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Find Out If You Are An Empath With The Empath Test

Empaths are individuals who pick up and absorb the emotions of others around them. Because empaths possess a different sensibility, they flourish when they can develop their creativity, their intuition, and their deep capacity to love.

Determining if you are an empath will clarify your needs and which strategies to use in order to meet them. This is crucial to gain a comfort zone in your life.

Empath Test

Note – answer the following questions with YES or NO (write your answers on a sheet of paper) and read your empathic score at the end.

#1 You often feel unhappy when following people’s posts on social media.

#2 You’ve always had a feeling you’re different from everyone else.

#3 You often feel upset when reading and watching negative news in the media. You also dislike “shock” entertainment (i.e., intensely scary or violent shows).

#4 The emotions of your loved ones affect you throughout the day, even if you are physically apart.

#5 You startle easily at fast traffic, sudden noises, or other unpleasant surprises.

#6 You have a history of paranormal experiences (out of body experiences, angel or ghost sightings, etc.).

#7 You find the company of negative people exhausting.

#8 You often feel uncomfortable in a room full of people talking, in large public crowds, or when too many things are occurring simultaneously.

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#9 Despite getting enough sleep, you constantly feel fatigued, both mentally and physically.

#10 You can sum people up within minutes of meeting them.

#11 You feel self-conscious in romantically intimate situations.

#12 You prefer to focus on one task at a time.

#13 You’ve had hunches of things that then happened.

#14 You often feel awkward in group situations and feel unable to be yourself.

#15 You long to travel and meet new cultures and people.

#16 You feel most like yourself in nature, away from man-made objects or people.

#17 You often overreact to real or perceived provocations and slights.

#18 You have been diagnosed with a mental illness like depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or bipolar disorder.

#19 You often feel like people are judgmental, even when there’s no strong evidence.

#20 The weather strongly affects your emotional state.

#21 You can only recharge by taking complete silence and solitude.

#22 You are a passionate person, especially when it comes to animal or human rights.

#23 You’re a great listener.

#24 You have a hard time accepting critical feedback, even when it’s given constructively and reasonably.

#25 You use physical stimuli as a means of escape (drugs, alcohol, sex, video games, etc.), then feel guilty about escaping.

#26 You feel the emotional ripples of the collective consciousness.

#27 You know what people need without them telling you.

#28 You often discuss negative emotions with others because there’s a lot of “drama” in your life.

#29 You can relate effortlessly to situations that you have never experienced.

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#30 When someone tells you about their hardship or happiness, you feel every emotion with them.

#31 You often hide negative feelings, believing they are too turbulent, strong, embarrassing, or vulnerable to share.

#32 You easily know when someone is lying.

#33 You love to have control over your environment and become frustrated, uncomfortable, or even angry when you lose it.

#34 When triggered by relatively small unpleasantness with people, you find it difficult to just “let it go.”

#35 You suffer from chronic shoulder or lower back pain.

#36 Seeing someone in an embarrassing situation physically pains you.

#37 You tend to take things personally.

#38 You have the ability to “check out” of yourself if found in an extremely painful situation.

#39 Your life is filled with an array of déjà vu moments, coincidences, synchronicities, or patterns.

#40 You often feel resentment or anger about situations in life that seem aggravating, unjust, or simply annoying.

#41 You are drawn to healing or holistic professions (spiritual, medical, or religious).

#42 You often “just know” what someone is about to say or do.

#43 You often compare yourself with others (in relational, social, work, physical, financial, or other scenarios).

#44 You have lucid or vivid dreams and often wake up feeling as though you never slept.

#45 You cry easily.

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#46 You are afraid of rejection, even in relatively minor situations.

#47 You tend to be a “fixer” who always wants to help others improve their lives.

#48 You have an artistic nature.

#49 You often tend to “beat yourself up” when falling short of your own expectations.

#50 As you walk or drive through a town, your emotions fluctuate depending on the houses you pass.

#51 Your heart often overflows with the happiness and joy of being human and alive.

#52 You often experience anxiety.

#53 You often meet strangers that unload on you, telling you their problems and life stories.

#54 Occasionally, your heart overflows with sorrow and sadness, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your life.

#55 You often have bad days which affect eating and/or sleeping habits in an unhealthy way, like – sleeping or eating too little or too much.

#56 You crave solitude, whether you are an extrovert or introvert by nature.

#57 You often feel physical symptoms (i.e., headache or stress) when something unpleasant happens during the day.

#58 You are often told you are “too sensitive.”

#59 You often have difficulty letting go of negative emotions or thoughts.

#60 Do you ever sense when someone’s mindset has changed?

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Calculate your score by counting all your YES answers. Below is your empath score:

Score – 9 to 15

If you answer yes to up to 15 of the questions, you are at least partially an empath. But, you are usually not affected by other people’s moods.

Score – 16 to 30

Responding yes to 16 to 30 questions indicates that you have moderate empathic tendencies, but you are not overcome by your receptivity to the pain of others.

Score – 31 to 45

If you answer yes to 31 to 45 questions, you have strong empathic tendencies. You are often affected in a negative way by other people’s emotions. It is important to make sure that you still take care of yourself and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

Score – 46 to 60

If you answer yes to up to 46 or more questions, you are an extreme empath. It is good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, however, too much empathy can blind you. This may cause you to feel overly overwhelmed and exhausted.

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Lorri Burns

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Yes 56 times, I understand more about myself, so interesting

Hayden Miller

Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I answered no to only 4 questions


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

I loved the quiz, I hot all YES so it explains how a feel always tired, exhausted, drained.