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Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Landing On You + Superstitions & Dream Interpretation

Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Landing On You + Superstitions & Dream Interpretation

Butterflies are symbolic creatures of beauty and dramatic change. Seeing a large number of butterflies is a sign of growth and revolutionary opportunities. The butterfly also symbolizes perseverance, trust, and beauty.

Myths & Legends

For most nations of the world, the butterfly has long symbolized rebirth and new life. It has acquired such symbolic significance because it was born of a cocoon, as a result of a caterpillar’s reincarnation.

In ancient China, the image of the butterfly represented immorality and evil intentions.

Old Egyptian priests considered that the butterfly symbolized spiritual death.

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In Germany, it is believed that butterflies are the only ones to carry water to the dead. And if a butterfly flies around you, you’ll receive news from an old friend.

The yellow butterfly fulfills desires, so when you see one, don’t forget to make a wish. A white butterfly brings good luck. The red butterfly predicts good health. A butterfly that comes into your house represents good luck and/or marriage. Butterflies flying in pairs announce happy marriages.

The Japanese think butterflies announce visits or the death of a close person.

In the UK, it is believed that the first butterfly seen in the spring must be killed in order not to have bad luck.


It is important to be aware of the first butterfly you see at the beginning of spring, an old superstition of the Italian people claiming it will predict the fruitfulness of the year, but also your health.

Therefore, if the first butterfly you see is a white one, you will have a good and prosperous year and you will enjoy good health. If, however, you first see a dark butterfly (brown, navy or even black) in the months to come, you will have troubles, sufferings, and disappointments.

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The yellow butterfly predicts a disease you will suffer from until the end of the year. A red butterfly, on the other hand, is a bringer of health, love, and prosperity.butterfly landing on hand

A positive interpretation is also given to the orange or golden butterfly. In addition, it is auspicious to first see the night butterflies, those butterflies that gather and fly around a light because they are thought to symbolize joy and good luck.

The Italian folk culture also says that if you see a death’s-head species of butterflies, it’s inauspicious to kill it because it is responsible for carrying water to the dead.

Furthermore, if you get a butterfly into the house you must feel blessed because it is the soul of someone in the family who died and has now returned for comfort.

Meaning of a Butterfly That Enters the HomeButterfly

Generally, it was considered a bad sign if a butterfly got into the house, which, according to legends, predicted the illness or death of people living in that house.

In this respect, the relatives of the Russian playwright and short-story writer A.P. Chekhov noted that at the time of his death, a huge butterfly flew into the window.

The butterfly must be released in order not to create problems. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the insect. A butterfly should never be killed, as this is considered equivalent to killing one’s soul.

Feng ShuiButterfly

The butterfly is a powerful Feng Shui symbol in Chinese tradition, representing freedom of the human spirit, the lack of barriers, and the breaking of limits.

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The most common use of the butterfly symbol is as a sentimental healer in love relationships because the butterfly is best associated with the sensations perceived by lovers when they fall in love.

Like a butterfly, free to fly to every flower, without constraints and prohibitions, the person wearing a butterfly-shaped Feng Shui amulet attracts strong sensual energies and significantly increases the chances of finding his soul mate.

But the Feng Shui butterfly not only brings a partner to the life of the one who is wearing it but, once found, this partner gives stability to the relationship, sexual energy, and involvement.

Just like a mature butterfly that has gained its splendor through multiple transformations, so the person who uses a Feng Shui symbol will defeat his anguish and rebalance his spirit.

The Feng Shui butterfly symbol does not help adults only. Many parents use it in child therapy, to increase energy flow and to increase learning concentration.

The Feng Shui butterfly symbol can be used in many ways: amulet, pendant, textile print on clothing, photograph or statue.

Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Landing On YouButterfly

A butterfly landing on you symbolizes the appearance of new friends in your path, new adventures, and sometimes instability in different circumstances.

Most times, the appearance of butterflies should be considered a reason for joy, as a refreshment of a life that is too dull or without initiative. It is a sign of happiness in your love life and fulfillment in the couple’s relationship.

Dream Interpretation


The butterfly that flies in your dream symbolizes the desire for adventure or confirms that you are a superficial person and indifferent to most situations in your life.

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You are not steadfast, you are hiding from problems, fleeing responsibilities, and for that reason, you are continually going through small changes in your life.

In some dream interpretations, it is believed that if you dream about a butterfly (or more) flying, you are not a trustworthy person, and you also like to flirt and socialize too much.Butterfly

The butterfly that sits on an object in your dream represents your desire for stability, which you can obtain in several aspects of your life. It can be the desire for a stable relationship or the desire for a family or workplace, all of which can provide confidence.

If you dream about a butterfly sitting on a flower, it is possible that in real life you go through some uncertain stages in your love relationship. Your partner may not be sure of his/her feelings for you.

Dreaming about many butterflies sitting on you is a good sign, meaning that you are going through a period of many beneficial changes.

New opportunities are emerging at all levels and it is important to know how to handle them because you will have to make important decisions.

The dream also announces a good period in your relationships, both with your partner and with friends and family. Also, this dream predicts joy, fulfillment, and tranquility. You will overcome the obstacles and create order in the chaos of your life.


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