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What is Christ Consciousness Frequency?

Most people spend their entire lives incarcerated by their own restricted thoughts.

They never go beyond a limited and individualized sense of the self, created by the mind and conditioned by the past.

It is a state of expanded consciousness, a collective level of life and it still can be experienced in a personal way. It is also a level of our own existence.

“Find Me in Your Heart,” he said, “after you have closed your closet door, and I’ll be there.”

It is an experience, even if the mysteries of faith made theory and dogma from this. It is accessible to anyone who has the courage to go beyond the egotistically linear fiction personality, to everyone that has the honesty to look beyond negation and any judgment, to everyone that has the power to remain transparent to the reality, to anyone who embraces or accepts this belief.

Why must Christ Experience be searched in the heart?

Because the heart is the inner space, where the two basic fundamental ways of perceiving the whole reality cross: thinking and feeling.

The mind can never accept because its nature is the question, questioning, and dichotomy. This is thinking.

The alternative is to feel the reality rather than think it. This is the secret, the great change, the great inner transformation that each one of us may choose to do it or not.

How hard is it to calm the mind, to feel reality and perception, to open the doors to Christ’s consciousness?

It’s easy. You are one conscious breathing away from the great gate.

The discovery of this dimension frees you and the rest of the world from the pain and suffering you caused yourself and others when the little I created in the mind is everything you know and is leading life.

Love, joy, creativity, and stability of inner peace can’t come into your life except through this unconditioned dimension of consciousness.

If you can recognize, even occasionally, that the thoughts that cross your mind are only simple thoughts; if you can witness your own mental-emotional reaction patterns, that dimension will unfold to you as the awareness of thoughts and emotions occurring timeless in your inner space in which your life develops.

The human mind – in its desire to know, understand and control – mystifies opinions and views on the truth. Our mind says this is the way things are.

You have to go beyond thinking to understand that regardless of how you interpret your own life, the life or behavior of another, in whatever way you judge a situation, it is only a point of view, one of many possible perspectives.

It’s nothing more than a bundle of thoughts. But, the reality is a union in which all things are mixed, where nothing exists by itself.

About 2000 years ago, the one known as Jesus in the Orthodox world, lived the state of consciousness called Christ. He was the one who spread the seeds of the great transformations in the conscience of the entire humanity of today.

These times wouldn’t have been possible without this great Master. He was a great revolutionary, a recusant visionary, a disobedient figure, a real black sheep of his time.

His words arose from Christ Experience, were misinterpreted until they reached what he most severely stigmatized: the Pharisees and scribes dead letter.

The most important thing that was omitted from the official faith could only be a compliment apparently unimportant to the famous quote:

“I am the Way, Truth, and Life. And you are also.”

This would have turned everything upside down. People would have looked within themselves instead of looking outside. Power would have been left without an object.

Yet, humanity reaches today to a resolution. This state of consciousness erupts everywhere, in all forms, in all manifestations of consciousness, forever changing the history of creation.

Power systems collapse, just because power is an illusion. Beauty, truth, and liberty escape from their inner space depths that Master showed humanity at the time: the heart. A new Celestial identity is ready to be dressed for Humanity to regain consciousness.

Each of you, those who read these lines, feel that this truth can’t be stopped. Otherwise, these lines wouldn’t have come to you.

You are the ones looking for a journey of the heart, this is nothing else but our human soul journey experience, on our way to a new consciousness of what we really are. You are the ones raising the Christ consciousness.

This is the great transformation through which humanity is the “new consciousness and energy.”

You can call it Christ consciousness.

You are one conscious breathing away from this experience which is beyond any dogma.

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Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Good article, but long before Christ there was Krishna. This concept of Christ Consciousness is just an extension of Krishna Consciousness. The Atman is within us all, we are all the Atman. The Atman IS All.


Friday 29th of January 2016

Excellent! Thank you. ?