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Moola Mantra (oneness) – Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits

What is the meaning and benefits of the Moola mantra?


Moola mantras are uplifting mantras that are said to contain the primordial essence of the mantras pertaining to a precise Hindu Goddess or God.

The Moola Mantra is a chant seeking for the living God to protect the chanter and provide freedom from all sorrow and suffering. 

It is said through this chant that the divine God manifests out of love and peace.

The God or Goddess then takes an earthly form to protect mankind.

Moola Mantra Lyrics


Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma,

Purushothama Paramatma,

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha,

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha.

Translation in English:

We are calling on the supreme power, the Creator of the universe,

The Creator of all creation who comes into my heart and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask,

The Divine Mother, combined with,

The Divine Father, I ask for advice at all times.

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Meaning of Moola Mantra

Believers of the chant say the Moola Mantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world who have chanted or even listened to it.

The Sanskrit word “moola” means “base” or “root.”

According to experts of the practice, the Moola mantra meaning is the following:

Om — this syllable is one of the most significant spiritual symbols. It refers to Atman (self within) and Brahman (supreme spirit).

Sat — this syllable means ”the all-penetrating existence that is shapeless, formless, omnipresent and with no attributes.”

Chit — this syllable means the pure consciousness aspect of the universe that is the infinite, eternal, omnipresent manifesting power of the universe.

Ananda — this syllable means „the bliss, happiness, love and friendship nature of the universe.”

Parabrahma — this syllable means the Supreme Being in his absolute and omnipresent aspect; one who is beyond time and space.

Purushothama Purusha — this word means „soul” and Uthama „The Supreme.”

Paramatma — this word is the supreme inner energy, which is immanent in every creature and in all beings, living and non-living.

Sri Bhagavathi — this word represents the Feminine aspect and is described as the Supreme Intelligence in Action. It is the Divine Mother Earth aspect of the creation.

Sametha — this Sanskrit word literally translates as„together.”

Sri Bhagavathe — this word means the Masculine aspect of Creation, unchangeable and permanent.

Namaha — is the last word of the mantra and means „sincere prostrations to the universe that is OM and has the aspects of SAT CHIT ANANDA.”

This healing mantra is said to be a direct link to the Supreme Being, the living God and Creator of this Glorious Universe.

Those who chant this healing mantra with meaning and honest intent.

Experts say to allow the wellspring of love that emanates within the chanter to flow out into the whole creation.

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Benefitswoman chanting a mantra with a mala in hand

According to experts, this mantra is said to bring peace and joy to the chanter and to people all over the world who have chanted or even listened to it.

The Moola Mantra is said to evoke the living God to protect and free all from sorrow and suffering.

Experts say it is profoundly beneficial to perform mantra sadhana on such mantras.

Regular and daily chanting of the moola mantras, at least 108 repetitions per day, can help you to appease them and to have a mental relation with the deity.

Other supposed benefits of the Moola Mantra are the rejuvenation of all cells, healing energy, and blessings for a happy and long life.

The mantra is said to contain enormous potential power and has the ability to expand and raise your awareness, as well as increase your wisdom.

One can achieve success when one remains calm even in times of adversity. Hence, regularly chanting the Moola Mantra can help you build a stronger self. And when you attain peace, you eliminate anxiety, worries, and other depressing feelings.

Believers say the Moola Mantra has the power to transport one’s mind to a state of causeless love and limitless joy.

The calmness that the mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about.

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