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10 Mind Power Quotes From Frederick Bailes On Healing

Frederick Bailes (1889-1970) was born in New Zealand and educated to be a medical missionary. He was among the most popular and important teachers of the Science of Mind.

He taught principles for healing physical diseases by correct thinking. Furthermore, he was an accomplished metaphysical healer, having healed himself of a so-called incurable disease.

Dr. Bailes gave weekly lectures to capacity audiences in Los Angeles and was well known for his twice-weekly radio broadcasts. He is the author of The Healing Power of Balanced Emotions, Basic Principles of the Science of Mind, and Your Mind Can Heal You. 

Moreover, he was well known for his popular radio broadcasts that aired twice per week.

Here are 10 mind power quotes by Dr. Frederick Bailes:

#1 ”Consciousness is the only reality; experiences are only the shadow thrown by this reality on the screen of my mind.”

#2 “Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create and manifest.”

#3 ”Nothing destructive can enter or operate within my body this day, for I am deliberately choosing the most constructive molds of thought.”

#4 ”Our world will change as our ideas concerning ourselves change. So never be afraid to think highly of your value.”

#5 ”At this moment there is latent in every person enough of the Power of God to transform him and lift him entirely out of his difficulty.”

#6 “With the fundamental truth that the person for whom we are treating is a perfect idea in the Mind of God, and our whole procedure during a treatment is intended to remove from our own mind any idea or picture of imperfection or sickness.”

#7 ”Man is not a body containing a mind; he is a mind operating through a body.”

#8 ”One of the hardest things to grasp for some is the fact that the Universal Mind, almighty by all the powers of Divinity, wishes to be available to man and get into action in the direction he chooses to point.”

#9 ”When we understand that there is only one Universal Mind in the entire Universe and that the man is himself part of this Mind, we can easily realize that the Mind which first created the body cells can make just as easy other new cells, impregnated with life force.”

#10 ”Those who reach the certainty of healing by their own power, enter the deepest measure of life because you came to have a life and to have it in abundance.”

paula oliver

Friday 15th of March 2019

I am reading the book. Your mind can heal you. The best book ever. You will be transformed by the knowledge he gives on Jesus and his teachings. Opening your mind to see things differently from what I was taught in any church! So enlightening!