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The deepest question: Who Am I?

The deepest question: Who Am I?

Going through life and while on the way to the evolution of the soul, I have noticed a lot of confusion. This confusion also followed me for a long time, although I stepped on the road of personal development in search of a path to help me cast away several years of suffering.

Every time I would receive a different strategy, method, and technique that promised the achievement of success in all its forms, financial, relational, personal, professional.

None of them brought me any closer to what I was looking for, only bits and delusions.

These alone, without the meaningful journey and understanding of who I am, were not worth anything.

More and more people seek a way to live a life of joy, peace of mind, the feeling of abundance and fullness.

There is an increased number of various personal development programs that provide just that.

Each carries with it a good intention but at the same time, in my opinion, many of them also carry a subjective truth.


Because there isn’t a generally valid strategy or recipe for everyone, these methods can get you even more confused than you were before you start applying them.

The deepest question that you will ever ask yourself is ”Who am I?” and I think it’s the greatest search of a human being. Also, when you get to answer this question, a new world and a new life will reveal in front of your eyes.

We begin to find and become ourselves the moment we get to see that we are already found, already whole and wonderful, as we were born to be.

“If you can accept the indescribable nature of your true identity, you unveil the mystery of life.” ― Akemi G’s quote.

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Sunday 5th of April 2015

Wonderful piece. For each searcher the path is different. If each searcher subbornly refuses to give up, their own personal answer will come.

Thank you for sharing. This was a wonderful read.


Sunday 5th of April 2015

Even if our paths are different, the answers come from the same place: from within. We already have the answer, all we have to do is access it. Thank you!