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What Is A Lightworker? 18 Signs You’re A Lightworker

A lightworker is an evolved soul who has incarnated for a particular purpose to help this planet in some way. Some of the purposes of a lightworker are:

  • to foster light and love in the world;
  • to overthrow negative energies;
  • to transform lower vibrations into higher vibrations;
  • to help people connect themselves with their true Divine spirit;
  • to wake up the people which inhabit this beautiful planet.

List Of 18 Signs You Are A Lightworker:

#1 Helping People Is Your Purpose

Most lightworkers feel that their sole purpose on this earth is to help and heal others.

Therefore, if you feel this way – like helping others is your only job and any money earned is simply an added benefit – consider investing your passions and skills into the art of spiritual healing.

#2 You Feel Extreme Empathy

Just by being around people, you can tell what they are feeling. Also, at times, particularly in crowded places, it can even be a bit overwhelming. Public areas can be difficult due to the sheer number of people.

On some occasions, you even feel their physical pain, too.  Sometimes, the feelings are so intense that it can be hard to stay in that location

#3 You Feel A Strong Pull Toward A Global Shift In Consciousness And To Helping Others Embrace This Shiftmeditation woman third eye pray

You see that your life events have been building the path and placed you in a position to guide or teach others to embrace a new perspective.

#4 You Are A Deep Thinkermeditate in nature

Because you are an idealist, you are also a visionary who can see the bigger picture.

You are always contemplating life on this planet to try to make sense of things and work them out in your own mind.

#5 You Are Intuitive With A Sensitive Heartmeditation woman third eye pray

As you prefer to rely on your emotions rather than pure logic, you tend to make decisions based on your intuition. You feel things and you simply just know.

#6 You Know How To Cheer Someone Up

Your innate desire to help others and spread happiness makes you almost creative when it comes to buoy someone. Furthermore, your sharp instinct comes to your help in such situations.

#7 People Want Your Advice

You get a lot of people asking for advice on family, work, romance, and other problems they may be dealing with.

Occasionally even strangers are pouring out their soul to you since they simply feel that connection with you and no one has any qualms about telling you their life story. They just trust you.

#8 Your Aura Can Affect Others Who Are In Your Surroundings

The aura has been described as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people. Your presence has the effect of calming people, and the energy you possess is infectious.

#9 People Feel Happy Or Calm Around You

Despite your own struggles, people can see past them and into your true nature. They say you make them feel balanced, centered, calm, or any other positive emotion.

Lightworkers have the capacity to lift other people up and give them hope, thus, if this sounds like you, you may be a lightworker.

#10 You Have The Family History Of Healing Wounded People

It might be in the form of nurses, teachers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, botanists, doctors, or anyone who has the ability to help another human being.

#11 You Feel Connected To Animals

You must either have a deep desire to have a pet or you have a pet right now.

Even the pets of your acquaintances treat you like they belong to you. In addition, this is the main reason you are considering to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

#12 You Already Work In Some Kind Of Healing Profession

A lot of lightworkers already know it, therefore, they naturally pursue careers in mending and healing people.

They might be doctors, nurses, veterinarians, therapists, nutritionists, energy healers, or medical technicians. Hence, if you’re a lightworker, a field in helping people mend their mental, spiritual, and physical body probably always appealed to you.

#13 You Are Drawn To Supernatural Things

astral body woman


Anything supernatural (things or events that cannot be explained by nature or science) intrigues lightworkers, and they are not easily shocked or scared.

This is likely because lightworkers have an all-knowing understanding that there is more to this world than meets the eye. Typically, this profound and deep understanding is developed early on in life and contributes to being a lightworker.

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#14 You Can Easily Read People

You’re highly intuitive and have the ability to read others.

Whether you have known them for years or have met someone for just several moments, your characteristics as a lightworker enable you to dial in on the emotions, attributes, and energies of others.

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#15 You Like Some Alone Timemeditation and itchy skin

As the energy of the world makes you feel exhausted, you usually prefer to spend your time alone to keep yourself in balance.

Also, you need alone time in order to recharge and get your energy levels back to the usual level.

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#16 You Feel Most At Home In Nature

When you are in nature, you don’t have to look in mirrors. Instead, you are either focused on the setting around you, or on what you are doing, such as setting up a tent, climbing, or gardening.

Basically, you may sense that you are most tuned in when surrounded by the natural world.

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#17 You Cannot Tolerate Chemicals In Your EnvironmentSigns Of A Spiritual Connection With Someone

Nearly every activity leaves behind some type of waste in the environment. Trucks, cars, and buses emit exhaust gases while in operation. Households create ordinary garbage. Industrial and manufacturing processes create solid and hazardous waste.

Lightworkers commonly prefer to eat organic, unprocessed foods and to use natural household cleaners. They typically prefer this since chemicals cause them irritation in one way or another: from repulsiveness due to smells to allergies and headaches.

If you prefer to eat clean and use microfiber cloths instead of chemical spray cleaners, it is yet another sign you are a lightworker.

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#18 You Know When Someone Is Ill

Most of the times, a lightworker knows when someone is ill, and may even manifest some of the symptoms associated with a person’s illness (common signs are – changes in the level of consciousness, such as feeling dizzy, lightheaded, confused, or drowsy), especially to close friends and family.

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Asal R

Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Very interesting!!! I feel like after reading this wonderfully written article, that we have a lot of amazing lightworkers here on earth!!


Sunday 1st of May 2022

this is all new to me as I've been told that I am a light worker and I'm starting to see that I indeed have some of these traits

Thursday 11th of February 2021

Yes,so many