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A Beginner’s Guide To Chakra Meditation

A Beginner’s Guide To Chakra Meditation

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ”wheel” or ”circle.” People communicate with the environment with the help of chakras.

The chakras provide a permanent exchange of refined energies that are designed to mediate communication in any situation.

From each chakra radiates a certain number of energy channels (“nadi”) known in the yogic tradition as petals or energy spokes. Clairvoyants often claim that they see chakras in forms of distinct, refined colored lights that have a different number of petals, starting from a central point.

The chakras or the energy centers are seven in number and are located along the spine (top of the head to the base of the spine).

To balance the 7 chakras and to assure the smooth functioning of the body’s energy levels, meditation mantra can be of real help.

Here are some examples of mantras. It is good to repeat them, either individually or sequentially, aloud or silently:

#1 Muladhara Chakra – LAM

To assure their link with the Earth, sit with the legs or hips on the ground or you can stand with the legs wide opened to shoulder amplitude, or walk on the ground with firm steps.

Imagine a red sphere at the base of the spine and then feel the vibrating energy as you practice the mantra.

#2 Svadhisthana Chakra – VAM

The lower abdomen is the center of creativity and instincts. Imagine a glowing orange sphere below your belly button. Even if you don’t think you hold artistic skills, identify yourself with the opening to creativity.

This has beneficial effects on many aspects of your life. Repeating the mantra, you feel the vibrating energy in the lower abdominal area.

#3 Manipura Chakra – RAM

Imagine a golden sphere that rotates above the belly button in the solar plexus, the center of spiritual power.

When this center is blocked, you suggest specific choices, relationships or ideas, just for the sake of having always right and getting in such life situations that won’t bring you anything positive. As this mantra reminds us, sometimes giving up is the best solution.

Observe what bothers you and everything about it. If that thing has served the purpose in your life, then is time to leave it, imagine this moving away from you. Enjoy the reassuring feeling that you live and feel the energy vibration below the belly button.

#4 Anahata Chakra – YAM

This chakra is the center of love, generosity, compassion, and forgiveness. View a green sphere located to the sternum.

To balance the heart chakra, stand near a tree, inhale and exhale deeply.

Inhaling, you oxygenate your body and exhaling you give the tree the necessary carbon dioxide needed for its metabolic processes. Breathe, repeating the mantra and feel the energy vibration in the chest.

#5 Vishuddha Chakra – HAM

The fifth chakra is the center of communication which turns the word into creation but also the source of inspiration, the source of non-verbal communication, ideas and thoughts. Imagine a turquoise sphere that rotates around your neck.

This mantra helps you realize the power of the words you express.

It depends on you to “plant” words and ideas with positive messages in order to inspire and produce a good change in your life or in the life of others, or on the contrary, to transmit empty words, demoralizing or unconstructive gossip.

#6 Ajna Chakra – OM

The sixth chakra is the center of wisdom, of power and control, which will guide you throughout life. Surely you often seek guidance, but you reject some ideas that seem unfamiliar.

Imagine an indigo sphere that rotates between the eyebrows, the spot of the third eye.

Breathe in and out repeating the mantra and feel the energy vibrating on the forehead. This will help give up the old habits or the daily routine and try something new.

#7 Sahasrara Chakra – OM

Crown Chakra is the energy center that connects you to the entire universe and divinity. Imagine a purple sphere that rotates over your head.

To surrender is often confused with giving up, but far from meaning weakness, is really the expression of wisdom and power.

As you repeat the mantra, imagine how to think, speak and act if you were in touch with divinity.

Feel the energy vibration from top to toe, and to conclude, inspire and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose.

The Effects Of Chakra Meditation

  • Vitality, energy, dynamism
  • Freedom from prejudices, inhibitions, and limitations
  • Harmonizing sex life
  • Energizes your free will
  • Increases confidence
  • Awakens and amplifies the ability of love
  • Harmonizes communication with others
  • Harmonious Integration in family and society
  • Opens the path to wisdom
  • Opening to genuine spiritual communication with the Universe
  • Balances all structures of the human being

Introduce these mantras in your daily ritual meditation and you will see changes for the better in all aspects of your life!

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