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Twin Flame Telepathy – The Best Signs and Characteristics

Twin Flame Telepathy:

Have you ever met a person with whom you felt a special connection, a positive emotion, and a strong sense of familiarity?

If so, then you may have met your twin flame.

Twin flames can appear in our lives and accompany us for a shorter or longer period of time, show us a way or save us in a limit situation.

They can stay for a few hours or all their lives; either way, they have a strong impact on us every time.

Your twin flame doesn’t have to be of the opposite sex, you don’t have to be married or to experience a love affair. However, the impact of this person in your life will be overwhelming and unforgettable.

Characteristics of Twin Flames

Strong Bond Between Them

A twin flame is unique and the most important person in our lives.

You have spent many lives together, loving and caring for each other, and the connection between the two of you is deeply spiritual.

When you meet this person again, in your current life, you feel an immediate attraction; it’s like you’ve known each other forever, it’s like an electric wave that goes through both of you, at the same time.

Souls recognize each other immediately and remember the deep love that exists between them, beyond time and space.

It’s your perfect half, and together, you will create a magical atmosphere, that you have never experienced with anyone else. This feeling is always mutual.

It is said that when you meet your twin flame, you find the mirror image of your soul, and together you form a whole, full of love and harmony.

HarmonyCharacteristics of Twin Flames

Communication with your soul mate is smooth and harmonious as if you’ve known each other forever as if you were meant to meet, and often the words are superfluous; you communicate just by looking at each other.

The positive energy that comes from your soul mate is often overwhelming.

This person doesn’t make you suffer, doesn’t cause you any pain, doesn’t burden you, but she teaches you lessons in the most natural way.

However, if you feel certain negative emotions, you may confuse the soul mate with a karmic relationship.


It is said that when soul-mates are reunited, their whole being celebrates the moment through strong emotions, memories that don’t seem to belong to them, the feeling of familiarity, and the feeling of being a single soul in two bodies.

Coincidences, synchronicities, profound mental and emotional connection, and many thoughts and feelings that are sent telepathically give you the feeling that Someone has planned this meeting long before you even met your soul mate.

The energies of soul mates are in perfect harmony, and precisely for this reason, they can not be separated.

They keep searching for each other, reincarnate and learn their lessons together until the ultimate goal of their relationship is fulfilled, and its energy dissolves.

7 Signs of Twin Flame Telepathy

#1 Emotional Connectionmeditation couple

The telepathy between two soulmates is based on the strong emotional bond between the two.

Just as a mother feels everything about her child and reads her mind with unnatural ease, there is also a mysterious, but wonderful, understanding between these souls that is often hard to explain.

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#2 You Just Knowcouple lovers exercise

Have you ever been absolutely sure about anything? Well, when you meet your soul mate, everything seems to become clear, and you can not even feel the slightest bit of doubt.

You feel you know this person, and you know right away that there’s something special that binds you, like an invisible rope.

Not only that, but you completely forget what you knew about the soul mate, and you let yourself be carried away like you never thought you would.

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#3 You’ve Been To The Same Placescouples love mountain

These two souls often happen to intersect throughout their lives, without properly meeting, until the right time that is. Maybe you’ve crossed paths over and over again.

Sometimes, the lucky ones who come to discover each other are surprised to learn that they have frequently been to the same places and that there have been plenty of opportunities in the past for them to meet.

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#4 You Take Comfort In Each Other’s Companycouple hands in nature tree love

Love can give rise to restless feelings and often the overwhelming passion leads to tensions and quarrels.

However, there is always a state of tranquility and absolute calm between two soul mates.

No matter what you do or what you are going through, when you are together, nothing seems to shake that inner balance anchored in your souls. No matter how hard a day, when you are in each other’s arms, you can easily let go of your worries and troubles.

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#5 There’s No Room For Jealousyred hair woman love twin

Have you ever thought about the possibility of trusting someone blindly?

Well, when you find your soul mate, you can’t even imagine that you could be betrayed.

It is a strong feeling of safety that is impossible to destroy.

You just know in your heart that wherever your spiritual pair is, you think intensely about each other, and nothing can break you up.

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#6 Flaws Don’t Bother Youlove twins energy

Don’t think that if you’ve found your soul mate, you’ve found the perfect person. Everyone has flaws, and sooner or later you will notice them.

Even though you will see them clearly and understand them, they won’t bother you. Not only that, but you will also accept them as a natural side of that person.

What more could you wish for if not loving someone for who they truly are, flaws included?

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#7 You Share The Same Moral ValuesSigns of Twin Flame Telepathy

You don’t have to resemble perfectly, but when it comes to the principles that guide you in life, you are made of the same moral fiber.

Hobbies, desires, occupations, interests, and tastes change throughout life, but not the essence of a human being. When you are on the same page, you know you’ve found your soul mate!

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Your twin flame is often of the opposite sex, but he or she can also incarnate as your brother or sister (usually twin). You might even look the same, often having the same features, especially around the eyes.

Spiritual energies are in perfect harmony and so strongly connected to each other that there is a glowing light between the auras of the two, a rainbow of energy that unites these two souls.

You may not encounter this unique soul mate in every life, because each of you has to learn a particular lesson, sometimes individually.

But it is certain that you tend, through what you do, to come together again, and your souls to evolve on a common spiritual path.

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Sunday 1st of November 2020

There’s this mysterious guy. We rarely talk, yet have common friends. He is not the ideal type but somehow his energy is so intense.We find ourselves in perhaps i want to rationalize as coincidence- excluding the friendly social gatherings as expected we meet. I always find myself wondering if some energy was playing me. For instance one day, i smiled like excitedly and want to talk to him but then i i was interrupted by someone else waking me up in that trance. He smiled at me too like we want to say something but cant blurt it out. Then after that incident, i keep on asking myself what just happened and why was i like that? Another is, oddly coincidental i suppose, we often find each other in unexpected time and unexpected places, doing same things on that day. I also found that we seem to have same interest like dancing.We never spoke of such things but hearing from common friends about him just made me think he is like myself. And when we get the chance of being in a friendly gatherings, we seldom talk.. like there is this awkward atmosphete not really how and what words to time i found him staring at me, but he felt that i noticed him too. I just let the communication part pass a bit thinking maybe he was shy or just doesnt want to talk. But the events and things alike often keeps me wondering he is like a mirror, meeting him on the road,elevator, hotel, market etc. its quite disturbing and tired thinking about it. But what if he, some divine force is telling me he is the one. And i keep on seeing angel numbers by the way... but im confused and scared.


Saturday 12th of September 2020



Friday 9th of October 2020

The twin journey can be so challenging with its ups and downs, but ultimately it’s about coming to unconditional love- for ourself and the other. Keep going! You can’t get this relationship wrong— it’s designed to grow you both. My fave twin sites are By vickie champion And by Twin Flame Guidance. It’s clear they’ve really been on the twin journey. Nice to have helpful support along the way. The twin journey can be super triggering!!


Monday 14th of September 2020

Hey I noticed your comment, I met my twin flame as well we literally worked at the same job. I was unawakened myself,didn’t notice the signs until after my awakening and going through my dark night of soul stage. She was such a mirror to my own ways that it made me uncomfortable. She rubbed across my shoulders trying to get my attention while at work, and the energy I felt from her scared me. it was something I have never felt before in my entire life. Because I never felt that type of connection by physically touching I ran, So I guess I was the runner. I wanted to say something to her every time I saw her after the situation occurred, But when I would try and approach my feet wouldn’t go her direction and my mouth wouldn’t open. I believe we will come back together in divine timing though. Good luck on your twin journey.