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12 Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is typically described by repeated, mutually destructive modes of relating between a couple.

These relationships are not necessarily hopeless; however, they require difficult and substantial work if they are to be changed into something healthy.

List Of 12 Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship:

#1 Your Partner Uses Manipulation To Suit Himself

If you’re in a relationship with a toxic partner, you will notice that they will make unreasonable demands from those who are close to them in order to satisfy some kind of self-serving need.

They typically do this out of inadequacy – they feel flawed and need someone else to fill the resulting void. They will do this with close friends, parents, spouses, and even children.

#2 Your Partner Feels Envy Or Resentment At The Success Of Other People

This follows along with their entitled outlook on life. They may see another person’s accomplishment or success as a threat to their superiority and feel competitive toward them. They are frequently childish, petty, and jealous since they see other people as competition.

Because of this faulty mindset, they also believe others are jealous of them.

#3 You’re Always Saying You’re Sorry

If you find yourself constantly asking forgiveness for things you have supposedly done wrong, watch out. A toxic partner will make you feel like everything is your fault and put you on the defensive when you don’t even know what you did.

In any relationship, people mess up; love definitely does mean saying you are sorry, and probably on a regular basis. Nevertheless, both of you should be willing to admit that you screwed up, not just one of you all the time.

Toxic partners don’t like to ever admit fault, and while they may offer an “I’m sorry you feel that way,” they will never actually say, “I’m sorry.”

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#4 You Find Yourself Doing Things That You Don’t Enjoy

Toxic Relationship


A toxic person has a goal of moving you around like a puppet to do what they want; however, never what you want to do.

If your partner is always calling the shots and saying what you will be doing, but you feel like you rarely get to enjoy things anymore, you may be in a toxic relationship.

#5 Your Partner Believes He’s Someone Very Special

If your partner thinks of themselves as someone special whom others cannot live without, that is a sure sign you are in a relationship with a toxic individual.

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#6 Your Partner Doesn’t Trust You

Toxic Relationship signs


Poking their nose into your journal, reading your emails, looking at your phone – toxic partners will do all these things, then try to convince you that couples shouldn’t have secrets from each other.

Insisting on sharing everything and having access to your emails, social media, and texts is a sign that your partner doesn’t trust you.

But having a partner shouldn’t mean losing your privacy. In a healthy relationship, people respect each other’s boundaries and allow each other to have their own lives.

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#7 Your Partner Is Extremely Selfish And Lacks Empathy

If your partner seems to habitually disregard your feelings and needs, there is a good chance they just don’t care about you since their only true goal in life is, “what can you do for me?”

This behavior undoubtedly leaves you feeling absolutely bewildered since you come to the realization that they do know how to behave but are deliberately choosing not to.

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#8 Your Partner Projects A False Image

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship


If you’re in a toxic relationship, you will notice they will use external things to display their superiority.

One psychologist calls this the “trophy complex,” in which your partner commonly uses people, objects, accomplishments, or status to represent the self.

If you’re in a relationship with a toxic person, there are several things they might say:

  • “Poor people are to be avoided. I certainly don’t want to look poor, that is why I drive a luxury car.”
  • “I got plastic surgery since it’s the best way to get a rich man’s attention and make other women jealous.”
  • “My accomplishments are my life.”

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#9 Your Partner Frequently Threatens Yousigns you're in a toxic relationship

If your partner often threatens you, that is a sign you are in a relationship with a toxic person.

Examples include:

  • “You better stop or I swear…”
  • “Go ahead and leave – I never needed you anyway.”
  • “The next time you want something from me you’re getting nothing!”
  • “I’ll tell everyone you’re [X] kind of person.”
  • “I’ll walk out this door right now and never come back.”

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#10 Your Partner Makes You Responsible For His Emotionssigns of a bad relationship

Toxic persons are ironic in the sense that they spend quite a bit of time making you feel as if you can’t think for yourself.

But, if they’re angry or furious, well, you had better check yourself since you obviously did something wrong. If they feel sad or depressed, it is most likely because you made them feel that way.

#11 Your Partner Doesn’t Help Resolve Problemswarning signs of a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships are usually teeming with unresolved conflicts. But prolonged and frequent conflict avoidance in a relationship can be a warning sign. It is also possible they manipulated you into believing the discussion was over before it was.

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#12 Your Partner Will Never Accept The Blameearly signs of a toxic relationship

Many toxic individuals will not want to accept the blame on to themselves and will try to pass the blame onto you, even when it is clearly not your fault. They will want to make you feel that you did something wrong so that they can take advantage of you.

Important note – this can cause anxiety and stress and can be hard to change as the toxic partner will always want to win and have power over you.

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