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Heyoka Empath – 9 Signs And Traits

Signs You Have the Traits of a Heyoka Empath:

Empaths are highly sensitive people who have a keen capacity to sense what other individuals around them are feeling and thinking.

Empathic persons don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulation.

As a consequence, they absorb into their own bodies both the stressful and positive energies around them.

Being empathic has incredible benefits, like:

  • a deeper connection to other people;
  • greater compassion, intuition, and creativity.

Daniel H. Pink, author and the host of the TV series Crowd Control, explained:

“Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place.” 


Being empathic doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to help someone in need, nevertheless, it is typically an important first step toward compassionate action.

What Is A Heyoka Empath

A large proportion of humanity is able to empathize (in one form or the other) with others. However, the most valued type of empathic archetype is known as ”Heyoka.” But only a few can be considered Heyoka empaths.

”Heyoka” is a Native American term that means a ”fool” or a ”sacred clown.”Native American man

The term is also used to refer to people who are emotional mirrors to the ones around them.

In Lakota people, a Heyoka uses the wind as sticks to beat the drum of thunder. 

In English, it would be more appropriate to describe a Heyoka as an individual who acts in a way that is the opposite of normal and sees the world differently. 

”Only those who have had visions of the thunder beings of the west can act as heyokas,” said Black Elk. ”They have sacred power and they share some of this with all the people, but they do it through funny actions.”

Black Elk Heyoka

A Heyoka empath is also called a Pain-Eater due to his ability to absorb and cleanse negative energies around him. 

In Tibetan Buddhism, a Heyoka empath would be referred to as someone who has the attributes of ”crazy wisdom.”

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche describes “crazy wisdom” as a state of mind that has the quality of early morning – sparkling, fresh, and completely awake.

The term ”crazy wisdom” also describes a controversial path to self-discovery, which is viewed by many as irrational or abnormal. 

Moreover, the Heyoka empath is a jester, contrarian, and satirist, who speaks, reacts, and moves in an opposite fashion to society.

In conclusion, a Heyoka empath is any soul who chose to come here as an awakener of other individuals through non-conventional means.

John Fire Lame Deer said:

”For people who are as poor as us, who have lost everything, who had to endure so much death and sadness, laughter is a precious gift.”

John Fire Lame Deer later added:

”When we were dying like flies from white man’s disease, when we were driven into reservations, when the government rations did not arrive and we were starving, watching the pranks and capers of Heyoka were a blessing.” 

Note – a Heyoka empath may occasionally appear to be a highly negative person, and individuals who are with them may experience distress or anger, however, the Heyoka is just revealing a person’s true self.

9 Signs You May Be A Heyoka Empath

#1 You Can Feel Other People’s EmotionsRead People’s Emotions

If you can feel other individuals’ emotions and instinctively know what they need to heal, you may be a Heyoka empath.

A Heyoka will not only show you your faults but he will also show you a way to overcome those faults.

Note – extremely strong Heyoka empaths may even feel people’s emotions and not really know the person or where she is.

#2 You Can Always Spot a Liar

No matter how kind your coworker is or how great this girl is, if you are a Heyoka, you can always spot a little white lie.

This happens especially when someone is being insincere with her or his feelings or expressions of emotion.

#3 HumorHumor woman

A Heyoka empath uses humor to open people up so that people energetically move to a place where they can absorb healing energies and wisdom.

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#4 You Routinely Interrupt Peoplepeople talking

Do you find yourself routinely interrupting people even though you don’t mean to? A Heyoka empath may struggle to wait for their turn.

This isn’t out of rudeness but rather it is since they have so many new thoughts and ideas appearing in their heads and they worry they will forget that one important thought, hence, they push it into the conversation as quickly as they can.

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#5 The Great Mirror

As an emotional mirror, whenever a Heyoka empath senses an emotional reaction in you, he will use it as a guide of what to reflect back to you so that he will help you most on your journey.

Note – through the mirroring of a Heyoka empath, you may discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.

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#6 You Inspire In Others’ Life-Changing Insightsempath

When you have a deep conversation with a Heyoka, you often may experience life-changing insights.

Bill Bullard said:

“The highest form of knowledge is empathy.” 

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#7 You Are Creativecreative woman painting

Creators and innovators tend to be strong empaths.

If this applies to you, you will frequently be getting ideas popping into your mind, and they come to you ”out of the blue.” Maybe you get innovative ideas that are solutions to the problems you have.

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#8 You’re An Excellent Judge Of Characterman practicing a meditation in nature

You have a tendency to instantaneously know if you like someone or you don’t or whether you can trust them or not. You don’t know how you know this, you just do.

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#9 Sleep Solutionsinsomnia

Even in your sleep, your mind is constantly thinking.

A Heyoka empath can solve problems insightfully, even if it means getting solutions during sleeping hours. 

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Traits Of A Heyoka Empath

The traits of a Heyoka vary, however, there are some signs that are common, including:

  • thinking creatively and freely;
  • emotional instability;
  • left-handed;
  • having dyslexia, a condition that affects the brain and makes it difficult for someone to write and read.

Are you a Heyoka empath? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences.

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B Brousseau

Thursday 2nd of February 2023

Wow I have finally found something that describes me to a T . I feel the room and I always gravitate to the “ broken “ people or they come to me . Everyone asks me for advice and I truly try to help and sometimes I wish I could follow my own advice. And I always try to wake a room up with laughter. I feel laughter is sometimes the best medicine. I always moody around moody people and I tend to be negative about things . I always feel doom and gloom everywhere I go . If I see someone in need no matter what it is I will try to help . Sometimes in our society people are too proud or protective about others they don’t know. I am not left handed but math is my weakness. It is like a form of dyslexia for me . I can always feel how my wife and kids are feeling even if they are not around me. A high pitched sound goes off in my right ear , so I call them all to see who needs me . It always turns out someone does but it isn’t always an emergency. I always jump in people’s conversations when it’s not my turn to speak . While I sleep at night I get all kinds of people talking and ideas of new inventions that I need to do but it way beyond my capabilities. The biggest thing is I am like a human lie detector and my wife and kids hate it . So I think that covers it.

Leslie Molina

Tuesday 9th of August 2022

I absolutely believe I am a Heyoka Empath. I discovered a lot about myself. As I was reading things were just clicking in my brain. It's amazing to realize after so many years that, we are not alone in this.

J hoekstra

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Well I have read this all as it caught my eye because I have been able to have empathy for a wide range of different people, I read people well, I believe I am really intuitive, artistic with music, painting carving, tattoos, I can be disruptive in group settings for interest in being a part of discussion, I use humor to cut tension always and I'm honest no matter, and I see the world through different lenses. I draw people in many ways and can feel energy in many types of situations every sign I've read and the one that caught my eye most is problem solving in my sleep this happens quite often.

Gaining Ground

Thursday 20th of January 2022

Except for being left handed, it's pretty spot on, and I have known for some time.

Cumpa-Su Charging Thunder

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Oh yeah we're something like that... Well let you laugh as we act out in a silly way u think but were serious about what we do. And take that to our spirit. As you'll laugh and we know when were being played with, you'll soon be crying in anger feeling the hurt that we cry on the inside... You'll feel nothing more then how we feel. So no were not the same but we are just alike. Heart and mind... Tooth and nail... From the womb to the tomb... As we see the world is as above as so below. Give thanks your not on of us. And yes its a beautiful struggle we go through. Just to know life is love and war... After war its a time to be humble... As we lakota oglallas say ITS A GOOD DAY TO DIE.... HOKA HEYYY..