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19 Signs You’re a Highly Spiritual Person

Do you consider yourself spiritual? Or do you desperately want to become highly spiritual?

Whatever the case may be, there are telltale signs to look for.

To begin your journey, you must remember that spirituality does not mean religion, divine gurus, or philosophies.

Instead, the term relates to knowing yourself in a deeper, more beneficial way.

Finding peace, learning about vibrations, and being calm about your inner world are all part of the journey to becoming highly spiritual.

You may have already followed this route without even knowing it, but before we start looking at the signs, let’s look at the definition of a super-spiritual person.

What Is a Highly Spiritual Person?

A highly spiritual person is someone who is connected with themselves, animals, and those around them in a much deeper way than most.

He/She might even be drawn consistently to nature and the outdoors, feeling as though they need to touch the trees (although this isn’t always the case).

Ultimately, they can recognize themselves in all living bodies.

They understand that everything, including the earth we walk on, is connected.

They never have to condemn or judge others.

They are at peace with their lives and themselves.

Does this sound like you?

Check the signs below to see if you’re already a highly spiritual person.

List Of 19 Signs You’re a Highly Spiritual Person:

#1 You’re Authentic

Highly spiritual people practice authenticity, but this doesn’t mean sharing everything about yourself, to everyone, all of the time.

Rather, you endeavor to always say what you mean, mean what you say, and stick to your principles and values above all.

#2 You Value People And Experiences Over Money

Everyone enjoys a blossoming bank account, but highly spiritual people consider good people and experiences more enriching than any material riches.

They prefer the euphoria of enjoying a deep and mentally thorough conversation as opposed to punching the overtime clock.

#3 You Don’t Hold Grudges

A highly spiritual person knows that holding grudges leads to stress. And stress leads to hypertension and even heart disease.

She also knows that it is for her own good to avoid holding grudges at all costs. Therefore, she is quick to forgive and forget.

#4 You Are Difficult To Offend

If you have a firm grasp of who you are, it’s difficult for someone to do or say something which gets your goat.

Highly spiritual people are open-minded and self-confident, which creates a pretty thick skin.

You may even poke fun at yourself or let other people make jokes about you since you are able to mentally draw the line between degradation and humor.

#5 You Let Go Of Mistakes

Highly spiritual people don’t define themselves by their mistakes. They dismiss their mistakes as soon as they make them, however, they don’t forget them.

They use their past mistakes for future reference and for finding methods on how to improve themselves.

#6 You Practice Honesty

Highly spiritual people do more than say what they sincerely believe. In addition, they avoid half-truths and strive to present information in a way that won’t be misinterpreted.

Important note – they realize that a focus on escape clauses, loopholes, and technicalities may win them a trial in court, nevertheless, it won’t win them others’ trust.

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#7 You Have A Good Understanding Of Yourselfnature meditation

You have a good understanding of who you really are. You are fluid in your ways of believing and thinking.

You are less flexible in your beliefs about your life, yourself, and this world.

#8 You’re A Great Leader

Highly spiritual people typically make good leaders, whether it is in a job or in social situations.

Their ability to empathize, control their own emotions, and identify others’ emotions makes them perfect leaders.

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#9 You Are A Good Judge Of Character

Being socially aware is something that goes hand in hand with being highly spiritual. People can’t surprise you. You can understand their motivations and intentions since you can read them like an open book.

Moreover, you can see clearly what’s underneath their surface.

#10 You Attract A Lot Of Unconditional Love

Highly spiritual people are radiating with positive energy and love.

They withhold it from absolutely no one. It’s no surprise that they attract so much honest, genuine, and trustworthy love.

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#11 You Embrace Changewoman meditation sunshine

Highly spiritual people are constantly adapting and are flexible. They know that fear of change is a major threat to their happiness and success.

They look for change which is lurking just around the corner. More importantly, they form a plan of action should these changes occur.

#12 You Can Creatively Solve Problems

Although being creative might not mean that you’re highly spiritual, people who are spiritual are also often creative, according to research.

Also, artistic skills might occasionally be an indicator that someone is spiritually inclined, even if they think they’re not.

#13 You Tend To Avoid Violent TV Shows & Movies

Since highly spiritual people rank high on the empathy scale, they tend to stay away from TV shows and movies with horror or violence in them.

They know violence or negative news will lower their vibration, hence, they do what they can to avoid it.

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#14 You Always Listen First, Speak Second

A lot of us get into hot water by speaking before we think things through.

Highly spiritual people do not have this difficulty, as they are always hyper-aware of the message they convey, how they sound, and the real impact their words will cause.

#15 You Act On Your Empathy

An important component of spirituality is giving back, even in the smallest ways. When we take actions that are loving and caring, we feel more love in return.

This is why highly spiritual people act on their kindness, whether it’s just being a shoulder to lean on or through volunteering, and overall they are much happier for it.

#16 You Have A Good Sleep

You are able to fall asleep fast and have a restful sleep. You can also fall asleep easily after waking up in the middle of the night. When you wake up, you feel restful.

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#17 You Show Compassion

Compassion is a more objective form of empathy.

It is the feeling what others feel, but taking it to another level by doing everything in your power to remove the obstacles and difficulties which stand in their way.

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#18 You Control Your Thinking

Most emotions are experienced instinctively, meaning you can’t control how you feel at any given moment.

But highly spiritual people recognize they can control how they react to those feelings, by focusing on their thoughts. In doing so, they avoid becoming enslaved by their emotions.

#19 You Can Read Facial Expressions

A facial expression is one or more positions or motions of the muscles beneath the skin of the face.

Looking at an expression and understanding the emotion that a person is portraying is one of the greatest indicators of a highly spiritual person.

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Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Ok, so, I relate to most, but not all of these. Could I still be considered a spiritual being??


Thursday 20th of January 2022

@David, all that you have listed here on the website I actually do on a daily basis without even knowing that this is higher spirituality. I have always wondered who I am and what can I do to help others with my higher spirituality, guess I gotta get creative huh? Lol. I wanted to ask, why do I feel there is a higher level, and what is it and how can I embrace it with what I already feel.


Friday 18th of September 2020

Of course. basically the more you have traits like these the greater capacity for love and spirituality you have. But when you get down to it. Each and every one of us is spiritual. Although some of us might not be able to see themselves this way. My teacher always emphasized: "Do not awaken the unenlightened." I think she meant that as they are not ready to receive the knowledge might be painful or worse.