Heyoka Empath – 9 Signs And Traits

Empaths are highly sensitive people who have a keen capacity to sense what other individuals around them are feeling and thinking.

Empathic persons don’t have the same filters which other people do to block out stimulation. As a consequence, they absorb into their own bodies both the stressful and positive energies around them.

Being empathic has incredible benefits, like:

  • a deeper connection to other people;
  • greater compassion, intuition, and creativity.

Daniel H. Pink, author and the host of the TV series Crowd Control, explained:

“Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place.” 


Being empathic doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to help someone in need, nevertheless, it is typically an important first step toward compassionate action.

What Is A Heyoka Empath

A large proportion of humanity is able to empathize (in one form or the other) with others. However, the most valued type of empathic archetypes is known as ”Heyoka.” But, only a few can be considered Heyoka empaths.

”Heyoka” is a Native American term that means a ”fool” or a ”sacred clown.”Native American man

The term is also used to refer to people who are emotional mirrors to the ones around them. In Lakota people, a Heyoka uses the wind as sticks to beat the drum of thunder.

In English, it would be more appropriate to describe a Heyoka as an individual who acts in a way that is the opposite of normal and sees the world differently.

A Heyoka empath is also called a Pain-Eater due to his ability to absorb and cleanse negative energies around him. 

In Tibetan Buddhism, a Heyoka empath would be referred to as someone who has the attributes of ”crazy wisdom.”

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche describes “crazy wisdom” as a state of mind that has the quality of early morning – sparkling, fresh, and completely awake.

The term ”crazy wisdom” also describes a controversial path to self-discovery which is viewed by many as irrational or abnormal. 

Moreover, the Heyoka empath is a jester, contrarian, and satirist, who speaks, reacts, and moves in an opposite fashion to the society.

In conclusion, a Heyoka empath is any soul who chose to come here as an awakener of other individuals through non-conventional means.

John Fire Lame Deer said:

”For people who are as poor as us, who have lost everything, who had to endure so much death and sadness, laughter is a precious gift.”

John Fire Lame Deer later added:

”When we were dying like flies from white man’s disease, when we were driven into reservations, when the government rations did not arrive and we were starving, watching the pranks and capers of Heyoka were a blessing.” 

Note – a Heyoka empath may occasionally appear to be a highly negative person, and individuals who are with them may experience distress or anger, however, the Heyoka is just revealing a person’s true self.

9 Signs You May Be A Heyoka Empath

#1 You Can Feel Other People’s EmotionsRead People’s Emotions

If you can feel other individuals’ emotions and instinctively know what they need to heal, you may be a Heyoka empath. A Heyoka will not only show you your faults but he will also show you a way to overcome those faults.

Note – extremely strong Heyoka empaths may even feel people’s emotions and not really know the person or where she is.

#2 You Can Always Spot a Liar

No matter how kind your coworker is being or how great this girl is, if you are a Heyoka, you can always spot a little white lie.

This happens especially when someone is being insincere with her or his feelings or expressions of emotion.

#3 HumorHumor woman

A Heyoka empath uses humor to open people up so that people energetically move to a place where they can absorb healing energies and wisdom.

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#4 You Routinely Interrupt Peoplepeople talking

Do you find yourself routinely interrupting people even though you don’t mean to? A Heyoka empath may struggle to wait for their turn.

This isn’t out of rudeness but rather it is since they have so many new thoughts and ideas appearing in their heads and they worry they will forget that one important thought, hence, they push it into the conversation as quickly as they can.

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#5 The Great Mirror

As an emotional mirror, whenever a Heyoka empath senses an emotional reaction in you, he will use it as a guide of what to reflect back to you so that he will help you most on your journey.

Note – through the mirroring of a Heyoka empath you may discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.

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#6 You Inspire In Others Life-Changing Insightsempath

When you have a deep conversation with a Heyoka, you often may experience life-changing insights.

Bill Bullard said:

“The highest form of knowledge is empathy.” 

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#7 You Are Creativecreative woman painting

Creators and innovators tend to be strong empaths.

If this applies to you, you will frequently be getting ideas popping into your mind, and they come to you ”out of the blue.” Maybe you get innovative ideas that are solutions to the problems you have.

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#8 You’re An Excellent Judge Of Characterman practicing a meditation in nature

You have a tendency to instantaneously know if you like someone or you don’t or whether you can trust them or not. You don’t know how you know this, you just do.

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#9 Sleep Solutionsinsomnia

Even in your sleep, your mind is constantly thinking.

A Heyoka empath can solve problems insightfully even if it means getting solutions during sleeping hours. 

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Traits Of A Heyoka Empath

The traits of a Heyoka vary, however, there are some signs which are common, including:

  • thinking creatively and freely;
  • emotional instability;
  • left-handed;
  • having dyslexia, a condition that affects the brain and makes it difficult for someone to write and read.

Are you a Heyoka empath? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences.

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72 thoughts on “Heyoka Empath – 9 Signs And Traits”

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this article. I have never heard of this before. I have been like this since I was young. I am known as the “crazy woman”. The hardest thing is learning to turn the negatives to positive. I closed my door to people and eventually closed people out of my life. I have been trying to socialize more. I moved 12 yrs ago and the last couple of yrs I try to get out. I still don’t have real close friends. I am 60 yrs old so this has been an eye opener. Thank you again for this article.

    • A very interesting and thought provoking article,all my life I have struggled to understand the world.To actually read about stuff that is so familiar to me is amazing ,but no one ever understood where I was at. Im always misunderstood, and I hate it when people lie,! And yes Ive had to say goodbye to some people.Im also nearly sixty! Its taken a lifetime to understand myself and now its no hold barred

      • I am also older(49) and just now understanding my world. I am ADHD and dyslexic. I am a teacher and I feel completely drained at the end of even the first day. Many times I have had new people completely hate me, but be happy to see me after some time passes. I know I feel other people’s emotions. Hate crowds but love to feel love. My fiance is very Dismissive avoidant. My sister and daughter see ghosts. I almost always know when someone is lying. And I usually know things I shouldn’t. I remember anything that has a feeling associated with it as far back as 6 months old. I perceive my world through feelings. I recover from the death of family within days. I am highly creative. But I really don’t know what type of empathy I am. Heyoka feels right but I don’t really know. I sometimes doubt what I know because occasionally my intuition might not have been accurate. I also don’t know how to train my empathic side.

    • Absolutely enjoyed reading this article. It gave me some insight to why I am the way I am & why it is so hard to keep friends. Lol. The only thing that doesn’t match is, I was not born breech. I was born a day late bc the doctor had a wedding anniversary & slowed my mother’s contractions. By the time the birthing process happened… it took a while (my mom said) the umbilical cord got wrapped around my neck & I decided to take a rest right on my mom’s spine. Causing both of us to pass out. When I finally came out I was elbows first and feet crossed and a little yellow. Smh. I have had some of the strangest moments of talking to people online & them ask me if I am gifted like psychic. No, I say. Just intune with my surroundings & self aware. It is hard to be my normal self I want to be bc I get treated like freak. I have had to learn to keep things more to myself.

      Much love. This article really helped. Thank you.

      • Have you tried crystals to protect yourself and block energies to give yourself some down time. Tormatine works for me.

    • Oh my goodness! I just have to reach out to u..I’m 74 and go going thru the same thing u r! But this article was so funny too to realize as a child these things really happened. hope everything is well with u

    • Embrace your eccentricities. Most people will only stick around a little while, but there will always be a few open enough to accept your less desirable qualities inn order to be a part of the whirlwind you create. It’s someone’s a lonely life, but it’s authentic and you’ll always be remembered as having had an impact on those around you.

  2. From the deepest part of my heart, thank you for this amazing gift.
    I have been everywhere for everything…
    For many different reasons but nobody would listen to what I have to say since I was a child, “ why we have to listen to this crazy girl, dyslexic, mirror image writing, talking about us instead of listening what we are telling her….
    yes it got to that point that I kinda believe I was that “ crazy lady “
    … but no matter what I won’t stop following my heart & intuition if the call for help comes…

    • im genie wall of pots,
      veiling them odds
      crazy ladies are funkyn brittish ladies, we all made that hear like rabies ears in gown of struts

      stay classy monica o/

      • Really enjoyed this article because now a am get clear what i am.
        But being an empathetic sometimes it is curse. Thank u.

  3. Many tribes believe to be a Heyoka is actually a curse, & one must go through a grand event like seeing a Thunderbird to be initiated. The biggest tell that someone is NOT a Heyoka is that they will say they are. A true Heyoka will never admit it. Great article though.

    • Dwell in actuality, the arctickle says that you cant spot a clown, unless the depper standing on born breechers…
      It says that the measure of a heyoka is 3 to 5 cents, but i believe that us as an malemammals the mirror image makes shit look smaller than appear, and the average count is closer to seven cent…..

    • You are so right this is a curse. It has ruin my life in so many ways. I do not like being able to feel all the sadness,the hatred and the pains of the world. You want to know who suffers. Herbert suffers because I feel 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and I’m tired it never turns off. I have hated my 60 yrs of living it never turns off.

      • Hugs to you my friend.

        Live in the present and drop the past – forgive those who “know not what they do”. It’s not personal and everyone is on their own journey!

        I am amazed at reading this. I didn’t know what I was until two days ago.

      • I know what you are saying 😢 it is very scary sometimes. I can also feel death portals. But I can’t tell who is going to go through the portal. I am trying to get more in tune 💔 these spirits sometimes come to me in terrible pain 😢

    • I think when we use words like “never” it’s a strong indication we are off course as there isn’t a hard fast rule for Creator – knowing we don’t understand the Great Mystery has been key for my growth & countless others … who are you to say this “rule”?
      I am Heyoka and have struggled most my life understanding it so when I work with people energetically/spiritually I can actually enlighten both of us as to how & why I am getting the information that I am & my “crazy” behavior that illicit the perfect response for them to HAVE to deal with the issues they need to deal with to grow.
      Claiming what I am is not negating but actually affirming what Creator is doing through me as a Light Worker.

    • I am curious about why a Heyoka will never admit it. I think I am but I don’t really know. I have said to my daughter who sees ghosts and dismissive avoidant fiance that I was a Heyoka, but never to anyone else. Both times I was trying to help them with major issues, but I don’t think I could actually tell that to someone else in the same situation. Partially because I don’t really know. But those 2 times I was convinced I was. It was like I knew that was necessary. But months later I don’t know what I am. And I don’t really feel like I have a gift as much as I feel a need to help. Answers?

  4. Beloved,

    I think that Empathy in all of us is the next step to human evolution. After homo erectus, homo habilis and homo sapiens is homo empathic.

  5. I’m very curious to what traits heyokas develope much slower than what you so call normal people… there isn’t alot of information on heyokas on the web, not easy to find. There isn’t alot of information on ‘AVPD’ avoidant personality disorder either… could very well be that AVPD is socieities description of a heyoka or empath in my opinion… I did however find a book on a dude who lived his life as a heyoka, its called ‘Nicholas black elk’. Im not much of a reader, eventually ill get around to it. And i know heyokas are geniuses at problem solving, if you think youre a heyoka, do a proper solving test by a professional with all those buzzy shapes and patterns, they’ll think you’re autistic.

    • Speech therapy but fast talkers, super high spatial IQ, slow readers but recall everything they’ve read. Predictive gifts, but horrible timing:) lol. Social skills are learned much later in development but nonetheless they develop them. Just a couple of ideas floating around in my head.

    • Great points. I have a theory similar to the APD model: Natives accepted and cherished the Heyoka. This ignorant and fear driven society labels their Heyoka with the most destructive mental illness in history; Borderline Personality Disorder. The irony of this is a force unparalleled even by compounding interest.

    • Imagine being an “autistic superior genius heyoka”! Yes I had a professionally conducted IQ test in my teen yrs hence the “superior genius” bit. As for the autistic part I’m only just recently figuring that out. I’ve known for a while now that I’m an empath the “Heyoka” is the most on point with describing me. B4 I knew about empathic people I just called myself an “emotional leech”, I’m also the “class clown” cept I’m not currently enrolled & I hate clowns (my “mom” is a clown…& she pretty much hates kids) I digress though, imagine how difficult just 1 of the 3 r to have to deal with… the struggle is REAL! Blessed Be🤗🌈🍀☄

  6. Wow, it’s amazing I have all except maybe 2-3. I always I was a different thinker lol. IM A VERY COMPASSIONATE PERSON, I used to be called a crybaby all it made me Le’s so mis understood and I never bothered argue with the name callers but if they call some I care about anything, I’m a wildcat.

  7. i don’t know why i felt so relatable. People call me weird. Nobody wants to be friend with me. One day my uncle go to seek medication from a traditional healer and the tradisional healer said that a daughter from one of your sibling had a speciality like me. My uncle assume that was my sister cause they can see shadow but the thing is i can see the thing the actual shape. But i just quite. When I’m in trouble white dragonfly will come visit my room. I felt safe. Maybe just one thing off from me. I hate everyone and i just had this desire to kill them but lives is more valuable, i dont want they waste it like me

  8. I have tears every time someone else does. If they are happy, sad, sick or get hurt I feel for them. I feel the earth shake at times and get vibs in my legs as strong as a cell phone on vib. I once worked in S.C. while back home in Indiana around Thanksgiving . And my Mothers voice woke me saying my name. I ran to the motel door and looked all around to see no one but all the same decided to go home for the holiday. After being there for a bit my mother said to me “did you get my message” . Without thinking I said yes and you scared the hell out of me! Please don’t do it again. I would welcome it now .

  9. Thank you for this article! It explains about me! I wasn’t born breach or dyslexic but all of the rest and psychic gifts abound. Amazing. The hard part is watching the state of this world and trying so hard to change it.

  10. ive never had heard about this until today but yet ive been thinking this the whole time. I fit every single signs. I Everyone always says im 10 years younger than I am but everyone always either asks for my help or I just try to inflict my help to everyone that I can. I interrupt people just because I feel I have to say it to them. I build relationship extremely well like a moth to flame. i get a lot of different emotions in big crowds. I do almost all types of art painting, sculpting, drawing, even architecture, I’m even ambidextrous. I always hanged out with people of all ages, gender, races and never felt weird, I just felt like I experience what everyone else feels. this freaks me out that you described almost my entire life with these small words.

  11. Yes, I have some number dyslexia, definitely the emotional sponge thing, am called “eccentric, crazy,” seen as negative even though I am super compassionate. Also people say I look 10 to 15 years younger than my 54 years. Have always walked to the beat of my own drum and am creative. I have only recently discovered that I am an empath.

  12. I have energy that isn’t mine! Was told this by a healer! Now I know what she meant! I have an unconditional love of animals! I too pick up on everyone’s emotions! Animals included! Leading to release the emotions is really hard!!

  13. This article is a total sum up of my personality. I have friends and i hangout with them, but i don’t seem to have real strong connections except for a few them but i know they have good souls, I have problems expressing my thoughts because of what people might think. Also i am very sensitive to people, i can tell how a person is without even really talking to them. I know liars when i see them. I don’t really understand this, neither anyone around me. My experiences have brought me here, I really want to channel my energies in the correct way. But thanks for sharing the article. Beautiful !

  14. I think i am . as i don’t think i am dislexic .and don’t know if i was breech. But i do remember numbers faster than names of people .

  15. I’ve been this way my whole life except for dyslexia and being born breech.
    I’m highly educated and generally self taught in many areas such as painting/ drawing, law, writing, repairs. and more.
    Do I STILL qualify as a

  16. I am forty years old and still trying to find my true self and my purpose. I’ve only lived my life for others,putting myself last. I am able to feel the world’s sorrows and this causes me to be tired all the time. I am also a very understanding person,seeing both sides of every situation. I enjoyed this article and will continue to read more so to maybe gather some clarity as to who I am,thank you.

  17. This makes so much sense of why I have been the way I am all of my life. I finally get it. I have SO much to learn….. 🙂 I’m thankful!

  18. Hello, All my life I’ve been quite always stayed away from everyone. In elementary school I was the last one to get picked to play game in gym class. Iam grown up now and still stay away. Every one thinks am WIERD I like to help out people but feel like I get nothing in return for just helping. I don’t except nothing in return. This article has been very helpful
    Its helped me to understand myself a little more. Who knew?…. . Am now 59 years old . I and still same way.
    But feel the need to come out of my shell but yet
    Stay quite but only help if it is needed.
    Thank you for this article I happened to come upon it
    Out of nowhere. #♎♥️♥️

  19. I think I’m probably more empathic than most people but not quite this level. One person that comes to mind though that I think must fit this is Robin Williams. Surely he fit all the traits that you described here, except only his close friends would know if he did the dream work.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that I know about his birth status or so on or whether he’s dyslexic. I just meant his outward characteristics.

  20. Thanks for this it’s made me understand my behaviour and my sister too cuz we understand each other but other people don’t understand us but I learnt to adjust cause not everybody can empathize

  21. Geeez I Always thought I was Crazy. Yet I Always Knew I was Different from My Clan. I Am An Empath Yet with a Deeper Meaning of Healing Others Yet Now I Can Clerify it All With The Heyoka Empath…A’HO

  22. I tried my hardest to fight what this whole article was about… being a heyoka empath, it has almost ended my life many of times. It’s exhausting and many see you as being “a therapist” all the time. When all the while all you are doing is caring too much. I guess there is a thing about caring too much, never thought it was my problem. As hard as I try to help others with seeing the “bright side” of situations and life, making jokes to make them smile, embarrassing myself in sacrifice for their laughter… like you hear all the time, you HAVE to make time for yourself and be selfish… it’s okay to be selfish!!!

  23. I am Love, You are Love,
    Energy flows, feel the buzz?
    Where nobody goes is what I know,
    Because I hushed and listened to the soul.
    Loudly I laugh to scare away foes,
    Without fear I ask what you hide under your coat,
    My truth is unmatched and intimidates most,
    My purpose to connect many to the Holy Ghost, xxx

  24. A lot of what was said about this subject, I can relate to but there are a few things that I don’t. For instance, I am not a negative person for the simple reason that over the years due to being born into a dysfunctional family was such a horror that by the time I was twenty, I was completely without feelings for the human race. The only feelings I had were for the animal population and I don’t think I have to explain why I feel this way. Animals don’t kill for no reason, if you are fortunate to be accepted by them, they are very intelligent much more then humans, they are loyal, compassionate and loving which is more then I can say for the majority of humans I have encountered in my 75 years. I have some psychic abilities and have come to be grateful for them because I think that forewarned is forearmed and I can usually sense when something bad is about to happen. So that when my bad karma starts acting up, I am in a better position to handle whatever it may be. I have a lot of respect not just for the Lakota but for all of our native people and as such deserve a lot better treatment then what they have been getting. There isn’t anything wrong with being a heyoka. If I am one, then I would be proud of it and if people have a problem with it then I don’t really give a damn. So be it, don’t fight it, accept it and you will eventually be accepting of it.

  25. It sounds like me, l was born breech , not left handed though but everything else sounds like me but for some reason l still doubt so how do you know for sure ?

  26. Finally coming to terms with who I am at the age of 56, a heyoka. After many years of psychotherapy, medications, being told I’m too sensitive and not to take everything so personal, super sensitive to sounds, cannot be around crowds for very long, making jokes at inappropriate times, cry when I see the violence and hatred in the world— I understand who I am now and I’m ok with that. Thank you for this wonderful article. I hope more heyokas see the wonderful healing value they have in this quickly changing world.

  27. For many years I’ve said that I am the mirror in my world. Whatever those around me are feeling I absorb and translate it back them. I never knew such a feeling can be validated and to know that I’m not alone. I have a strong connection with Tibet and Native America so it was no shock that those two places were brought up in the insight.

    My only question is how does one move forward in this light? How does one protect oneself in order to help others?

  28. It’s not easy being a Heyoka empath but when you’re able to spot a liar and then to get people to open up to you that’s two of the best things that you ever want to have on your side and never be railroaded ever again!!! And being a creator of all sorts of things and being an excellent judge of character…. That’s the best right there!! But you need to guard yourself and place up mental barriers so you won’t be nearly bombarded by everything!!! I had a talk with my doctor on that!! And how I wish that I could’ve had that talk sooner because of what happened a few short months ago!! I was close to washing up that morning and opened a message here on my tablet and before I read that something I took a strong psychic blast and nearly went down onto the floor!! And what it was that her husband was fighting brush fires in (get ready) Australia and inhaled a lot of smoke and was rushed to the hospital for inhalation!!! What hit me first was that she was or had been crying over what happened and had contacted me to let me know what had to him!! Luckily, The people at the hospital were able to take good care of him and he got back home sometime after that!! Being that I have now put this episode into print it’s because that I still can’t believe how strong I am by being a Heyoka empath!! And long after she was able to put that incident to bed that sometime afterwards I had sent her another message that she knew picked up on me sending her a message!!!

  29. I feel I could be a Heyoka, but I don’t know for sure. It feels right but sometimes I have doubts about my intuition. How do I know? How do I use it or train? I feel like I do this without thinking, but I already said how I feel about my intuition. Humm…. I never see anything about my questions. Maybe there should be an international organization for this. TWHNIITAH OR THOSE WHO HAVE NO IDEA IF THEY ARE A HEYOKA? Or is the point? Never to know. There are just too many rules. Can I resign and become a different empath? I like the talking to animals or ghosts position better😂. At least I will know when a creepy girl wakes me up in the middle of the night sitting on a rocking horse that I am a ghost empath. Okay I see. So maybe the animal empath is better. Definitely don’t want the plant empath position. Someone walks in while you are talking to your stash of weed has got be annoying. They are either going to suggest lots of cats or a straight jacket. Of course, they won’t complain about the weed.


  31. im having flashbacks of my whole life now, making sense of it now. i thought i was an overthinker and just had no energy or motivation . when the hell is my turn to speak 😆 its tough to let people finish there thoughts cuz i already fast forwarded the conversation 😏👍

  32. So I have been ridiculed all my life. Feel, smell, and taste things that no one else. Feel electrocuted in large crowds from the bombardment of everyone else energy and emotions. So the question I need answering is what do I do with this information, now that I have it? how can I put it to good use? Please

  33. EMPATH UPRISING YouTube channel! A place for HEYOKAs and all empaths to find and take back our power and to realize our part we play in the global spiritual awakening happening right now!

    MUCH LOVE! to all brothers and sisters on/of/around/within MOTHER GAIA!

  34. I’m a heyoka. If you’re a heyoka, you’d know, because manipulating energies to create desired orientations is a conscious art. It’s the same as saying you can’t be a surgeon unconsciously. Like, you can’t tell a joke and change things: is the energy of the joke coherent with the person? Is the joke targeting the energetic snag that’s hurting that person? Is it the right time for a joke, the person may be preoccupied with other energies and you have to meet those in order to find the person.
    Being a mirror is almost compulsive, because the imbalance feels so uncomfortable that I automatically take the best frequencies to balance the vibes. For example, fear can be balanced by appeal to their emotional norm (not your own, mind you, theirs, so you have to empathically find what they consider normal first), by causing anger and will to fight, by framing the feared object in a humorous light, by emphasizing connection and that they’re not alone. And it’s not just balancing, it’s orienting your own expression in such a way that you’re not just expressing these things: you’re ensuring that the person is experiencing them. It’s like the difference between saying something and making someone understand something.
    And often the situation is too delicate or volatile to give you a second chance.
    Being a heyoka is a trait, but it is also an art.


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