10 Essential Oils For Spiritual Protection & Cleansing

Each of us gets our energy from different sources in order to feed our emotional states, and this can essentially energize the cells in our body or cause a considerable increase in cortisol, depending on the emotional stimulus.

There are some specific plants that have been used for centuries, known for their property of eliminating or transforming the negative energy.

This is the foundation on which the essential therapeutic oils are based.

Here Are 10 Essential Oils For Spiritual Protection & Cleansing:

#1 BasilBasil

Basil is a symbol of fertility. In Italy, basil is known as a symbol of love, because its leaves are shaped like a heart. Basil, or spirit plant, is a family protector, and the burning of basil essential oils can help you eliminate negativity and soothe home quarrels.

It creates a sympathetic vibration and is known for its ability to calm the nervous system.

Basil stimulates conscious minds and feelings of happiness.

This plant stimulates and purifies the energy center of the heart and boosts the energy movement between your hands and your heart. Basil oil is also associated with clairvoyance and honesty.

#2 Sage

It has been used for thousands of years to neutralize energy. Sage smoke is known by North American Indians for energy cleaning. Sage emits negative ions, ions that you find in the air only after a storm or by the ocean.

You can rub sage essential oil on the body’s pulse points.

The Greeks and Romans have discovered that sage smoke brings wisdom and mental acuity.

You can also use sage smoke to neutralize the energies in your home. By bringing the light smoke around your body and in your auric field, you can neutralize discordant energies.

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#3 EucalyptusEucalyptus

It is used to purify a room or house of negative energy, especially when people have been engaged in verbal, emotional or physical battles.

Eucalyptus essential oil represents a great agent for cleaning residual energy.

#4 Lavenderlavender

Lavender is a type of flowering plant which belongs to the mint family. Name “lavender” originates from Latin verb “lavare,” which means “to wash.”

It helps in all rituals that involve health, love, and peace. Lavender can scatter depression and helps control our emotions.

Lavender essential oil sprinkled on the pillow encourages sleep. It induces happiness and harmony in the home by providing quietness, ensuring fidelity and devotion to relationships.

#5 Clove

It promotes healing and increases courage. It also strengthens the conscious mind and helps recover lost memories.

Cloves offer insight into our pain (physical or emotional). It allows a connection in the field in which the physical and the emotional are intertwined.

#6 Vetiver

It cleans and purifies the human energy level, increases the flow of vital energy both in the mental and emotional bodies.

Vetiver is associated with tranquility, mental protection, wisdom, centering, intuition, peace, and luck.

#7 Geranium

It facilitates an increased awareness of the spiritual realms and deepens any secular experience.

Moreover, it strengthens self-love and increases awareness at all levels by inspiring and awakening spiritual senses.

The geranium essential oil has powerful protection and purification vibrations, improving the connection with the Divinity and bringing inner peace.

#8 Ylang-YlangYlang-Ylang

This essential oil helps in all rituals that involve peace, sex, and love.

The scents and energies are soothing, calming anger and negative emotional states. With proper use, it can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

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#9 Rosemary

Used in rituals and spells, rosemary promotes love, long life, and happiness. Inhalations with rosemary oil boost memory.

Rosemary has traditionally been burned in Greek temples as a sacrifice for gods and goddesses.

It is also known as a great help for memory consolidation and fortifying and is associated with friendship, passion, and mental power.

#10 Sandalwood

Spiritually, sandalwood improves the physical well-being of men and women. It promotes protection, clairvoyance, divination, and meditation.

It is believed that sandalwood guides the distraction of the mind back to the sensual joy of the body; it is said that this essential oil predisposes the body and mind to sexual ecstasy.

Sandalwood has one of the greatest vibrations of oils that resonate with aspects of ourselves, attracts the greatest spiritual vibrations, opening up the highest spiritual centers.

Other Ways To Clear Negative Energy:


You can use this method especially to disperse the negative energies left by shady people who have visited your home, business place, or if you feel a heavy, pressing energy in your home.

Take dried rosemary, sage, basil, sandalwood or incense and place in a metal bowl, moving the dish in a downward spiral from right to left, gathering the negative energy of the place and sending it into the ground, with the intention of cleaning the space.

Letter of Gratitude

Write down all the things and beings in your life for which you are grateful.

This will transform your inner states and make you aware of how many blessings you actually have in life which you sometimes take for granted.

Salt Bath

Rock salt water is an exceptional way to clean our bodies of the various kinds of energy – heavy, pressing, sick.

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Bathing our feet with salt in the evening or relaxing in the tub where we threw 1 kg of rock salt refreshes the body and mind after a negative “collection” of energies.

Walking Barefoot in Dewy Grass

Walking barefoot has a double role: it discharges the negative energies while charging with the vital energy of the earth, which greatly increases the energy level.

You will receive an infusion of vitality and strength that does not compare to any other method.

Silencemeditation on mountain

It’s a very powerful defense mechanism. There’s a reason why it is said that silence is golden. Silence facilitates energy rebalancing.

However, you need to be very humble and not angry inside, because everyone needs to benefit from this technique, not just you.

Healing Music Therapy

Any resource of binaural, psaltic music, sounds of nature, but whose number of Hertz is divided by 3, is of great use.

It is very nice and useful to add the chromotherapy method as well.

The Letter

Take a sheet of paper and write down using your hand, not the computer, everything that puts on an extra load on your soul, write how you feel, about the source of your suffering, what are your thoughts (even the worst – pain, fear, helplessness, etc.) and then throw it into a fire so all that negative emotion can burn.

Physical work

Doing physical work outdoors, with the intention of unloading, is extremely beneficial: dig, plant flowers, cut logs, clean.

Have you ever had the chance to work till exhaustion, but physically pleased, and the next day to feel refreshed?



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