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15 Sure-Fire Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

15 Sure-Fire Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame couple, love

A twin flame relationship is when two people are perfect matches as a result of shared pain or another difficulty.

Both people have to feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to handle such a meaningful connection and the intimacy which results from it.

List Of 15 Sure-Fire Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame:

#1 You Trust Each Otherman couple love

If you tell your partner a secret early on, and they are faithful to you and keep it private, it builds a level of trust which will only grow over time.

If they prove themselves trustworthy early on, then this is a good sign for the future and that he is your twin flame.

#2 You Seem Connected Even If You’re Separated By Great Distancestwins

It is simple to illustrate this point; it is when suddenly you feel anxious and give them a call and it turns out they were having a bad time, or you receive a call just when you were thinking about them.

Occasionally, connections are not only physical, but almost magical in their nature.

#3 You Feel Safe With Themf

I’m not just referring to physical safety, but mental and emotional safety as well.

You trust them, you don’t question their love, you know they are and always will be honest with you.

You don’t doubt their level of commitment to the relationship, you can be at your most vulnerable and exposed moment and know, without a doubt, that that they will stay even when things get ugly and rough, and that they will be there to help you pick up any broken pieces when it is been a tough day.

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#4 You Can Be Together In Comfortable Silencelovers

Your bond is so strong that you don’t need to know what’s going on in your partner’s head every single moment.


Because you know he is not thinking about your flaws when you are silent. And neither are you.

Instead, both of you are focused on your tasks in peace since you are comfortable with each other and feel surrounded by love.

#5 You Have Similar Values About Alone Time

Everyone needs alone time now and then. If you want more alone time than your partner — or vice-versa — you need to come to a compromise so that you are both satisfied and no one feels purposefully neglected.

If you and your partner are both on the same page about how much alone time is appropriate, then this is a small sign that he or she is your twin flame.

#6 You Have The Same Kissing Styleman couple love kiss

Kissing is how most sex usually starts and having the same kissing style is essential in determining sexual compatibility.

Although there are many different styles of kissing, most people stick to the one that feels natural to them.

In a twin flame relationship, your kissing styles match so that you form a certain synchronicity through mutual pace, rhythm, and oral wetness.

#7 You Agree On The Big Issuesalcohol drinking couple

You don’t have to have identical tastes and opinions, but on important issues like politics, religion, parenting style, and your general life goals, you are going to need understanding and agreement, if not the exact same positions.

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In a twin flame relationship, you typically have similar views on these aspects.

It’s often pretty heavy to cover these topics at the start of a relationship, but you should spend the early stages of getting to know each other uncovering some of her stances on these issues.

#8 You Don’t Try To Change Each Otherman couple love

You don’t start dating someone because you like “a” and “b” about them but plan on changing “c” and “d” later on down the road.

You’re dating them because you love who they already are and who they will ever be.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that some things don’t need to change, however, both of your mentalities should never be “how can I make this person better fit for me?”, rather “how can I better myself for this person?”

#9 You’re Both Authentic With Each Other

Whereas many people go through life holding back major pieces of themselves from everyone else, and only sharing what they want to be seen — when you find your twin flame, they really can ‘see’ you.

Additionally, you will feel comfortable to be yourself and feel loved and accepted, without any pretense. And this will create a precious opportunity to have truly honest communication and to share fears, love, and hopes without judgment.

#10 You Make Mutual Decisions Like A Teamlovers

When you truly love someone you want to involve them in all the decisions since it will affect your relationship and both your individual lives.

You understand each other’s apprehensions, work as a team, soothe the deep-seated fears which come up, and then arrive at a collective decision.

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Note – you collaborate since you care deeply about the other person’s well-being as well.

#11 You Communicate Without Words50 Deep & Romantic Love Quotes For Her

Using words is the most obvious method to communicate, but it is not the only way. A look is enough for your twin flame to know what they want or what’s happening.

There is no need for grand gestures when you are already in tune with each other.

#12 You Both Want The Best For Each OtherTop 60 'You Mean So Much To Me' Quotes And Sayings

Because your relationship is built on mutual respect and love as well as deep spiritual connection, the other’s happiness is important to both of you.

#13 You’re A Team

You know you’re in a twin relationship if you feel more like a “we” than an “I,” no matter what life brings — since you know you have each other.

#14 You’re Affectionate In Private & Publiclovers

Touch (e.g., locking arms, holding hands, touching lower back while walking) is a very vulnerable experience, as well as kissing, and couples who touch are usually more connected emotionally.

And touching for twin flames is not conscious. It’s just something they do.

#15 You Create Emotional IntimacySoulmate vs Life Partner – Comparison Of Signs And Traits

Emotional intimacy is the closeness you share together. You feel secure and free to express your vulnerabilities and fears without being demeaned or shamed.

Also, you have a high level of openness, transparency, and trust between you based on your intense connection.


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