Pineal Gland – Facts, Location, Fluoride, Cyst, Calcification, Function


The pineal gland is a small organ situated near the center of the brain, whose secretory function is not fully understood yet. However, it is actually an important part of your endocrine system.

It is known to be influenced by light, it is connected to the day-night cycle, sleep, and sexual development, yet there is more to learn about it.

The epiphysis played an important role in one of the greatest thinkers that mankind has ever had – René Descartes.

He described it as the place in which all the information is filtered, stored, and processed, and then sent throughout the body.

Moreover, the French philosopher argued that here is where the human soul is found, so that the entire coordination is possible.

It’s called pineal because it has the shape of a pine cone, the size of a pea, weighing about 0.2 g.

This gland is better known as the third eye, Ajna chakra, or the eye of Horus.

Functionthird eye open

The pineal gland is able to perceive light, just as the normal eye does, but its secrets melatonin only in the dark.

The secretion of melatonin is inhibited by light and stimulated by its absence, which is one of the reasons why you should not sleep with the light on.

As melatonin is released and spreads throughout the body, we enter into a deeper sleep.

Melatonin is known as an anti-stress and anti-aging agent since it both suppresses cortisol and is a strong antioxidant.


Inside, the pineal gland is filled with water, which calcifies in time (it becomes visible on radiographs after the age of 20) due to fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in water or soda.toothpaste

Additionally, sources of fluoride can include processed foods and beverages made with fluoridated water.

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Aryana Havah said:

“Fluoride has no beneficial effect on the body – It is given specifically to inhibit the Pineal Gland.”

The epiphysis may be the location of a very rare tumor, called the pinealoma.

Note – fluoride was first added to toothpaste in 1914, however, it was only in 1955 that the first commercial fluoride toothpaste became available. In 1951, fluoridation became an official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Important note – according to a recent study, prenatal exposure to higher levels of fluoride substantially increases the incidence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as well as impairs cognitive development in children.

Update – a 2019 a draft report from the National Toxicology Program established that fluoride is “presumed” to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans.


Since the gland is not protected by the brain barrier, it is open to exposure to minerals like fluoride and calcium. 

Any cyst or calcification that occurs in the epiphysis shows that there are energy blockages on that level.

Studies conducted by various researchers have shown that such formations – cysts, calcifications – can occur at any age.


Drugs like LSD or DMT have the ability to open it strained and accelerate its functioning.

Dr. Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, noticed among other things that the epiphysis produces DMT during birth, death, during spiritual or mystical experiences.

Strassman explained:

“As an endogenous, or naturally-produced, human psychedelic, I believed it might mediate spontaneous psychedelic experiences such as near-death and mystical states.”

Dr. Rick Strassman went on to say:

”I also considered the epiphysis a likely source of this endogenous DMT; as such, the pineal might be a ‘spirit gland.” 

It is proven that the epiphysis is directly related to sexual function, and sexual abstinence (abstention from excesses) can strongly activate it.

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It was noted that the persistence of negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and feelings of denial of one’s own being, affects the pineal gland negatively.


Herophilos (335–280 BC), a Greek physician and often called the father of anatomy, noted that the small pineal gland is a single structure, different from the brain’s characteristic of mirrored sides: left and right.

It is the first gland to be formed in the fetus and is identifiable at 3 weeks. It is also heavily vascularized.

The pineal gland is nourished with the best blood, oxygen, and mixture of nutrients from human anatomy, being surpassed only by the kidneys (whose function is to filter impurities from the blood).

Due to these special and unique anatomical configurations, Herophilos correctly concluded that this gland plays a major role in consciousness and that it is the gateway to our real self.

Spiritual Eyethird eye facts


There is a direct similarity between the epiphysis and the eyeball, due to the fact that the epiphysis also has crystalline receptors for the perception of colors; the internal structure of the gland is similar to the eye retina; it contains photoreceptor cells called pinealocytes.

Therefore, it is called the third eye or spiritual eye.

David Wilcock, the New York Times bestselling author of ”The Source Field Investigations,” said:

“It is apparent that several relationships exist between the pineal gland and retina. The similarities in development and morphology have been obvious for many years.”

In Vedic texts, the epiphysis is considered the “third eye” – designed to facilitate communication with the divine power, and self-knowledge. It is also the seat of awareness, the gateway to cosmic realms within, freedom, and discrimination.

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“All psychic systems have their physical aspects in the body . . . With Ajna chakra, the physical equivalent is the pineal gland, which has long baffled doctors and scientists as to its precise function…

Yogis, who are scientists of the subtle mind, have always spoken of telepathy as a ‘siddhi’, a psychic power for thought communication and clairaudience, etc.

The medium of such siddhis is Ajna chakra, and its physical terminus is the epiphysis, which is connected to the brain. It has been stated by great yogis … that it is the receptor and sender of the subtle vibrations which carry thoughts and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos.” – Swami Satyananda’s quote.


The third eye chakra corresponds to the acupuncture point M-HN3, in Chinese medicine. The seed (beej) sound for this chakra is “Eem.”

When the third eye functions harmoniously, it confers inner balance, well-being and a tendency toward spirituality. However, malfunction of epiphysis or even blockages in this area leads to exacerbated attachments to the material world and the fear of death.

Moreover, everything from dizziness and headaches to brain lesions and blindness can be linked with an unhealthy third eye chakra. 

If you have a blocked Ajna chakra, you might also struggle to learn new things and have trouble sleeping (insomnia).

Third eye chakra healing employs different types of holistic healing remedies to bring alignment to the mind, body, and spirit.

Do you know any other fascinating facts about your pineal gland? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Black Africans discovered the pineal gland many years before Rene Descartes learned of it. Also, the pineal gland of the African (across the diaspora) remains uncalcified beyond 20 years of age & is much larger than other ethnicities.

    • the only reason Africans gland is more active is because they’re not subject to all of the other chemicals and stuff did Caucasians and people in developed countries are it has nothing to do with being black white yellow brown green it’s simply just because of their diet and the lack of fluoride in their water and other chemicals that kill it or calcified

      • Well considering Black Africans produce the most melanin, hint hint..Also the ancient kemetic people had it as one of their symbols. They were a Black civilization, contrary to popular belief. They knew it was what made Blacks different..

  2. Black Africans discovered the pineal gland before Descartes learned of it. Also, there are calcification differences among Caucasians & Africans.

  3. The pineal gland is believed by doctors to be connected to “cluster headache”, a neurological disorder characterized by cyclical, regularly occurring headaches and severe pain almost always located behind one eye.

  4. Pretty sure Peneal gland is not conscious of the races, not does race matter upon arriving with Mystics or near or actual death experiences. The focus was on the Peneal not who first mentions it.

  5. The point, Heidi, whether you are comfortable with it or not, people with little to no Melanin typically have a calcified Pineal Gland by the age of 20. This is one of the reason they introduced the Melatonin pill in 1994. It is taken mostly by people with little to no melanin to help them secrete Melatonin to slow aging, prevent cancers etc. Not to say that this will help because it is not produced naturally. In view of this, t’s affects may be short lived, if anything. Further, where do you think scientists get this melatonin from? It is the only biochemical that scientist cannot re-produce in a lab? You think they are getting it from “brown and black” mice or other “brown and black” animals? And even if they were getting it from animals, do you think it would work the same as human melatonin? Think again. They are getting it from the organs of dead people with melatonin i.e. black people or other people of color. This is why some people who take this supplement report having nightmares. Melatonin includes trace memory. So when a non-melanated person takes melatonin, it is also possible to get trace memories from the dead person from which that melatonin came from. This is why many of these people report having nightmares. It is not theirs to have. When you interfere with the Divine Force, you suffer the consequences. Prima Materia is Melanin. Remember this term when you read sci-fi material or when you read about Alchemy which is the study of “blackness” i.e. black people. It is a term that comes from the ancient Egyptian word Kemet, which also means black. Here’s another important point: 1) It does not matter how much meditation you do or how spiritual you are, the key element you need to reach the 5th dimension and higher is natural M E L A N I N. Do not let them lie to you.

    • So then, by your argument, for us to reach the 5th dimension we should all get our tan on? I’m pretty sure that M E L A N I N is the pigment produced by MELANOCYTES in our skin to protect the cells against UV damage.

      • Melanin and melatonin not the same thing. Getting some natural day light and limiting artificial blue wave frequencies will aid your body in producing adequate melatonin.

    • Shek, I understand that this is over a year old…however, today I read your response and applaud you. I applaud you for comment, in it’s content and delivery. Thank you for that. Always seek the truth.

  6. I have astral projected since childhood, had a number of visions, Lucid Dream and I have raised the kundilini 3 times. First time to the heart, then the throat and last was to the Crown Chakra. While I have raised it and Sat in the Light, I cannot stay at that rate of spiritual vibration all the time yet.
    I teach Seeing, Advanced Yoga Philosophy, have been a life long student of Theology, studied many paths, religions and philosophies, and Medicine Wheel Teachings, (Yes I am Native American)…Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and how ones Spiritual Gifts and Powers work and how to tell “where” one is at on the innerplanes….among other things.
    I am a Shaman/travel the inner planes to help people.
    Only reason I am sharing this is to make it clear…opening the Crown Chakra, using The Third Eye, being psychic, having Clairvoyance, Clairaudience And Clairsentience has NOTHING to do with the physical body or Melanin or not…or your race.
    Rather it has everything to do with your love of God and your fellow human beings. Or in other words, how spiritual you are or are not.
    We all have the potential for the same Spiritual Gifts and Powers….and like the flowers in the field we will all bloom…just not all at the exact same time. Yet the first flower is no more lovely than the last.
    The Pineal Gland can become calcified in many ways…and nowdays…mostly by the fluoride in our water…and yes that is one of the reasons it is being put into our water….to try to stop people awakening. It is also used to keep people docile. Hitler used it in the camps.

    But mankind cannot keep God Consciousness from this planet…no one can hold back the Dawn.

    And to reach enlightenment you must consciously travel all the way back to Pure Spirit/God Consciousness which is the 7th Plane. The fifth plane is the plane of Spiritual Thought which is a principle of our Higher Consciousness. It is where a teacher strives to “sit” in daily consciousness.
    Studying Yoga philosophy will help you. Peace to you and yours…

  7. The way I experienced this was quite different from the way you describe. Several years ago I began listening to a sound meditation from a Zen Master named Tom Kenyon. I would listen to it several times a day and began feeling a pressure from the pituitary gland located just below it. One day as I was listening to it and resting my attention in the pineal I felt a needle like line go up to the center of my forehead and intense feeling of the third eye opening. Everyday since I still feel it there but haven’t figured out the messages it is sending. I am in no way saying your ways are wrong but I will enjoy any help in expaining more of this to me.

    • You experienced a bit of the Kundilini Energy moving and activating your third eye a bit.
      Further meditation may result in a full-on rising of the Kundilini and when it does…every single cell of your body will orgasm…ecstasy is a very inadequate word to describe fully raising the Kundilini.
      If and when you do fully raise the Kundilini you will need no one to explain it to you for your Crown Chakra and Third eye will both be fully activated. You will KNOW who and what you are.

      As to the message……what the third eye is our inner-eye of Seeing….the majority (but not all yet) of mankind is already using it to some degree.
      To explain> If I say.,..picture an apple in your mind’s eye…..can you visulize/see an apple? What color is the apple you picture?

      IF you can picture and apple in your mind and even more so if you See it as a certain color and type…you are using your Third Eye. THIS is the Third Eye psychics are talking about….and it can not only SEE thinks your mind thinks of….it can See in other ways….such as across time and space/long distance etc…but only when it is fully activated.

      So I would say the message for you was….practice Seeing in your mind’s eye and keep on meditating/focusing on higher thoughts….because your Kundilini Energy is “ripe” so to speak and may very well Rise.

      When it does…just focus on your best spiritual thoughts/prayers…and trust in God…you may be also taken out of body and shown a few things….and the wave of pure love and bliss can be overwhelming to say the least…but it is the most wonderful of experiences….

      Blessings and Peace to you and yours…..

  8. Winyan Staz Wakien, I resonate 100% with your comment and I commend you for your efforts. This is what I’ve been praying for my entire life…I may not have known the exact wording, but God knew, and in August 2016 He heard! And answered. Dr. Karen Kan’s work has made the biggest difference in my awakening. Especially her Ascension 1 and Ascension 2 Audio’s/MP3s.
    All I’ve know up to that point was what it’s like to be a “zombie”. The severe brain fog and chronic fatigue were debilitating and nobody had figured out how to treat my multiple, ever changing food and environmental allergies – causing all kinds of weird symptoms. In short, my life was a living nightmare. I was lucky/blessed to be chosen for Dr. Karen Kan’s initial Beta testing of her Ascension 1 MP3. The 1st time I listened to it I was laughing and crying at the same time! I was releasing lifetimes of “gunk” perhaps.
    When I finally bought the package and I listened to Ascension 2 MP3 I was filled with such “awe” and felt such love from the Creator – sometimes all I wanted to do for the duration of the audio, was kneel on the floor – thanking him and worshiping him for finally healing and setting me free! Now I can be the “me” that He created me to be.

  9. I have been studying the pineal gland for several years and have listened to Tom Kenyon’s meditation and pineal “exercises.” Also Nithyananda, a yogi who has great stuff about the pineal. The most enlightening information however, has come from Bill Donahue. Mr. Donahue’s emphasis is showing how Jesus’ teachings in the Bible were all about the pineal gland and how it is the Gateway to God. (See Genisis 32:30… “And Jacob called the name of the place “Peniel: for I have seen God face to face.”) That God is literally inside out brain and the rising of kundalini heat to the pineal gland is the avenue. Meditation in the dark is key. He also addresses melatonin and melanin. Melanin has nothing to do with enlightenment but Melatonin indeed does.
    I highly recommend anyone who has a Christian background to check him out. I grew up Catholic but never really “got it.” The Bible now is a book of Science, Astrology, Astronomy, Chakras, Kundilini, etc. Not Religion. Check out Bill’s website and his many many youtube videos. He’s been “preaching” this stuff since the 80s!!

  10. You will find a “hidden book” in the Bible..hidden in plain sight. Simply by reading only the teachings of Christ…and asking for help in understanding. The teachings are in parables in order that those with no understanding would not know what they were reading and would not change them…
    However, they are actually teachings across time itself…to us.
    I will give you a couple of examples..
    When Christ talked about The Kingdom of Heaven being within and also when he talked about The Kingdom of Heaven being like unto a measure of yeast that the farmer took and hid in the grain until all was leavened…he was talking about Looking within ourselves to find God…and that those of us seeking God and waking up…..are the “YEAST” that God/The Farmer has put into humanity to help all awaken because as we raise our own level of Spiritual Vibration rates….we “infect”/leaven all those around us as well.
    Another example of him talking to our modern age is when he spoke of the Righteous “shinning forth like the Sun”…He was speaking about our energy fields/auras…for as we raise our own level of spiritual vibration….we actually SHINE….and the more Spiritual we become…the brighter the shine…

    Peace to you and yours…..

  11. I’m living without my pineal gland. I had a tumor in mine and was lucky enough to have it removed. It will be interesting to see what effects not having a pineal gland will have on me.

  12. WOW! Anynymous! No pineal gland! I have a cyst in my pineal gland. Neuro said I was probably born with it. I have an MRI every year to check for growth and so far six years and counting no growth so no surgery. I call the cyst my “little enlightened one” I’m curious as you are what effects you will have in not having one. I will keep checking this site to see any updates. Love and light to you.

  13. Kundalini (Energy flows in spinal cord, reaches bottom to top of head) can stimulate pineal gland to connect our conscious mind to super conscious mind.
    Pineal gland is called ‘seat of soul’.
    Creating bridge to connect our soul to supreme soul.

  14. Wonderful experiences with wonderful people on Pineal gland or third eye. I also experienced a little bit of it recently in a workshop on Sound Healing based on Tibetan Bowles. After six days step by step course on sound healing one feels your whole body melting and solidifying again with great energy.

  15. Sorry to drop in on this conversation, but you all seem knowledgeable on the subject..

    Let me start by saying Im just a regular ole country girl from South Georgia and around here these just aren’t things that happen. I have zero knowledge, I’m not a hippie tree hugger, I don’t use drugs, I’m just a normal girl, who was living a normal life, then BAM shit hit the fan. I see.. I hear.. I dream.. I predict.. I talk to family long gone. But what’s most unclear to me is how they are speaking to me through media, internet, ext.. Like my eyes are a game of scrabble.. Can someone direct me.. This is not accepted. I am in complete isolation and where the peace is amazing there is nobody to explain or get guidance from here. This is a new era, a new chapter and they keep telling me how important I am.. I assume I was guided here and the person needed will find me. Blessed Be

  16. To de calcify and allow your penial gland to heal take essential oil of turmeric, with black pepper as the bioavailability is increased by 2000%

  17. I had taken LSD years ago. I was riding in a car with friends on a mountain here in Northern California. You can see the whole town from the mountain top. Boy did I have some hallucinations. Anyways on the ride down there is a huge dip and then you go up, like a roller coaster. I’ve lost friends in the past in car accidents, due to speeding and catching air on this huge dip. Coming up on this part of the road i had a vision of my life flash before my eyes. I mean from being a baby washed in the sink until 28 years old, all life visions within 15 seconds. It gives me goosebumps to this day when I think about it.

  18. Bhastrika pranayama and bhandaas supervised by a well trained yoga teacher can be really helpful in opening third eye chakra

  19. I learnt about this glad years ago.Nobody has ever dared to talk to me about its functions the way you have done.So.. ….I salute you for work well done!

  20. Since l was a child I’ve had many let’s say paranormal experiences, and at 68 they have increased , l always thought that everyone could taste and feel colour , leave their bodies , see auras and much more . I do not discuss this with anyone now for obvious reasons . Although l met an older man recently who said l had some interesting colours and we talked for some time . It’s a lonely life I a way not being able to talk about such things , let me just say that we are all actors in a divine play so act your part well .


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