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Spiritual Meaning of White Roses + Dream Interpretation

White roses are the supreme symbol of purity and innocence. They always bring warm feelings, positive vibrations, peace, and tranquility.

Their clean exterior reflects the sense of beauty and dignity they come with.

Being one of the most popular roses (along with the queen of roses – the charming red rose), the white rose, with its underestimated beauty and modesty, was often mentioned in myths and legends.

Here are some of them:


According to a Greek legend, the white roses were created by the goddess Aphrodite. They were born of the sea foam and surrounded the goddess while rising from the waves.

A Greek legend says that the rose has been destined to be the most beautiful flower ever since its creation.

Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers, created the rose from the body of a dead nymph who was very dear to her and wanted the new flower to be one of a kind.


The Romans loved roses and used them a lot in all sorts of ways. They were woven in garlands and worn by the bride and groom.

Also, Romans used to sprinkle rose petals on the ground during processions and banquets. Moreover, the guests who attended these banquets wore rose wreaths in order not to get drunk.

The Romans associated the rose with the idea of discretion and mystery, and every time a secret meeting took place, they would hang roses from the ceilings of the halls.

This custom still survives in the expression “sub rosa” (“under the rose”). The idea of secrecy associated with the rose was also known in England during the Tudor dynasty when many ornamental patterns containing roses were painted on many ceilings.

The secret meetings were announced using roses.Spiritual Meaning of White Roses

The early Christians refused to accept roses in their churches because they were associated with Roman depravity. But gradually, their beliefs regarding the superstitions related to the rose have changed.

Apparently, at first, all the roses were red until the Virgin Mary put her cloak on a bush of roses.

At that time, the flowers became white as a symbol of her purity. After that, the rose became a holy flower for Christians as well, for it symbolizes the wounds of Jesus (red) and the purity of the Virgin (white).


An ancient Persian legend tells the story of the red rose which was so white and shiny at first that a nightingale fell in love with it.

Out of too much love, the nightingale has squeezed it so hard that the thorns have scratched its body.

The wounded nightingale’s blood turned the white rose into a red one.


In Celts, a white rose shrub planted on the grave of loved ones symbolized peace and happiness in the afterworld.

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Muslims believe that roses have emerged from the sweat drops that fell from Mohammed’s forehead.

Consequently, the rose has become a holy flower in their tradition and has been associated with the soul’s journey.

Perhaps the beautiful rosette windows of the European cathedrals are linked to this belief.

Another legend tells us that in the Garden of Heaven all roses were white – as a symbol of purity. When Adam and Eve have committed the ancestral sin and God banished them from Paradise, the roses have turned red out of shame.

In early traditions, white roses were used as a symbol of true love, an association that later became the distinctive sign of the red rose.Spiritual Meaning of White Roses

Also known as the “bride,” the white rose has become the classic wedding flower. In this regard, white represents unity, virtue, and purity.

White roses symbolize truth, sincerity, and purity. They can also send messages like “I miss you” or “You are wonderful.”

Moreover, in some cultures, white symbolizes mourning and suffering, white roses being associated with honor and respect, making them suitable for funerals.

Regardless of your culture and the color of the rose, one thing is universally accepted by everyone: with its numerous symbols, the rose is the most beautiful flower of all.

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Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of White Roses

White roses in a dream bring peace and tranquility to the soul of the dreamer.

They predict a beautiful and worry-free period in which you will rely heavily on your personal development as you try to improve yourself both personally and professionally.

Also, white roses are the symbol of happy relationships and this is a time when you enjoy effective communication with your loved ones.

If the white roses in your hand fell to the ground, it is a reminder that you should watch your health.

Dreaming of Red RosesDreaming of Red Roses

Red roses are closely related to love and passion and, therefore, red roses appearing in one’s dream is a good sign.

They predict a beautiful and strong love story, based on intense feelings, also a fruitful relationship that can turn into a successful marriage.

People who dream of red roses are lucky to be shown such a symbol because it foretells beautiful moments in their love relationship and the fact that they will experience deep feelings.

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Dreaming of Yellow RosesDreaming of Yellow Roses

In popular folklore, yellow is associated with jealousy and burning feelings, and to a large extent, these meanings have also been borrowed by the dream tradition of interpreting dreams that portray yellow roses.

Yellow roses don’t necessarily symbolize jealousy, but dreaming of them over and over again may predict conflicts between you and your partner in addition to a display of pride between the two of you.

Yellow roses are associated with a quick-tempered person and they are a sign that you can hardly control your anger.

In your couple’s life, both of you hold on to your own opinions so much that you neglect the love that keeps you together and you place your ego above your feelings.

Dreaming of offering roses is a sign that you are ready for a love relationship that will change you completely and teach you what it means to love deeply.

Dreaming of getting roses is a sign that you are loved and that you enjoy the presence of your partner whenever you have the opportunity to spend time together.

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