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Meditation For Healing The Body And Mind

You sit quietly, doing nothing – and the diseases heal themselves. Is it possible to use meditation for healing the body and mind? Why not?

How does the disease occur? Besides the body, the human being also contains emotions and thoughts, which integrate in a mysterious and very complex energy layer, which we call ”aura.”

If someone has, for a longer period of time, many negative thoughts and emotions, sooner or later health problems occur.

The human being is a whole; its parts are linked together and communicate in a very coherent way for someone who knows how to interpret these signs. Thus, a state of permanent dissatisfaction creates bile and bowel disorders.

Excessive criticism “nests” within the joints and fills them with pain. Excessive stubbornness weakens the eyes, fear festers the kidneys and jealousy attack the liver.

No medicine in the world can ever be effective for someone who will make no effort to correct the way of thinking and feeling.

Although for the time being the pain will pass, it will reappear until it destroys the whole system, as long as the person in question will not remove the real cause of suffering. For this reason, it is natural that action, on the subtle structures of the being, has healing results.

This is also the case of meditation, which knows best how to order in a sea of out-of-control thoughts and emotions.

What Is A Meditation For Healing The Body And Mind?

In a few words, meditation is the process in which a person plunges into a regenerative silence. All spiritual traditions describe it their own way: as an important achievement.

In Christianity, meditation occurs naturally as an answer to the monk’s deep prayers, and it is described as a “jam” that envelops the soul, as a fusion with God.

Orientals describe it as a higher stage in the search of the self, which occurs when concentration and attention reach an appropriate level.

To reach this state, it takes an object on which to focus the attention and concentration.

It can be a candle’s flame, a color, an exact geometric figure, a sequence of words that repeat, an inner sound or simply seeking the answer to the question “Who am I?“.

It is important to have a relaxed body position, as comfortable as possible, but with a straight spine. You can sit on a chair with your hands on the hips, on your knees or in a classic posture of yoga meditation.

You will find out that the mind is not easily tamed… And calming the mental fluctuations is the most important step in achieving a state of meditation.

That is why Christians say the Prayer of the Heart continuously using a rosary, so that it gives occupation to the mind.

Peace of mind occurs in time, after many hours of practice.

Specialists recommend two sessions of meditation daily, in the morning and evening, 20-30 minutes each.

A Simple Method

Sitting on a chair or in a position you choose, start relaxing gradually. Become aware of your posture. As you review the position of your legs, from bottom to top, mentally visualize as they slowly relax.

Then do the same with your hands, torso, neck, and head. After completing this phase, you will notice a certain feeling of expansion – you become aware of your aura that is beyond your physical body. Then, follow the breath without influencing it in any way.

Resist the temptation of breathing deeper or keeping the breath in the lungs longer.

All you have to do is observe. If thoughts occur, let them go, because otherwise your state of meditation is compromised.

In this phase, you can introduce the item you’ve chosen for meditation: candle’s flame, symbolic geometric diagram, prayer – or simply enjoy your state of silence.

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Science Investigates Meditation

What are the effects of meditation on the body? – is the question of scientists while measuring various processes that occur in the brain and other areas of the body to see how this activity affects us.

Subjects undergoing EEG showed that during meditation, the brain emits alpha waves – the same ones that occur during sleep or deep states of relaxation.

Also, after a longer period of time, theta waves appear, showing the awakening of latent faculties of the brain, a burst of brilliant inspiration.

Beyond this, the breathing slows by itself and the metabolism “rests” as well. Decreased blood pressure, slow heart rate, and breathing cause the cells to begin burning the oxygen completely.

This natural process prevents cancer and keeps cardiovascular diseases away and it cannot be completely obtained in any other way.

The deep psycho-mental calmness that installs in the meditation practitioner offers a completely changed life vision, helping him detach from the unimportant issues.
Theta waves open the practitioner to brilliant ideas that will bring exceptional solutions to the problems he faces in the field of consciousness.

The stress of everyday life will disappear; instead, a new way of life full of creativity will emerge. This way, meditation can become a great tool for healing any disease. If the treatment also includes herbal medicines, success is guaranteed!

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Wednesday 15th of September 2021