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Broken Glass – Spiritual Meaning | Myths | Legends + Dream Interpretation

Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass

Even the least superstitious of us tremble when we break glass because it activates a deeply rooted superstition in our minds.

In all cultures, glass, especially the mirror, has a special symbolism, far exceeding the simple function of reflection.

It is a portal to another world and is used in art as an element with a strong mystical significance.

There are many superstitions related to mirrors, but those that describe breaking one are the most common in most cultures of the world.

It is said that mirrors have two magical powers: they bring bad luck, but they are also a gateway to the future, helping you foresee what will happen.

Before mirrors were manufactured, any surface that had the property to reflect was considered magical. In mythology, we often read about gods and goddesses, as well as ordinary people, who look in a mirror or on the surface of water to discover what does life has in store for them.

Reflection is also something that captivates and deceives the senses, as the myth of Narcissus (a character who is enchanted by his own image) teaches us.

In antiquity, metal and glass surfaces were used to receive messages from the divine forces.

Because the mirror has always been considered a way to look into the future, it is believed that breaking it affects your course of life.

In the past, a way to “repair” this misfortune was to bury its pieces in the ground. In the old days, when a mirror broke, it was also believed that a family member would die.

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Myths & LegendsSpiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass

Here are other superstitions related to the mirror:

  • if a mirror breaks by itself, you will experience a tragic event;
  • if a woman and a man first look at each other in a mirror, they will have a happy marriage;
  • it’s bad luck to see your face in the mirror if it is lit by a candle;
  • the mirrors must be covered in the room of a person who has recently died so that her soul does not remain stuck in them. Folktales say that the devil invented the mirrors precisely for this purpose;
  • theater actors think it’s bad luck to look in the mirror over someone’s shoulder;
  • children should not see their reflection in the mirror in their first year of life because it may bring misfortune;
  • it was also believed that if a woman stood in front of a mirror, eating an apple and brushing her hair, she would see the image of her future husband reflected in it.

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Dream Interpretation

Glass and Broken Glass Dream Symbol MeaningThe dream indicates that someone will soon change decisions that concern you as well.

If you break a window in a dream, your friends in real life will disappoint you; you may also soon notice strange behaviors coming your way which will make you decide to end engagements or agreements.

Note – the window in a dream symbolizes an opening to the world or a different dimension of life; it may relate to the circumstances in which you are currently living.

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A glass baby bottle indicates the need for protection and care, the desire to be helped to grow and develop.

A glass containing alcoholic beverages reveals the desire to celebrate or put an end to excessive behavior, while a medicine glass can symbolize the need to care for our health. If you dream you are looking through glass, it indicates that you want something.

Also, dreams in which we perceive the presence of glass indicate unseen but very real barriers that we built around us in order to protect ourselves from relationships with other people.

In addition, these dreams may also symbolize the barriers built by others or certain aspects of our being that we have developed precisely to serve as shields.

The interpretation of dreams in which you break a window also refers to possible quarrels in business relations or personal relationships. If you dream of breaking a showcase, you plan an investment but it will not materialize anymore; you may experience broken relationships with your colleagues or business partners.

Seeing an empty showcase in the dream symbolizes the desire to end a friendship or engage in personal projects. Breaking it, however, means that in reality, you will give up these plans.

It’s possible that at the very last moment to change your opinion about a person and lose your interest. You may also find some compromising details that make your investment look less appealing than it did at the beginning.

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