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What Is Your Spiritual Level? Free Test

Levels of consciousness test:


What is consciousness? Consciousness is a “feeling, an intuition that the human being has regarding his own existence” or “people’s form of psychic reflection of reality, the product of the human brain.”

Therefore, consciousness is what you think about yourself and the world around you.

It represents your own perception of reality.

One might say that there is a reality for each and every one.

In his book called “Power vs. Force,” David R. Hawkins has created a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. But before learning about the levels of consciousness, let’s take the next test.

It’s basically a set of 16 questions.

Answer the following questions with YES or NO (write your answers on a sheet of paper):

  1. Do you hate yourself or others?
  2. Do you consider yourself a sinner?
  3. Do you think everything is beyond your control?
  4. Do you often feel depressed?
  5. Do you watch TV or read newspapers?
  6. Are you addicted to something in your life? (money, power, alcohol, cigarettes, need for approval, etc.)
  7. Do you often feel that you’re not being treated fairly?
  8. Do you continue to argue even if deep down you know you’re wrong?
  9. Do you think life is boring and doesn’t offer many opportunities?
  10. Do you take action constantly and work hard?
  11. Is it hard for you to be organized?
  12. Is there any aspect of your life that you can not control?
  13. Do you sometimes get emotional?
  14. Do you feel negative emotions? (sadness, anxiety, hatred, envy)
  15. Most often, do you make your decisions based on logical thinking?
  16. Do you think it’s important to have some material things?

Calculate your score by counting all your YES answers. There are 16 questions, therefore 16 levels of consciousness.

Read The Interpretation To Find Out Your Spiritual Level:

If your score is between 1 and 4, it means that you are advanced in your personal development. That means that you understand the main concepts of self-improvement, and all you have to do is perfect your knowledge. Congratulations!

If your score is 1, then you are at the …

.. Peace level of consciousness. This is actually the second level. The first is Enlightenment, where Humanity meets Divinity.

It is the level of Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna. The level of Peace is achieved by one person in 10 million.

If your score is 2, then you are at the …

.. Joy level of consciousness. This level generally belongs to saints and spiritual leaders. They always feel joy, whatever they do. At this level, there’s no need to make any plans or set goals, because you mostly follow your intuition.

The expansion of your consciousness helps you live at a much higher level.

If your score is 3, then you are at the …

.. Love level of consciousness. At this level, you feel unconditional love for everyone, and you want to dedicate your life to helping others. This level is achieved by 1 in 250 people throughout their lifetime.

If your score is 4, then you are at the …

.. Reason level of consciousness. This is the level of Einstein or Freud. At this level, you feel that you need to bring important contributions to the world. All you have to do is use your skills wisely and enrich your knowledge to help you accomplish everything.

If you scored between 5 and 8 points, you are at an advanced-intermediate level in terms of your personal development. That means that you understand the concepts of self-improvement and must deepen your knowledge if you want to develop.

If your score is 5, then you are at the …

.. Acceptance level of consciousness. Acceptance in the sense of “acceptance of responsibility” for your role in the world. This is the level where you begin to set and achieve your goals. It is a very interesting level because you begin to see the world as a place full of opportunities and practicing a meditation in nature

If your score is 6, then you are at the 

.. Willingness level of consciousness. At this level, you begin to feel that you can be in control of your life. You slowly get used to the idea that it is possible to change your reality as you know it.

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If your score is 7, then you are at the …

.. Neutrality level of consciousness. At this level, you feel that nothing affects you. Things that used to annoy you no longer have an impact on you.

You stop resisting and let yourself be carried away instead. In order to advance, you need to understand life and yourself better.woman in meditation in wood

If your score is 8, then you are at the …

.. Courage level of consciousness. This is a liberating level from the levels where most people remain stuck. This is the first higher level of consciousness. Congratulations! At this level, you feel courage and control. Now you see life as challenging rather than overwhelming.

If your score is between 9 and 12, it means that you are at the intermediate level in your personal development. About 85% of the people are here.

You should try to raise your level of awareness by changing or stepping outside your comfort zone. It will be hard because you see everyone just like yourself.

If your score is 9, then you are at the …

.. Pride level of consciousness. This level can be very confusing. Although you feel in control, the reality is different. You actually feel that something is missing, and you should try to pull yourself out of this state.

This level can lead to discrimination against others or completely identifying yourself with limiting beliefs.

You should understand that you are the result of your thoughts, and if you are envious of others, all you do is hurt yourself.

If your score is 10, then you are at the …

.. Anger level of consciousness. However, this is not a bad level. You become angry because you see that you can not achieve your goals.

This level can push you towards raising your level of consciousness and doing what you have set for yourself. But you will have to work in order to get there.

If your score is 11, then you are at the …

.. Desire level of consciousness. People who are at this level easily get attached to people, money, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and other material things.

It is not easy to advance from here, but with little effort, one can succeed.

You should learn to control your mind because, at this point, your thoughts are the ones that control you.
couples love

If your score is 12, then you are at the …

.. Fear level of consciousness. Here is where most people are stranded. You probably watch TV and read newspapers on a daily basis. All the information you receive is selected by others, therefore you feel everything is beyond your control. Do yourself a favor and give up the daily dose of media programs.

If you want to leave the herd, books like “Power vs. Force,” by Napoleon Hill and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki are a good choice. These books will wake you up and show you why most people do not achieve success and financial freedom.

If your score is between 13 and 16 points, it means that you are new to the process of personal development. It’s great that you are interested to grow. You will have to work hard in order to grow from this point.

If your score is 13, then you are at the …

.. Grief level of consciousness. You may fall at this level when a loved one dies. The same fall can occur if you get depressed. It takes time to recover and reach a higher level of consciousness.sad man

If your score is 14, then you are at the …

.. Apathy level of consciousness. You constantly feel angry or depressed. You think everything is beyond your control and that you are a helpless person.

You should understand how the power of thought works. This way, you will get rid of negative thoughts and let yourself surrounded by positive events.

If your score is 15, then you are at the …

.. Guilt level of consciousness. This is the level where you feel guilty for something you’ve done. It’s not something fleeting. It’s an oppressive feeling of guilt that you constantly experience.

It’s not a very pleasant level to be, and you should leave it by trying to forgive yourself for whatever you did. Try to express gratitude for the good things in your life, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

“There is no duty more indispensable than that of returning a kindness.” – Cicero

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And finally, if your score is 16, then you are at the …

.. Shame level of consciousness. This is the lowest level of consciousness. At this level, you hate yourself and others. You can no longer find a purpose for living, and you probably have suicidal thoughts. There are many prisoners at this level.hate woman

You should distance yourself from negative influences, reboot your life, and get a fresh start. You should find ways to improve your life, for example by setting positive goals.

Basically, the way you feel in normal everyday situations gives you the level of consciousness where you are now.

Of course, some fluctuations may occur. For example, when you are under pressure or facing a stressful situation, you can become paranoid and shut down (Fear), you can start yelling at people (Anger) or become defensive (Pride).

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This is the lowest level at which you can find yourself. On the other hand, if you experience something you really like, then you may feel encouraged to do more (level of Courage) and see the world full of opportunities (level of Acceptance), or for a brief moment, you can even feel Joy.

Even though very few people can truly reach this level, that doesn’t mean you can not aspire.

Everything around you can affect your level of consciousness: TV, movies, books, websites you visit, people you meet, places you visit, things that surround you, and even the food.

News, for example, is full of information that comes under the levels of Fear or Desire. If you are at a higher level, then distorted information may decrease it.

The most important thing we can do is to raise our individual level of consciousness. When we do so, we spread higher levels to those around us. Remember: 85% of the population is below the level of Courage. If we all had the Courage to live at least on the level of Courage … what a wonderful world it would be!

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Sunday 30th of April 2023

I got 6, which is correct because right now I'm more focused on changing my lifestyle, my spiral life, my ideas. I believe that there is more to me than I'm led to believe. But I could use some assistance & guidelines

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

I got 14. Im actually very suprised how accurate my answer was.


Friday 30th of July 2021

I am at 11. I know I need to do some very vital work; I have no idea what to do, and where to start. I could use some guidance

Thanx, Erin

Saturday 8th of August 2020

Don't agree with the findings, scored 11. I only use money to survive, none of the things apply to me.


Tuesday 31st of December 2019

Consciousness is much bigger than what one merely thinks about themselves. It is the network upon which we are all connected. It is the intranet, the software of our universe, of which we are all connected through... it is much more than a few random thoughts, but rather, the entire stream of all of them. It is beyond our current comprehension.