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How To Know If Your Third Eye Is Open – 12 Signs

How To Know If Your Third Eye Is Open – 12 Signs

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna chakra (or the sixth chakra), is where transcendent consciousness and intuition take priority over ordinary logic.

It is located approximately in the center of the eyebrows, between and above the two physical eyes.

When the Ajna chakra is open, you have a positive view of the future and see the bigger picture.

When highly developed, your third eye chakra confers deep spiritual insight and elevates consciousness. In addition, it is the main organ through which spiritual energy can be regulated and awakened.

The third eye chakra is not a part of the physical body, however, it is considered to be part of the subtle body.

In the physical body, the third eye chakra has a strong connection with the pineal gland, a pinecone-shaped endocrine gland located in the center of your brain.

The pineal gland helps to modulate your sleep patterns by producing melatonin. During the day the pineal gland is inactive. 

When Ajna chakra is blocked, it causes many problems and troubles including:

  • poor visual perception;
  • not receiving intuitive insights or divine guidance;
  • hallucinations;
  • lack of concentration;
  • ear problems;
  • unable to focus properly;
  • sore eyes;
  • confusion with the information you do receive;
  • sinus pain;
  • confusing dreams;
  • headaches;
  • unable to see past illusions;
  • lack of imagination and intuition.

How To Open Your Third Eye

There are several ways to open your third eye, including pranic healing, Trataka meditations, or darkness retreat. You can find out more here.

List of 12 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opened

How To Open Your Third Eye


#1 You Are a Human Lie Detector

Flattery annoys you but lies deeply trouble your heart. Whether a gift or curse, you possess the capacity to detect lies on the spot.

#2 You Can Quickly Center On The Nowthird eye

You have an amazing ability to refocus your mind entirely on the now so as to block out any unnecessary thoughts about the past or future.

#3 You Are a Deep Thinkermeditation woman

Most people with an open third eye are also deep thinkers. You pay attention to whatever signs the Universe gives you, be it a fortuitous event, chance encounter, or a coincidence.

You never take things at face value because you believe that life is full of symbolism, connections, and meaning.

Also, your mind is capable of figuring out all the nuances and subtleties in an interaction or a conversation.

This is the reason why people with an opened third eye can frequently know things without necessarily knowing how they know it.

#4 Psychic Abilities Begin To Awaken

Signs Your Third Eye Is Opened

Vladimir Arndt/Shutterstock

If you are claircognizant (someone who has the intuitive ability of clear knowing), you will just know things you shouldn’t know. But these thoughts don’t feel like you thought them up. They are more like flavors you come to recognize over time.

If you are clairsentient (someone who has the ability to intuit information through clear feeling), you will feel things in your body.

If you are clairaudient (someone who has the capability of receiving an intuitive vocal message from a higher being or the world of spirits), you will hear sounds or voices or even music that other people can’t hear. 

If you are clairvoyant (someone who has the ability to gain information about a physical event, location, person, or object through extrasensory perception), you will likely see colors or visions or pictures others can’t see. 

#5 You Are A Visual Thinker

You create a mental image when problem-solving. This process can sometimes be as long as it takes to count to 1000 or as quick as the blink of an eye.

#6 You Are Humble

When you commit a good act, you do not use the act as a reason to think highly of yourself. Instead, you think of any good act as very minor in the grand scheme of things.

#7 You Are Detached From Expectationmeditate in nature

You are no longer motivated by desire or fear and have outgrown the need for others’ approval.

You no longer make your decisions based on pleasing others. 

Also, you are experiencing new levels of freedom.

This is a sign that your third eye is opened.

#8 You Complete People’s Sentences

You are so attuned to the world around you that you can grasp where someone is going with a sentence within minutes of meeting them.

#9 You Can Connect The Dots With Ease

Connect The Dots

Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

Your mind constantly connects the dots throughout the day whether subconsciously or consciously.

In addition, you are able to figure out methods to tackle a problem with minimal effort. This is most likely due to your increased intuition and perception.

#10 You Have Vivid Dreamslucid dreams

Vivid dreams can be positive or negative, fantasy, or realistic. They are also signs of ascension – it is part of the shifting energy. They feel vivid since you are more active in the astral plane.

#11 Déjà vu Experiences

Do you feel a familiarity with people, things, and places you have not seen before? Do you frequently feel that you have been somewhere earlier even though you have not? This is a clear sign that your third eye is opened. It is also a sign of spiritual awakening.

Dr. James Giordano, a Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center, said:

Déjà vu [a French term meaning ‘already seen’] occurs because the brain uses both a ‘fast’ process of immediate sensation and memory, and a ‘slower’ process to integrate past memories and present experiences.” 

#12 You Listen To Your Inner Voice

Perhaps the most obvious trait of a person with an awakened third eye is the extent to which they listen to the little voice inside of them and actually act based upon what it says.

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