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The Benefits of Gong Meditation

What are the benefits of gong meditation?

A gong is a musical percussion instrument that takes the form of a flat, circular metal disc that is hit with a mallet (wood or rubber hammer).

It was introduced to the West during the time of colonization and became a part of the classical orchestra.

Gongs produce two distinct types of sounds. A gong with a substantially flat surface vibrates in several modes, giving a “crash” rather than a tuned note.

This class of gong is frequently called a tam-tam to distinguish it from the bossed gongs that give a tuned note.

The gong is also a complete image of the subtle world. The sun, or center, is the fire energy of consciousness and awareness, purusha.

The region of the prakasha is where the mind creates and projects. The outer region of the prakriti is the manifestation of the concrete patterns of nature and body.

The Use

It is a healing instrument for the nervous system and a cauldron in which you can generate alchemical blends of qualities that develop and open the Inner Self.

Healing Benefits of Gong Bath:

  • Conducive to healing and transformation;
  • Reduces the internal dialogue;
  • Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind;
  • Helps to recover after illness, traumas, and invasive medical treatments;
  • Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension;
  • Physically, it releases blocks and tension in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous, and circulation system. It also increases our prana, our life force;
  • Helps clear emotional and energetic blockages;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • Helps to stop the constant “chatter” of our minds;
  • Regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system;
  • Awakens higher levels of consciousness;
  • Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds — claims to shift the brain from a waking (Beta) state to Delta or Theta (meditation) through the vibrations of the instrument.

According to Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. Oncologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine:

“Sound enters the healing equation from several directions: It may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically.”

Mitchell Gaynor continued:

”It may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune system–the healer within.”

Dr. Michelle Hebert, gong healer, said:

“It’s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind.”

How To Do Gong Meditation?

During a typical gong meditation, you sit in a chair or lay comfortably on the floor with a blanket and pillow, allowing the healing vibrations of the gong to wash over you and enter in through chakras. Many people relax so profoundly that they fall asleep!

Richard Rudis, the founder of the Illuminarium Convergence, explained:

”A Gong Bath doesn’t require a belief system or study or ability to find a yogic position. All you have to do is just be present there and have an open heart and lie down.”

Becoming one with the sound is finally made us aware of closeness, acceptance, empathy, humility, courage, forgiveness, gratitude.

The meditation itself is like a mirror that reflects all situations which you experience in your life.


The effects of gong meditation should last well into the evening and even the next morning.

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Lama Surya Das

Thursday 18th of February 2016

A gong bath meditation is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. Sound & music are nutrients for the nervous system.