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What Is An Ambivert? 15 Signs That You’re One

What Is An Ambivert?

Introversion and extraversion describe how a person directs their energy either outwardly toward activities and people or inwardly toward ideas and thoughts.

Introversion can be summed up in one word – introspection. People who fall into this category spend a significant amount of time pursuing more internal or intellectual interests, like – reading or examining their own reactions to the environment around them. They are very attuned to their internal experience.

Basically, introverts:

  • concentrate on one-on-one activities;
  • make use of written responses when possible;
  • allow time for thinking before responding and decision-making;
  • use polling techniques for input and decision making;
  • encourage responses with questions like, “What do you think?”;
  • include introduction time to get to know you and trust you.

On the other side of the coin are extroverts. They like to be the center of attention in groups. These individuals thrive on excitement and are enthusiastic, action-oriented people.

They enjoy engaging with the external world. Also, they have a tendency to seek out the company and stimulation of other people.

Basically, extraverts:

  • do not assume commitment or decisions made;
  • take words at face value;
  • allow time for bouncing around ideas;
  • focus on the external world, the things, and the people;
  • communicate openly – do not censure;
  • allow talking out loud without definite conclusions;
  • respond quickly without long pauses to think;
  • show enthusiasm and energy.

As people tend to fall somewhere between two extremes of introversion and extraversion, extraversion is measured on a continuum.

Many individuals will exhibit introverted behavior to different degrees in specific situations. At other times, the same people will behave in an extroverted fashion.

The term ambivert is used to describe an individual who falls in the middle of the introvert-extrovert scale.

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15 Signs That You’re an Ambivert

#1 You Think Too Much

For ambiverts, decision-making is a chore. You might spend a lot of time analyzing and self-reflecting before taking your options to friends.

Also, you may complicate problems by then having to consider and analyze every piece of advice offered by family and close friends.

#2 You Are Responsible In Financial Mattersmoney woman

You don’t only make decisions wisely; you also avoid spending money foolishly.

#3 You Value Smart Work

Ambiverts are willing to work hard; however, they are more focused on working smart.

#4 You’re Indecisive

You enjoy staying in, but you also know that you could have a lot of fun if you go out. This happens since you have trouble making solid choices. Though not easy, you can be persuaded into or out of things if the right things are said.

#5 You Can Perform Tasks In A Group or Alone 

Extroverts are energized by working with and around other people and feel uninspired and isolated working by themselves. Introverts much prefer to work alone and feel drained and overwhelmed if they are forced into group situations.

Ambiverts do well in both settings. There are times when they enjoy working with other people in order to recharge and get motivated. However, an ambivert might soon crave time alone and feel more productive without others around.

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#6 You Tackle The Small Stuff

Ambiverts know how to sweat the small stuff. They embrace the idea of doing the little things so they can achieve big things.

#7 You’re Not Overly Sensitive

High sensitivity can be defined as acute emotional, mental, and physical responses to internal or external stimuli. 

Other people might be touchy, but someone who is neither an introvert nor an extrovert doesn’t take it personally. They are empathetic, but they don’t dwell on other people’s emotions.

#8 You Apologize When Necessary

You know well when you have made a mistake, and you apologize. You are aware that by apologizing, you will be the bigger person.

#9 You’re Not Super Social, But You’re Also Not Much Of A Lonerfriends woman girl

Being an ambivert means you enjoy socializing and alone time. There are times you may find yourself going to big parties but only hanging out with a few people there. Sometimes, you get super bored staying at home alone, and there are times when you want nothing more than solitude.

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#10 You’re Not Easily Discouraged

You handle change well. You’re optimistic and can work either independently or with others.

#11 You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Social Mediaman on a smarthphone

A part of you wants to seek alone time and is indifferent to social media, whereas a part of you wants to stay in touch with people and seeks stimulation.

#12 You Hide Your Real Feelings

If you find that you’re constantly playing down your emotions or hiding your real feelings under rude comments or sarcasm, you’re an ambivert.

Someone can only understand your opinion if you are honest about how you feel, so any attempt to mask your true emotions eliminates the possibility of genuine communication.

#13 You Don’t Yell Or Become Easily Angry

Even in the harshest stress situations, you try to handle them smoothly, and you choose to stay calm. You feel that by raising your voice, you are lowering yourself.

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#14 You’re A Good Listener, But Also A Good Talker 

Whether you’re hearing out a longtime friend who’s having a bad day or you are in a casual conversation with a coworker at the office, you know when to keep quiet or when to dole out advice.

Ambiverts specialize in being amazing listeners and counselors, which makes them really good friends.

#15 You’re Not The Last Or First To Leave At Parties

Ambiverts are fine with leaving when things are coming to a close.

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