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Trataka: Meditation of the Third Eye (aka Ajna Chakra)

Trataka is known as the meditation of the third eye. The concept of Kundalini energy exists in the beliefs of Tantra and Hatha Yoga.

We know that there are seven chakras or points of consciousness in our bodies.

These chakras are located at various points in the body, and among them, the sixth chakra known as the Ajna Chakra, the mystic sanctuary located between the eyebrows, is said to be the third eye.

The physical location of this chakra is the center of the forehead, just above the spot between the eyes. It is believed that the Kundalini energy travels from the first chakra to the second, third, fourth … until it reaches the seventh chakra, where it meets with the supreme consciousness – Shiva.

Meditation of the third eye spins around the sixth center of consciousness. Although it physically doesn’t exist in the body, only on a delicate spiritual level, the third eye has already been experienced by many people. Trataka is a meditation technique for Ajna chakra.

When we focus our attention on the third eye, we reach automatically and instantly in a meditative state.

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Trataka Meditation – Method

Trataka Meditation - Method facts


Sit in the lotus position – if not possible, sit comfortably on a chair or a bed.

Keep the column right and close your eyes. Breathe in and out 3 times.

Now focus on the middle of the forehead, around the area which is a few centimeters above the space between the eyes.

Keep your eyes closed and look to the central point of the third eye. Now, slowly, at 2 seconds intervals, start counting back, in mind, from 100 – 1, keeping your eyes on the center of the third eye.

How do you feel? You feel a pleasant tension in the eyes, and when you reach counting 3 … 2…1 … you feel strange inside and around the third eye. It’s a complex feeling to describe in words. Stay focused on the third eye.

Once you achieve this stillness eyes, you will feel like you can see thoughts, as if you have a screen where your thoughts appear in front of you. Have you ever thought, what is the source through which you could see your inner thoughts process?

When you close your eyes, there are many things that we see, and we observe them with the help of the third eye.

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Our thoughts stop, and if others appear, you will see them as a dream. In this situation, you can feel the true observer in you, different from your body and mind, yet a part of you.

Stay in this state for 10-15 minutes.

Now, slowly return to a state of normality. Remove blood from the eyes slowly, bringing them to their normal position, let them move freely, and move your consciousness from the third eye.

Hold still for a few minutes and allow the eyes to resume their normal movement. Breathe in and out 3 times and slowly open your eyes. Now your meditation is complete.

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Benefitsthird eye

Meditation of the Third Eye is a very powerful method of developing concentration and, at the same time, a very good exercise for your eyes.

Your eyes will stay healthy no matter how much tension and stress occurs during the day if you do this meditation every morning and evening. Also, this meditation helps the intuition to develop, unlocks the inherent energy of mentality, and channels it to sleeping areas of the mind.

That is why yogis say that this practice not only gives insight but also awakens psychic abilities, telepathy, telekinesis, psychic healing.

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When we wash immediately after this meditation, the eyes should be sprinkled lightly with cold water several times; if you are very sensitive, use hot water, but always end up using at least 2 times cold water.

This increases the blood supply to the eyes and harmoniously massages eyeballs.

By treatment with a candle flame, you gain a special glow, gain on Tejas (fire subtly) in addition, will help enormously in meditation because of the fascination created by fire.

Trataka meditation is a part of Hatha Yoga (the Sanskrit word ”haṭha” literally means “force”) that integrates both physical movements with energy work and meditation.

When you meditate on the Ajna Chakra, it is recommended to meditate using a part of the refined body. Because of this, you can feel your forehead center heating.

Heating indicates that the Third Eye attracts Kundalini, and although heating is not dangerous, you should be careful. If you feel heat and itches in the area of the third eye, stop immediately.

If you don’t know the implications of Kundalini and its ways of expression, it is better to limit yourself to the process of meditation in order to achieve a free thought state.

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Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

I read somewhere that tratka is also be done by bringing a candle flame to the third eye area but I can't bring the flame into the third eye area so how to do this?

Insight State

Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

Use the directions from this article. But, it is better to raise your vibration before ”trying” to open your third eye.