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What Are The Rainbow Children Characteristics?

What Are The Rainbow Children Characteristics

The rainbow children are the 3rd generation of special children that have come to help humanity evolve (these children started incarnating around the year 2000).

They have evolved from other planets, where they have resolved all their karma and personal learning lessons. Hence, their purpose in life is purely to serve humanity.

“They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential. They have never lived on this planet before, and they’re going straight to the Crystal Children as their moms and dads.

These amazing children are entirely fearless of everybody. They’re little avatars who are all about service. These are children who are only here to give – they are already at their spiritual peak.” – Doreen Virtue

11 Characteristics of the Rainbow Children:

#1 Fearless

They are fearless and have no trouble expressing their emotions.

kidsThey are able to generally recover from the state of destructive emotions promptly. They don’t stay angry long. They often recover quickly from tragedies.

#2 Balancedkids

Rainbows have perfectly balanced male and female energy. Rainbows are like “little Buddhas,” both wise and serene. They’re more interested in giving than receiving.

#3 Natural Healing Abilitieskids

They radiate rainbow energy. Their natural healing abilities spread unconditional love and joy. Healing themselves and others is their purpose on Earth.

They are said to be the embodiment of our pure divinity and an example of our true potential.

#4 Stubborn

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The rainbow children are able to express their needs and desires even when they are young. They own a great deal of personal confidence and power, though they may be misinterpreted as being stubborn. However, that is our misconception.

They are born with a knowledge of proper character integration. This will develop depending on their parents because the character integration will change if there is negative programming given to the child.

Also, they may tend to need less sleep, waking up often and be more of a cat napper.

Parents may frequently feel at the mercy of their child’s extraordinary needs.

#5 High Energy Levels

They have high amounts of energy, plus they are greatly enthusiastic throughout the day.

If you study these children closely, you will know that they are more in sync with the spiritual world, and their awareness floats in a world of their own.

In addition, many can be born with special needs this creates great stress on the family in the areas of finances, emotionally, and the relationship between parents.

#6 Friend to Mother NatureEARTH

The rainbow child is a friend to Mother Nature. They believe that the planet will be healed.

They love animals, plants, and sunsets.

#7 Unconditional Love

They are absolutely open-hearted, love unconditionally, and have no fear towards any stranger.

Unlike the indigo children who only display affection to people warranting their trust, they are universally affectionate.

#8 Optimistkids

They are trusting and forgiving. They are optimistic and enthusiastic.

They have few if any prejudices or preconceived notions. Often their faith in humanity is proven true.

#9 Clean Diet33 Famous Vegan Quotes Which Can Teach, Inspire and Motivate People

They carry natural immunity to certain toxins that permeate most modern cultures. They are health-oriented. They maintain and cleanse their bodies without a lot of effort.

They are not prudes but shy away from drug and alcohol use. They avoid toxic environments and junk food. The easiest way to feed them is with vegetables and fruits.

#10 Live with an Open Heartkids

They are attracted to people with open hearts, like other crystal children or seniors.

#11 Telepathic

Rainbows tend to be blessed with a heightened sixth sense, that is why they are able to sense natural disasters before they happen and are frequently more sensitive to spirits. 


Rainbows are our greatest hope for the planet. In fact, it’s the crystal, indigo and rainbow children who will lead the way as we move further into the time of universal peace.

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