Heart Chakra Healing Meditation – Anahata Chakra

The heart chakra is also called Anahata, and it is positioned in the middle of the chest, near the heart.

The Anahata chakra color is green (note – green epitomizes freshness and growth inherent in nature). The chakra is associated with healing, balance, harmony, care, and kindness.

It is the central point of the chakra system, being the place that balances and connects the material world (the three bottom chakras of the body) with the spirit world (the top three chakras).

Hands, chest, and lungs are the areas governed by this chakra. There is a power circuit that starts from the heart, crosses the arms and goes out of the body through the hands. Those who work with energy, use of this circuit (the energy of the heart), in healing.

The associated gland to the Anahata chakra is the thymus. This gland helps strengthen the body’s immune system.

Signs That Your Anahata Chakra May Be Blocked

  • You feel like a victim in one or more areas of your life, usually in relationships with others.
  • You think someone wronged you and you wait for his/hers apologizes.
  • You cannot forgive someone or something. You cannot or you don’t want to get rid of old grudges and resentment. You expect others to come and apologize so you can move forward.
  • All kinds of stuff that others do annoy you and you expect that they change for you.
  • You have an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile diabetes, which are also closely related to the heart chakra.
  • You have a lack of proper boundaries in intimate relationships and friendships.
  • You always feel sadness, pain, anger, grief.
  • You have heart problems.
  • You are overly critical towards yourself and others.
  • Others’ words can easily hurt you. You are jealous and always fear losing someone dear.
  • You feel lonely.
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When Your Heart Chakra Is Open

  • You are willing to accept the others as they are, even if you disagree with them, without trying to change anyone.
  • You are sympathetic and gentle with yourself and with others, but you don’t disregard yourself.
  • You are full of understanding and acceptance.
  • You can easily express your wishes.
  • You speak from your heart.
  • You are full of compassion for those in suffering, but you do not embrace their suffering and do not confuse their emotions with yours.
  • You are aware of your divine nature and your value.

Heart Chakra Meditation

During meditation, the focus is turned on the heart chakra in order to unblock the strong feelings of sadness, loss, fear, anger, and stress:

Sit on a chair or on a meditation pillow, in the lotus position (or easy pose), being careful regarding your posture: the spine must be straight and the chest open (slightly pull your shoulders back, but relax them, so you don’t feel any discomfort).

Gently press your right fist on the breastbone, in the area where the heart is. You will discover a small dent where your fist fits perfectly.

Breathe easily and deeply; let the air expand the stomach, not only the chest. Try to leave aside any thought and focus on the heartbeat and the breathing.

Place your right hand in the middle of the chest, in the heart area and place the left palm over it. Close your eyes and gently press your palms.

Try to feel the energy from the center of the chest. Imagine thin energy as a green light and try to feel its warmth. Picture the light as it radiates from your chest and spreads in the body. Hold that view for one to five minutes.

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Get your hands from your chest and place them on the knees, palms up; shoulders should be relaxed and your chest open. View the green light as it flows from the heart chakra, and from your palms in the surrounding space.

Imagine this light as it gathers all the compassion and love of the universe and brings them back into your heart.

When the meditation gets close to the finish, raise your arms upwards the sky while inhaling and leave the arms down, placing the palms on the floor, when exhaling.

Final Words

Activating the heart chakra helps people heal from their past pains. Additionally, as one can unlock the potential of the heart chakra, they can experience the feeling of being one with the self, harmony, and peace.



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