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Shamanic Calling: Here’s How To Tell If Your Child Has Been Called

Shamanism is a term that doesn’t get used too much now.

Maybe it’s not as accessible as meditation or as trendy as rose quartz everywhere.

Maybe it’s just not marketable enough.

Shamanism is ancient. It’s deep. It is a philosophy, and a practice, and—essentially—the core of our being. Because it requires so much of our spirit, it’s no wonder children are more open to the signs.

And it also makes sense that children are more comfortable expressing the signs of Shamanic calling.

Before we explore 6 childhood signs of Shamanic calling—and why we often misinterpret them as adults—we’re unpacking what a Shaman is.

Shamans and The Calling

Some Shamans are initiated and guided in the philosophy from a young age. Others are called through their heritage. Others are called by spirit.

One thing is clear, though: nobody chooses to become a Shaman. They are called to it.

The Role of The Shaman

At its essence, becoming a shaman is similar to becoming a priest, monk, rabbi, nun, or guru. The practices and procedures may differ, but the call to spiritual service is about renouncing your material life—your ego, your desires, your own yearnings.

You surrender your comforts to serve a world that may not thank you for it.

This is because a Shaman works between the seen and the unseen, the light and dark. A Shaman is required to tread a fine line between vulnerability and strength, and to use their energy—all their energy—to heal others.

If you have received the call to Shamanism, it is because your spirit, and the very essence of who you are, is made for this.

6 Childhood Signs of Shamanic Calling

#1 Seeing Lights With Their Eyes Closed

If your child is hearing a call to shamanism, their awakening may come in the form of light visions. Seeing lights when their eyes are closed is a common sign of shamanic calling in children.

The same goes for children who catch sparkles of light or flashes in their periphery, or who see light—like an aura—around other living beings.

#2 Frequent Lucid Dreams

If your child is experiencing lucid dreams on a regular basis, they may be hearing a call to shamanism. Lucid dreaming in children—specifically dreams of monsters or being chased—can be the spirit’s way of cleansing negative energies and separating the child from the restrictions of the physical world.

Changes in sleep patterns, waking up frequently between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., and even astral projection can be a sign of some type of spiritual awakening in children.

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#3 Avoids Eating Meat

How to recognize your shamanic calling

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Countless spiritual and religious practices discourage us from eating meat. When children try to avoid eating meat at home, this can be a sign of shamanic calling as they try to attain a higher level of consciousness.

Because harming another living being goes against a peaceful spirit, avoiding the violent practice of meat production can be your child’s spirit’s way of protecting itself for a greater purpose.

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#4 Synchronicities

Childhood Signs Of Shamanic Calling


Meaningful coincidence—synchronicity—is often the spirit world’s way of showing us we’re on the right path. For our children, the concept is the same.

If they comment that they ‘see that everywhere’ or on how strange it is that something happened, these could be signs of synchronicity at work in their lives.

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#5 Frequent Headaches

Signs of a Shamanic Calling

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Sometimes the signs of shamanic calling manifest in a child’s physical body.

If your child is experiencing frequent headaches, extreme fatigue that seems to come out of the blue, or tension pain in the neck or shoulders, they may be carrying a spiritual weight that needs release.

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#6 Increased Creativity

Creativity is defined as the ability to discover new and original ideas.

Creativity comes from a complete lack of focus on oneself.

Children are naturally more creative than adults and have great imaginations that allow their minds to stretch to wherever they want to go.

This kind of creativity also helps them to connect with the spirit.

If your child is showing new creative passions or gravitating towards creative outlets like music, art, acting, and pretend play, they might be hearing the call of spirit and shamanism.


On their own, these childhood signs of Shamanic calling may just mean that your child is deeply in tune with spirit—a beautiful gift in itself. Taken together, though, your child may be receiving a message that is uniquely meant for them—and one that could take them down a path of spiritual fulfillment and service.

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How do you interpret Shamanic calling? Share your feelings in the comments below, so we can explore this fascinating path together.