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Root Chakra Healing Meditation For Deep Healing And Balancing

What is Root Chakra?

Root chakra known as the Muladhara chakra or pubis, is the first of the 7 major energy centers.

It is situated at the end of the spine, very close to the coccyx, at the middle of the perineum area.


Mula – roots, origin, essence

AdhAra – base, foundation

Color – red

Element – earth

As the womb creates the perfect environment for embryo development, this chakra forms the basis and starting point for our spiritual development, the foundation of the chakras’ ladder.

Muladhara chakra’s symbolic representation is the lotus flower with four petals, describing the four cardinal points. They represent the four basic psychological functions of the mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego.

The four petals also symbolize the four stages of evolution of our life on this planet. Being associated with the color red, the Muladhara chakra regulates the energy associated with survival, instinct, and safety.

Signs Your Muladhara Chakra May Be Blocked Include:

  • inability to save money (a blocked Muladhara chakra is very common for people suffering from the extreme financial crisis);
  • chronic health problem;
  • lack of healthy boundaries;
  • thinking of life in terms of pure survival;
  • feeling distracted, confused;
  • eating disorders;
  • generalized fear;
  • sitting too long, not being able to be active;
  • overeating;
  • overindulgence in sexual obsessions;
  • feeling unsupported by friends, family, or community;
  • materialism and greed;
  • excessive preoccupation with survival;
  • selfishness.

When Root Chakra Is Open:

  • balanced care for the physical body (walking, working in the garden, swimming, yoga);
  • acceptance of the physical body;
  • lack of fear – you can relax into the present, breathe easily about the past, and feel excited about the future;
  • ability to provide food and necessary attention;
  • the power to manifest abundance.

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Breathing Exercise To balance Root Chakra:

  1. sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor in the lotus position.
  2. close your eyes and focus your attention on the pelvic bones.
  3. push the pelvic bones down into the seat or into the floor; observe how the spine looks like it stretches.
  4. inhale and exhale, sending energy into the pelvic bones, for 1-3 minutes.
  5. acknowledge the presence of this energy.
  6. use focused breathing for energizing and balancing the body.

Another cleaning and healing method of this chakra is the meditation using the mudras and sounds:

  1. choose a comfortable position, hold your spine straight and focus your attention on the Muladhara position.
  2. form a circle using your thumb and index finger, place your hands on the knees, palms up.
  3. inhale deeply and when exhaling, chant the LAM sound (mantra) three times.
  4. repeat the exercise for 7-10 breaths.

Every time we demand the right to the life we desire, we will heal the root chakra. You must realize that you are entitled to joy, happiness, health, and a creative existence!

You do not need someone else’s approval to decide on the things that lead you to happiness, safety, and happiness!

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