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12 Signs You Are A Natural Born Shaman

Signs that you are a Shaman:

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing that has been practiced by most cultures in the world throughout all of human history.

Shamans are high functioning people, highly respected by their communities as consultants and advisors, dedicated to manipulating reality, healing, forecasting, divining, or prophesying future outcomes.

The word “shaman” is derived from the Siberian Tungusic word for “one who is raised” or ”a spiritual leader.”

A shaman understands that the material world is an expression of a subtler energetic realm that we interact with at all times.

People with shamanic traits have a natural tendency to use their tools and abilities in order to face doubts and fears which arise on their way.

Terence McKenna explained:

”Shamanism is essentially a living tradition of alchemy that is not seeking the stone but has found the stone.”

Here Is A List Of 12 Signs You Are A Natural Born Shaman:

#1 You Feel The Presence Of Spirits

Have you ever suspected the presence of spirits in your workplace, home, or when you are out and about?

Often their presence is felt on more of an intuitive or instinctual level than a rational one, and even though you may not be able to explain what you feel in words, on a deeper level you understand that something else may be at play.

#2 You Feel A Draw To A Particular Animal

Think back into your childhood, has there been an animal, insect or bird that is always with you or found you wherever you have been even on holiday?

It could be anything from a spider to a crow or a cat. It could even be s stray dog that seems to follow you.

#3 You Get Woken Up During The Nightinsomnia

This is particularly common for developing shamans when they are opening up.

People in spirit (astral world) may notice the shaman and take the opportunity to make contact during the night.

If you have ever woken up suddenly and felt like you’re being watched, you might just be!

Don’t worry, no-one in spirit can hurt you (most of the times!), but it might be time to learn and use methods to protect yourself in the spirit world (especially from dark entities) as well as to set some firm boundaries with your spiritual guides about when you want communication from those who have passed.

#4 People Come To You For Healing & Adviceyoung shaman outdoors

People are naturally drawn to you and admire your loving and warm aura. They respect and trust your advice and judgment.

They believe that you can heal them. Also, they believe that you have solutions to all the problems.

Tip – you are a natural healer, but you need to set boundaries so you aren’t taken advantage of.

#5 You Are Sensitive To Your Surroundingsnature meditation

Everywhere you go, you feel in your bones and skin what is happening. You can feel people’s joy, fears, pain, and excitement.

When you are by yourself, you are very in-tune with your own emotions. When you are with a large group of people, you can feel the way everyone is interacting with each other.

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#6 Electronics Have A Tendency To Act Funny or Go Out When You Are Around

This has been known to happen around shamans. One explanation that I can come up with is that spirits sometimes gather energy from electrical items in order to have more strength to communicate or manifest.

Another possible reason for this is the increased amount of energy present when spirits are around.

#7 You’re Very Interested In Anything Psychic, Be It Books, TV Shows, Stories, Psychic Events, Or Cardsenergy light sky

You are also interested in psychic healing, Reiki (a form of alternative medicine called energy healing), or anything to do with manipulating energy, divination, or reading energy). Other energy healing techniques include – pranic healing or Ruach healing method.

Only someone with natural-born abilities is naturally drawn to these things like you are.

Note – not all shamans will have this, however, if you do, then it is a positive sign.

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#8 Dreaming About Dead PeopleDreaming About Dead People

This is very common amongst shamans who aren’t using their shamanistic skills in their waking life.

For some shamans, spirit people will appear to them in their dreams, while for others, they will feel people in the spirit drawing near as they are falling asleep.

They might want to tell you how they died or their name when they were living.

Rather than it being a message to communicate to someone that is living, it is frequently a sign to embrace your shamanistic skills in your waking life.

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#9 You Feel Most At Home In Natureman practicing a meditation in nature

The shamans of a culture are the bridges between humans and nature.

Shamans also serve as translators between the oceans, mountains, wind, rain, animals, rivers, and people.

You may feel that you are most tuned in when surrounded by the natural world.

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#10 You Often Have Prophetic Dreamsvivid dreams

Do you have dreams which mostly come true?

Are your dreams often apocalyptic? You may also dream of shapes, especially a triangle or a five-pointed star.

These shapes can appear in nature throughout your dreams, like – a triangle-shaped leaf or 5 petals on a flower.

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#11 You Had Imaginary Friends When You Were A Kid

When you were a child, did you had very vivid imaginary friends? But here is the kicker … you can kind of have that as an adult too.

If this happens, then it is most likely a spirit guide or could, in fact, be someone who has crossed over.

More importantly, if there is information you couldn’t possibly know, then this is a clear sign that you are a shaman.

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#12 You Hear VoicesClairsentient woman meditation silent

These aren’t spooky voices, and nobody is whispering redrum.

But, it may sound as if you hear music that no one else hears or hear people mumbling in another room. Or, you may hear sounds, music, voices, or buzzing in your own head.

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Andrea Banach

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

I have never had anyone train me in shamanism. But I've know for a long time that I am. This was interesting to read, it seemed like you were describing almost every one of my've never used any drums or rattles. I just call to them. They seem to always be with me...

Melanie Beichner

Sunday 12th of December 2021

How do I get control of my abilities? A lot of my abilities are random and I would like to control them better...please help

R. Sihag

Saturday 4th of December 2021

Yes. All signs r belongs to me.. But i don't know the minus things. So i stucked... Would you like to be help me plz

K Freaney

Tuesday 26th of October 2021

I often hear my name being called softly when alone. In places I can tell by the vibes I feel whether it’s good or bad.I can’t meditate, but my intuition is getting better by the day.


Saturday 23rd of October 2021

I think I am one, I always wake in the middle of the night and when I see something in the dream it comes real.