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The Third Eye Chakra Healing – Complete Explanation

The Third Eye chakra is called “Ajna” in Sanskrit, and it is the 6th of the seven main chakras.

The name “Ajna” means “commandment” because it is the energy center that receives commands from the Higher Self – in the acceptance of Freud – and correlates them with the subconscious and the supra-consciousness of the individual.

Hindu tradition represents two petals designed in the center of the forehead, above the eyebrows.

The two petals symbolize the distinctive function of the two brain hemispheres: the left side – logical-rational and the right side – figurative imaginative or intuitive.

A symbolic Hindu iconography appears like a circle flanked by two petals with a golden triangle circumscribed, upside down. Other changes include a window of light.

The color of this chakra is indigo. This color is used during therapy to stimulate the thyroid and the parathyroid gland.

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Connection With The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland – which is behind the third eye – is responsible for the release of melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep and its secretion is tightly bound with the eye. This gland coordinates all the other glands in the body and makes them work properly.

In the same way, Ajna is the chakra that commands and assures the power of the energy system in order to function properly. Returning to the pineal gland we notice that when we close our eyes, pupils dilate, this being a signal of the melatonin secretion.

As melatonin is released and reaches the whole body, the more we enter into a deeper sleep. Melatonin has properties similar to LSD or to other substances that alter perception. All these substances act on the third eye. Here, appear visions, messages, and spirit signs.

The element of this chakra is light and the intuitive sense. The planet that governs this chakra is Jupiter, a planet of expansion and evolution.

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The Symptoms Of Blocked Ajnathird eye

It’s possible for the Ajna chakra to be closed or unbalanced if you experience the following:

  • have often headaches and migraines;
  • don’t think you can change;
  • have trouble seeing, trouble with eyes and view;
  • have nightmares or hallucinations;
  • have sinusitis or sinus problems;
  • feel misunderstood and unsupported in what you think;
  • think that you can’t be yourself in front of the family;
  • think that your ideas are never accepted;
  • need external support to believe in your ideas and to make decisions;
  • feel empty, disconnected, trapped in delusions, confused, lost, stressed, nervousness, as if you’re a burden as if you are in the way of all:
  • don’t hear your inner voice or you can’t trust it;
  • have negative thoughts, are afraid to be afraid;
  • have negative beliefs and patterns inherited from the family that keeps you stuck;
  • wonder at every turn;
  • are easily influenced;
  • have a lack of discernment;
  • have an impaired vision;
  • confused about your life and about your life purpose;
  • have an inadequacy between what you think and what you express;
  • are afraid to be yourself;
  • distrust in yourself and in others.

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When Ajna Chakra Is Openedthird eye dangers

When your Anja is opened, the outside world is perceived clearly. You understand and see beyond what the eye can see.

Perception and inner vision are major things for this chakra. Anja also holds the intuition, premonitions, understanding, telepathy, expanding, and quieting of your mind.

Clear-sightedness belongs to this chakra and its definition is very simple: to see clearly. In fact, every one of us has this ability.

I’m not talking about what is psychic or paranormal. It all depends on how much we open ourselves to this capacity and of our trust to use it in our everyday life.

Some people actually see energy, colors, and other things. But you can have your third eye opened and balanced and your intuition can work perfectly without seeing “the unseen.”

Many people have this ability. Sometimes I just know! The difference between the “seers” and those who don’t use this skill is not this information.

We all have intuition and we all feel. The difference is the opening to receiving these sensations, this “knowledge”. “Seers” have complete faith in what they feel while the others have doubts, seek confirmation outside, wonder, lose trust.

What do you say? Do you trust this, your feelings and intuition? In what proportion do you use this ability? No matter how much you trust, do the next experiment.

Say now: “From now on I won’t doubt myself or what comes towards me! I will receive it with an open mind!”

Then, try for a week to have confidence in your ideas, thoughts, and feelings that you live.

You don’t even have to act. Just listen, observe and see what happens. Watch out and observe yourself when your mind begins to doubt and reconsider.

When this energy center works well, you feel like you know something clear, without any logical reason or any explanation for what you know. You simply know and trust what you feel.

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What Can You Do To Open The Third Eye Chakra?Signs That Your Third Eye Is Opening

When it comes to learning how to open the third eye chakra, there are a few different ways you can go about it:

  • very useful exercises for Anja are those working with memory. For example, witnessing a scene and then describing everything you have seen, including details, colors, and so on;
  • keeping a diary of dreams is another beneficial activity for Ajna chakra:
  • eye-rolling and eye relaxation exercises;
  • chromotherapy;
  • sungazing;
  • the use of energy techniques;
  • drawing and painting.
  • meditation of any kind is very beneficial, especially guided meditation with views;
  • find more solutions when you’re in a stressful situation;
  • another good technique is to write a script – the coolest scenario you can think of – your life. 

The Third Eye has a lot to do with being open to evolution. To believe that you can change, see those things that you wish for. I mean sacrificing the victim mentality and opening to a better state, the one of healing, of evolution.

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