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What Is An Empath? 11 Character Traits Of An Empath

What Is An Empath?

Empaths have the ability to walk a mile in other people’s shoes and to adopt different points of view.

Empathy is a useful social tool that helps us adapt to the environment we live in. This way, we establish a more complex connection with the people around us.

Although empathy is a feature that only people develop, each of us develops it differently. Some people are inherently empathetic, therefore, they show this trait effortlessly.

However, other people have to work on developing their empathy.

In today’s article, we invite you to discover what are the main features of empathic people.

11 Character Traits of Empaths:

#1 They Think Before Speaking

The words you speak are as important as the ability to listen to others. Empathic people are aware that words are a true weapon that can either save or destroy. For this reason, they choose their words wisely.

When they do talk, empaths are careful not to judge, to ask for anything and not to highlight the flaws of their conversation partner. Before giving you advice, an empathic individual will ask you if you are interested in receiving help from him.

Sometimes we forget that helping and giving orders are not synonymous.

If you want to talk to a person who is going through a more difficult time, use phrases like “I can Imagine.. ” or “How can I help you?” Words like these help others feel truly accepted and understood, rather than judged.

#2 They Are Creative

Singers, painters, sculptors, actors, and writers feel very well the emotions of others.

Most empathic people are artists, but they don’t like to brag about it. This gift they’ve been given helps them express their emotions and feelings.

#3 They Test Their Opinions

Empathetic people do not stubbornly stick to the same opinions all their lives. On the contrary, they listen and ask questions.

They understand that there is no single answer to each dilemma in life and that each person has her own reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way. Empathetic people do not always want to be right, but they want to support debates and share ideas with others.

At the end of this process, they are likely to change their opinions or adopt some of your ideas. But do not misinterpret the situation: empathic people do not try to make you like them. If they change their minds, they really are convinced that the new idea is the right one.

To be more empathetic, talk to people who do not think the same way you do. Listen to their opinions and tell them what you think. The most important thing is not to try to convince your conversation partner that you are right. Just listen to what he has to say.

#4 They Love Deeply

Empathic people are extraordinarily loving, loyal, and are the best friends one can have.

#5 They Appreciate Curiosity

When we are children, adults teach us not to ask too many questions. But life shows us that things are quite different. Certain questions need not be asked before reaching a certain level of self-confidence. However, that does not mean we have to live in uncertainty.

Empathic people do not agree with the idea that questions are bad. They let themselves bewildered by curiosity, wanting to know more about the habits, experiences, and knowledge of others.

So, next time you talk to someone, ask questions about that person’s interests, dreams, and goals. This habit will develop your empathy and help you see the world through the eyes of the other.

#6 They Get Stressed Easily

Due to the fact that they feel all the emotions much more intensely, empathetic people risk getting stressed easier.

#7 They Really Listen To What Others Have To Say

Empathetic people listen to every word spoken by their conversation partners. Not only that, but they also give their full attention. They don’t just listen so that they can give a good answer, but because they are really interested in what they are told.

Maybe it doesn’t seem to be a very important issue, but when you pay attention to your conversation partner, you basically give them a precious gift. Unfortunately, this ability is not easily acquired.

Most of us cannot be fully mindful of what we are told. In general, we tend to listen in order to provide an answer or debate a subject. That is why very often the connections we establish with the people around us are not very strong.

Empathetic people, however, offer a response using their whole body. The fact that they truly listen to you is obvious: their gestures, energy, and posture communicate everything you need to know.

#8 They Are Intuitive

Empathetic individuals are able to make critical decisions based only on instinct. They listen and try to find the meaning of the messages that the Universe is trying to send.

#9 They Can See The Bigger Picture

They are rarely lost in superficial details in order to occupy unnecessary positions (job promotions). They tend to look at life through the eyes of a bird, seeing what is wisest and most meaningful for their lives.

When faced with problems, empaths tend to see them as temporary obstacles that help them to increase the amount of joy in the future. Therefore, due to their approach to life, empaths most often have tranquil and stable lives.

#10 They Are The Target Of Negative People

Empaths don’t feel the need to talk about themselves, but they are of interest to others, especially negative people, manipulators, those who want to replace optimism with negativity in any situation.

#11 They Tend To Give Too Much

From the desire to help others, an empathic person will put herself second, which will cause a lot of pain sooner or later.