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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Losing Your Hair?

Hair is considered an expression of beauty, particularly for women, as it looks playful, feminine and innocent.

Hair is more than simple protein follicles. Symbolically, hair signifies thoughts and ideas that are growing out from the psyche.

Hair falling out in a dream can symbolize:

Most of the time, hair falling out or hair loss in dreams represents a lack of strength in the life of the dreamer.

It can also symbolize abandoned ideas, feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem (people with low self-esteem will sometimes dream about losing their hair since their hair symbolizes normalcy and safety and they don’t think that they deserve that) and confidence, lost creativity, loss of energy or feelings of loss of present control or power.

Moreover, to dream about losing your hair represents to lose your youth and your vitality. You worry that something beyond your control is harming you, not allowing you to be the best you could be.

These type of dreams can also mean that you may be worried about getting older and be preoccupied with your appearance and the aging effects.

Additional hair dream – meaning and interpretations:

Dreaming that you have white or gray hair means that you have just become aware of something crucial. It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and insight. The dream may also be a metaphor suggesting that you are feeling “light-headed”. Cutting your hair signifies recreating your life. Cutting someone else’s hair represents your fear of losing control.

To dream that you have short hair signifies that you need to downsize your lifestyle. 

Being totally bald in a dream means your mindset is completely unconcerned, not caring about possible consequences or outcomes at all. Dreaming about your hair being dirty signifies that you feel unworthy or feel that you are being judged.

Dreaming about trying a wig on represents that you have a double personality or you’re trying to become a new person. Dreaming of washing your hair brings positive outcomes to a new relationship or project.

To dream that you are cutting your hair symbolizes that you are experiencing a loss in strength. 

Seeing someone else losing his hair may represent that the dreamer is having some valuable views regarding that person. It also signifies that the dreamer is having some type of different thought regarding that individual.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Dreaming about your eyelashes or eyebrows falling out could mean an upcoming betrayal, such as a spouse or lover or cheating on you.