening, but the experience and connection with your divine or sacred geometry.

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Below you can watch a Merkaba guided meditation.

Final Words

There is at least one other factor that is even more crucial than learning the meditation itself – the opening of the heart and the experiencing of Divine Love.

It is the Unconditional or Divine Love that is the primary factor that allows the energy field to become a living field of light. Wit the Divine Love, this meditation will only be a series of steps and will have many limitations.

Featured image credit – Shutterstock/Inna Panycheva

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